First Look at NBC’s 2010-11 Fall Schedule

Law & Order: SVUGetting a jump on the week of network announcements, NBC released a first look at their upcoming primetime schedule for Fall of the 2010-11 season.

As was expected, NBC will have a lot of new programming on the schedule next season. When The Jay Leno Show didn’t work out, that left execs with five hours of empty space to fill. And now, they’ve also cancelled many of their under-performing shows. That means that they’ll have seven hours of new shows each week — essentially a third of their schedule. Come mid-season, you can expect even more freshman shows to join in.

New to the schedule are The Event, Chase, Law & Order: Los Angeles, Love Bites, Outlaw (formerly Garza), Outsourced, School Pride, and Undercovers.

Joining the peacock network in midseason (or sooner if other shows tank) are The Cape, Friends with Benefits, Harry’s Law, The Paul Reiser Show (formerly Next), and Perfect Couples.

Returning for a third season, Parks and Recreation, is being held until mid-season. Chuck, which was held until mid-year this season, will reappear in the fall.

Is your favorite missing from the new fall schedule? Check out our NBC status page to see if it’s been cancelled.

7-8:15pm — Football Night in America
8:15-11:30pm — NBC Sunday Night Football

Sundays (beginning in March)
7pm — Dateline
8pm — Minute To Win It
9-11pm — Celebrity Apprentice

8pm — Chuck
9pm — The Event (action drama)
10pm — Chase (action drama)

8-10pm — The Biggest Loser
10pm — Parenthood

8pm — Undercovers (action)
9pm — Law & Order: SVU
10pm — Law & Order: Los Angeles (cop drama)

8pm — Community
8:30pm — 30 Rock
9pm — The Office
9:30pm — Outsourced (sitcom)
10pm — Love Bites (dramady)

8pm — Who Do You Think You Are / School Pride (reality)
9 P.M — Dateline
10pm — Outlaw (legal drama)

8pm repeats
9pm repeats
10pm repeats

What do you think of NBC’s new schedule?

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  1. Tammy says

    New schedule is as bad as the last. NBC has gotten so bad that I even stopped waiting the Today show in the mornings. How can you be loyal to a station that is not loyal to you. NBC needs new management with a true feel for what the public wants. They took the good shows and kept changing their time slot so they would lose ratings and now they are trying to sell us on reality shows. Who needs Law & Order: LA, when we had the original.
    Wake up and smell the coffee.

  2. Chad says

    Thank God they’re bringing back Community! Absolutely the funniest show on TV right now! Not much else to get excited about on NBC though.

  3. Angela says

    I was a big fan of Trauma- upset that they canceled that. Southland was a good one, NBC cancelled that and it moved over to TNT or TBS so maybe the same will happen with Trauma! Parenthood is the best!

  4. karen says

    Hate it, Mercy and Trauma were the best. Though, really enjoy “Parenthood”. Deals with real life emotions. Like The Office, but ABC and Fox beat out NBC on Thursday nights. Will have to watch The Office on demand, maybe.

  5. ashlee says

    I don’t like the new schedule because MERCY isn’t one of the shows in it yet they keep that stupid show The Office and it’s stupid!!! It isn’t even funny!!! BRING BACK MERCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous says

    CHUCK is coming back! As long as they didn’t cancel this smart, funny, and charmingly addictive Monday night winner, we’ll still watch NBC once in awhile!

  7. Walter says

    I now only see about perhaps 4 hrs of NBC programming this fall, if some of these new shows get my attention in the first show, Forget it, I’ll have to find other things on other channels to watch, along with the returning shows I normally watch.

    Thanks for sending me away NBC!

  8. Walter says

    I am very disappointed in NBC; they always seem to cancel shows my wife and I like to watch. We both loved to watch Heroes, Mercy and Trauma, now they are gone. I would love to really express my feeling to NBC, but we have to keep this clean, so I must sensor myself. So in a clean Statement, there are way too many STUPID, IDIOT, MORONS at NBC!!!!!!!! I hate them and wish that they would rethink how they get their statistics because I can guarantee that there are more people then they realize that like these shows versus what they get from Neilson Ratings with is an out of date system too!!! Plus, who in the HELL watches idiotic comedies anyway, I swear I think NBC thinks that 2 year olds watch this shift, and then cancel the really good stuff instead.

  9. Joex says

    Also, Heroes wasn’t that good anymore and while Law & Order not beating Gunsmoke for longest running drama sucks, it’s been twenty years. Get over it. The new content is way better than last year.

  10. Joex says

    This line-up is way better than last year’s. Mercy & Trauma both equally suck and the scripted content is way larger than last year. I’m glad NBC finally gotten smart on their new fall/midseason line-up.

  11. robert says

    My only reason for visiting this site was to see if what I had heard about “Law and Order” was true. I seems that it is indeed not coming back. Well, that gives me no reason to watch NBC anymore (except for Football. It also provides me wit fewer promos for other NBC shows that I will see. There is good news though – I’ll be spending more time reading books instead of watching TV. Thanks NBC.

  12. Michael says

    Only show to watch is Chuck for me though I will check out undercovers…NBC really has been circling the drain.

  13. Tay says

    The only show for me now on NBC is ParentHood the rest is trash Mercy and Trauma was my others shows to watch they are now cancelled ABC, CW, TNT, F/X, TLC, TeenNick are the other networks to watch they all have great shows. BET will be another channel to watch when The Game starts back up in the Fall or Winter that the CW network cancelled that took nearly a year for BET and CBS network to finally come to some type of contract agreement to buy the rights to the show thanks BET for believing in us also , I also want to thank the TNT Network for picking up NBC Southland for season 2 and picking it back up for season 3 thanks once again .

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