First Look at NBC’s 2010-11 Fall Schedule

Law & Order: SVUGetting a jump on the week of network announcements, NBC released a first look at their upcoming primetime schedule for Fall of the 2010-11 season.

As was expected, NBC will have a lot of new programming on the schedule next season. When The Jay Leno Show didn’t work out, that left execs with five hours of empty space to fill. And now, they’ve also cancelled many of their under-performing shows. That means that they’ll have seven hours of new shows each week — essentially a third of their schedule. Come mid-season, you can expect even more freshman shows to join in.

New to the schedule are The Event, Chase, Law & Order: Los Angeles, Love Bites, Outlaw (formerly Garza), Outsourced, School Pride, and Undercovers.

Joining the peacock network in midseason (or sooner if other shows tank) are The Cape, Friends with Benefits, Harry’s Law, The Paul Reiser Show (formerly Next), and Perfect Couples.

Returning for a third season, Parks and Recreation, is being held until mid-season. Chuck, which was held until mid-year this season, will reappear in the fall.

Is your favorite missing from the new fall schedule? Check out our NBC status page to see if it’s been cancelled.

7-8:15pm — Football Night in America
8:15-11:30pm — NBC Sunday Night Football

Sundays (beginning in March)
7pm — Dateline
8pm — Minute To Win It
9-11pm — Celebrity Apprentice

8pm — Chuck
9pm — The Event (action drama)
10pm — Chase (action drama)

8-10pm — The Biggest Loser
10pm — Parenthood

8pm — Undercovers (action)
9pm — Law & Order: SVU
10pm — Law & Order: Los Angeles (cop drama)

8pm — Community
8:30pm — 30 Rock
9pm — The Office
9:30pm — Outsourced (sitcom)
10pm — Love Bites (dramady)

8pm — Who Do You Think You Are / School Pride (reality)
9 P.M — Dateline
10pm — Outlaw (legal drama)

8pm repeats
9pm repeats
10pm repeats

What do you think of NBC’s new schedule?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Jenn says

    Way to go NBC. More garbage to tune out! The only reason I now have to watch NBC is daytime, for Days of Our Lives. I occasionally tune in to Law & Order: SVU, but that will change if another network has a better show going against it. I can’t believe they cancelled Trauma and Mercy!!! NBC, you now suck!

    • Gina says

      Yeah I can believe they actually cancelled Mercy and Truama….NBC has no good shows anymore…..NBC SUCKS!!!!!

  2. pat says

    the nbc fall line up stinks!!!! put mercy back on at 8:00 pm est. sick & tired of all the reality shows!!!

  3. Stacy says

    I’m thrilled that Parenthood is getting another season! A perfect balance of drama and comedy with characters I actually care about. :)

    I love SVU but I’m NOT happy about it airing at 9pm, preceding the new spin-off. Surely the subject matter (generally) in these episodes is much more suited for a 10pm slot, don’t you agree?

  4. Kev says

    There is only one show that is any good that NBC has kept and thats CHUCK. NBC sucks, as they cancel all the good shows. Heros needs a good night thats all. A bunch of dummies run these networks into the ground and reality shows I mean who cares about them.

  5. Kelli DeGarmo says

    NBC programming executives must have their heads up their butts. First they cancel ‘Southland’ and now ‘Mercy’, ‘Law & Order’ and ‘Trauma’. If it is a decent show, they drop it yet they keep the mindless reality/game crap (Apprentice, Biggest Loser, Minute to Win It) . I think they need a huge dose of common sense. Idiots.

  6. David z says

    Can’t believe they cancelled the one good showcthey had on which was mercy. There is not one show I will watch. Maybe svu

  7. Kari says

    I am so sad that they canceled Mercy. It was one of the best new shows that they had. Will be missed by lots of people.

  8. J. Norton says

    …oh.. and “Who do you think you are..” = One of the best shows you’ve ever had. Glad to see it’s returning. We need more like this.

  9. J. Norton says

    Biggest Loser + Dateline + Jay Leno = The best shows around and the only good shows you have. Not liking your line-up except for these NBC gems that are simply awesome shows.

  10. Anthony says

    I know NBC is trying hard to get programming… but the schedule looks lackluster at best. NBC is hoping that the reality shows will spark their programming undoubtedly…. Ill probably try one or two of the programs, but they have ratings juggernauts they go up against on Monday and Wednesday unless CBS flips their lineup which would be unecessary for them..

    both Law and Orders are going to be going up against Criminal Minds and CSI NY… i have a feeling that the new Criminal Minds spin off will go either on Wednesday night before Criminal Minds…

    NBC needs to catch lightning in a bottle with some of their shows; because they tend to be one of the networks that pulls the plug quick on underperforming shows…

    should be interesting to see how their lineup compares to the other networks when they are announced…

  11. Amish21 says

    ….and they canceled mercy for this garbage line up…. I literally will not be watching NBC anymore…… The ONLY good show in here in Parenthood, and luckily that I CSM watch on hulu….

  12. Dave says

    There’s not a single program I’ll be tuning in or recording. Looks like a complete waste of air time.

    • Judy A. says

      Now that’s the way to flush a network. I don’t see anything to make me tune in or record, until 11:35 p.m. (love Jay Leno!).

      • Jenn says

        Yeah I agree with you….there is nothing in the new schedule that is going to make me tune in. All the good shows were cancelled last week…NBC SUCKS!!!

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