Nashville: One Less Episode for ABC Series

Nashville ABC TV showThere will be one less episode of Nashville, ABC’s country music dramatic series. The show will wrap its season after 21 episodes instead of the usual 22.

Accordng to TFC, the cut is being made because the show’s producers won’t be able to finish a full season of episodes in time for the May 22nd finale.

The 16 episodes that have aired so far have averaged a 1.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic with just over six million total viewers.

The series is hardly a hit for the network but it has a good shot at being renewed since all of the network’s other new dramas — Red Widow, 666 Park Avenue, Last Resort, and Zero Hour — have tanked.

The decision on Nashville’s fate will be made by May 14th, the date of ABC’s upfront presentation to advertisers.

What do you think? Are you sorry that there’s going to be one less episode of Nashville? Are you hoping that the series gets renewed?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Don says

    Please don’t cancel this show.The music is awesome and there are some great characters Make it more about the music and the music business – I spent 25 years in it and it’s interesting enough to carry the whole show. Dump the political storyline as well as Teddy and his girlfriend.

  2. Rebecca says

    I love Nashville. Being an older woman (59) I would love to see at least one woman in my age group on the show. Maybe a grandmother for rayna and Teddy’s girls

  3. sandy says

    Love the show! ABC better not cancel it! It’s their fault the viewership is slightly down, having all those weeks without a new episode, people lose interest or start watching something else..

  4. dido says

    First 666 Park and now (maybe) Nashville ? You have to be kidding, ABC why are you getting rid of all the great show? Answer please !!!
    666 Park was so good, big mistake on that one ABC….Nashville is one of the very few shows that is on right that is good, and it is really good. Do not cancel this show, don’t make the same mistake you did with 666 Park !!!!!!

  5. Joyce W says

    Why cut an episode? ABC better wise up fast about cancelling shows. Should never cancelled 666 Park Avenue. I knew Red Widow would not make it. Acting was terrible. Renew Nashville for next season or ABC will not have many viewers left. Nashville is the only good show left worth watching. Singing is great as well as the acting. Love country music.

  6. Marilyn says

    I don’t love country music, yet I love this show! The acting is great and the story lines are interesting. ABC would be stupid to cut this quality show. There are many who have stopped watching TV because of stupid “reality” shows becoming all to common. This is one of several shows that can bring back viewers who had previously given up on TV having anything worth watching!

  7. Christine Howden says

    Just love Nashville – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t axe it – think I’m just a little bit in love with Charles Esten!

  8. Jenn says

    I’m not a country fan at all, but I’m hooked on this show! I originally tuned in to see “lucky” I am pleasantly surprised at how addicted I became!

  9. Ruthie says

    I love this show. The charachters are interesting, and I wait to watch this show every week. Luv that show!!! Do not cancel, please

  10. Holly says

    I’ve never liked Country music but I really love the music in this TV series and I like the show more every time I watch.

  11. Jeff says

    I enjoy “Nashville” very much. I hope that it is back on for next season. I have missed the show not being on for what seems like several months.

    I find the acting and story lines very good. The music is especially good considering the actors are not primarily singers. They do a better job than some professional singers.

    ABC, please renew and PROMOTE the show.

  12. Jackie Garrett says

    My family loves Nashville. I sure hope it is resigned because I don’t know what I enjoy the most the story line or the music. I have downloaded almost all the music on my iPod including the little girls that sing. Great show.

  13. Lisa says

    I really like this show. I am a country music fan also. It has great music, actors and story lines. I hope it is renewed.

  14. Lisa says

    I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this show. I’m about 5 episodes behind right now, but it’s such a great show with great actors and great music. I hope it sticks around. And I don’t even like country music! (Although, it did pique my interest in it).

    • Anonymous says

      I agree with Lisa. I don’t like country music either, but I do like the music in the show, love the actors and the storyline. I hope it’s renewed, seriously.

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