Nashville: FOX Pulls Reality Series After Two Weeks

FOX's Nashville is pulledFOX’s soap opera/reality series Nashville is the winner — though not in a good way. It’s the first new series of the 2007-08 season to be pulled from the primetime schedule.

Nashville debuted on September 14th and follows a group of aspiring country singers as they navigate their way through the Tennessee music city. Participants include Jamey Johnson, Matt Jenkins, Lindsey Hager, Jeff Allen, Clint Moseley, Chuck Wicks, Rachel Bradshaw, Mika Combs, and Sarah Gunsolus.

The series debuted to a disappointing 2.7 million and viewership dropped to 2.2 million the following week. As a result, FOX has pulled the show from the schedule effective immediately.

Encore airings of K-Ville will take over the Nashville slot on Friday nights for the next two weeks. After that, The Next Great American Band will take over the night with three two-hour episodes.

FOX maintains that episodes of Nashville will “be rescheduled at a later date.” Based on the network’s revised schedule information, the first available Friday night timeslot is November 9th but I wouldn’t hold your breath. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Teresa says

    I was disappointed to find re-runs of K-Ville in place of the new reality series Nashville. Truly how can you tell in 2 weeks if it is going to work? Maybe it wouldn’t have but really 2 WEEKS??? I am 53 and maybe not the target audience but I still loved it. Fox you screwed up this one!

  2. Kelley says

    FOX really got this wrong! The show is or was one of the best dramas out there! I was anxiously awaiting the spat between the new girl and Rachel Bradshaw. Not to mention what was the outcome of the “three-some” that fizzled on stage? Nashville was our team meeting opener on Mondays. My Tivo recorded K-ville this week in the place of Nashville….now that’s just not right!!! The program time/day slot was off….not the SHOW! Can I sign a petition or something?

  3. beth says

    this sucks so bad!! so we will never get to see the show!!! fox is stupid. 2.7 million is alot of people watching. come on people

  4. Joni says

    Nashville was one of the best shows!!! WY PULL IT??? That’s crazy!! You Should have gave it more time, It really STARTED showing people who would like to become a singer how hard it is EVEN FOR RICH KIDS!! COME ON BRING IT BACK!!!

  5. Amy says

    Fox did not give this show long enough to pick up any fans!!!!!!! Plus a lot of people are not going to give up their Friday night activities: high school football games, clubbing, or whatever it is that they do to watch a show. If it wasn’t on Friday night I bet more people would’ve watched it!!!!!! Put it back on or atleast give it to another network who will air it! I really really like that show!!!!!!!!!!!!This is not fair at all to the Fox viewers who like the show!!!!

  6. Aurora says

    Personally I think the time slot is what did in the show. It’s target audience is the 16-30yr old crowd and if you are in that age group, chances are you AREN’T sitting at home on a Friday night at 8:00. Seriously, FOX, get with the program.

  7. Jen says

    I was so looking forward to watching the next episode of Nashville.I really hope Fox brings it back its killing me wanting to know what happens next!

  8. John says

    Pls bring back Nashville!!! Fox finally takes a chance to blaze a trail into the ever growing popularity of Country Music and they give up on it too soon. Fox should at least give it six weeks to develop an audience!

  9. Kristy says

    I can’t believe this got pulled off just after two weeks!!! Come on!!! So not fair. I was really looking forward to watching this show on Friday nights!!!!

    How disapointing!!!! :(

  10. Judi/Michael says

    We were so sorry to not see Nashville listed in our tv schedule for this past Friday night…it may need a better night, though Fri. is fine with us…it is great seeing
    how truly hard it is and some of the fantastic people who are really good singers/songwriters trying to make it in a wild business!!
    Please bring it back, but not on cable because we do not have cable!!!! Lovin the show in Los Angeles!!!
    Judi and Michael

  11. Jo LeMaire says

    You gave up too soon, once everyone hear Erica Hoyt sing, the interest will get much stronger. She should be one of the stars…..

  12. Wendy Jarrettt says

    I am sorry Nashville didn’t get past introducing the characters. I think more music and less of the celebrities and millionaires would improve the quality of the show. We really do want to see what it takes to make it in Nashville but we really don’t care about rich kids and their irresponsible issues.

  13. says

    fox pulled one of the best new shows this year, tell the stupid program directors that this shows failure is due to a poor friday time slot. hopefully cmt will pick it up this show!

  14. Nichole says

    This sucks.. I was ready for tonights episode… THis show has to beat re-runs of K-ville! Seriously people give it a chance. It was a fun show to watch!!! Never fails!!

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