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  1. Sheryl Pierson says

    Sunday night football is great and The Mysteries of Laura looks good. Not sure about State of Affairs yet but I’m very unhappy not to see Brooklyn Taxi. Once again a good show disappears from NBC.

    • Sheila M. says

      I am freaking out because State of Affairs went off like it did. It was my favorite show!!! I can’t understand where you lost the other viewers at because you never lost me. I was on the edge of my seat through out every episode. I need closure! I don’t know what to think about that ending on the last show I seen. It makes me feel like I missed out on an end to an awesome story. It’s was like ripping the last page out of a great book. I don’t know if there is any way to bring it back but if there is PLEASE DO SO !!! If anything comes up my email address is sheilamayberry69@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from y’all. Have a blessed day.

  2. Amanda says

    I will be watching Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Parenthood, About A Boy, and hopefully State of Affairs. These are fantastic shows and would be very disappointed if they were cancelled.

  3. Theuresa Maven says

    Tran: Everything on ABC, NBC, and FOX are on Video on Demand, so I time shift my viewing. If you live on the east coast, the best thing is to watch Scandal just in case something gets deleted (as in Kanye saying “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people” getting cut when by the time it got to California). Don’t worry, Blacklist will be changed after Kathryn Heigl’s show gets moved out of its time slot. Traditionally, Modays at 10:00 pm on NBC is where good shows go to die.

  4. Tran says

    Still going to watch The Blacklist because I’m still hooked on that show. People are getting mixed reactions about Katherine Heigl’s return to TV in State of Affairs. Still sad about the cancellation of two fan favorites: Community & Revolution (because of those dumb ratings). Let’s hope NBC stays on top and not going back to the “ratings basement”. BTW, moving Blacklist to Thursdays at 9 come February is going to be tough going up against Scandal but time will tell.

  5. Fesolo says

    I already know that the only shows I will.continue to watch are.Chicago Fire & Chicago PD since those are the only two shows I like…. Hate that NBC canceled Crisis that was a good show and they need to bring it.back.. The new show don’t seem interesting enough to get me to watch them… Good luck NBC

  6. Theuresa Maven says

    You would be travelling around the world a whole lot too if you had to put out all of those fires that W. started and then left. At least the president did not take a five week vacation after he had only been in office for six months. Anyway, I do agree with Rose that NBC’s programming is more than just bad, it is network suicide. Ironically, most of NBC’s best programs are shown on USA.

  7. Rose says

    As for Katherine Heigl in State of Affairs… If they’re talking about this president, her job will be as a Travel Agent, she won’t have to prioritize the President’s Daily Briefing! As for the shows on NBC… most of them are awful with very few exceptions. The crap they keep and the really good ones that we get invested in, they cancel… usually without wrapping up the loose ends. I don’t know who’s in charge there but they need to start listening to the actual AUDIENCE! Yo, advertisers… are ya listenin’?

  8. Theuresa Maven says

    I have been personally boycotting NBC for many reasons, primarily for the firing of Sue Simmons and Ann Curry, but with the new “darker” programming this season I watched three or four of their programs with regularity. First, I agree with Shari wholeheartedly that NBC should have kept Believe on the roster. Hopefully another station will pick it up. Crisis was promising too, certainly better than Friday Night Lights that was shoved down the viewers’ throats for five years, but I digress. Second, Why is it surprising that SVU is going into a sixteenth season? SVU was voted best crime show ever by viewers, over the original flavor Law and Order, which came in second and lasted for twenty seasons. Now my predictions: Bad Judge would have been better as a one hour drama, and may not make it as a comedy; A-Z and Marry Me probably won’t make it a full season, but what do I know, I didn’t think that the premise of The Good Wife would make it for more than a season: Katherine Heigl is toast — the only program to survive the Monday 10:00 pm timeslot in years was the Blacklist, and even if I were to watch her (which I won’t) the way that she tried to destroy Grey’s Anatomy, as well as some of the actors was unforgivable, maybe this should have been a half hour comedy; Pharrell Williams and Gwen Steffani should be good additions to The Voice; and finally, I can watch football all day — every day, as long as The New York Giants and (sometimes) The New York Jets (and that New York team upstate — I forget their names) so no problems there. NBC should have an interesting 2014/2015 season — we’ll see

  9. Shari says

    I won’t be watching ANY show on NBC since they only cancel shows I get myself invested. Oh, remember Believe???? Never watching NBC AGAIN! Sorry Ellen.

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