NBC Picks Up Three Shows; Heroes, Law & Order, and Trauma Cancelled Soon?

Trauma cancelledThe peacock network gave three shows some very good news on Friday. NBC ordered nine additional episodes each of Community, Parks and Recreation, and Mercy.

None of the three shows have been performing particularly well but the network is committed, at least for now, to sticking with them. If the ratings for any of them become much worse, NBC could still reduce the season orders. All three are co-productions of NBC’s corporate sister, Universal Media Studios, so that seems unlikely to happen.

Things don’t look quite as rosy though for some of the network’s other programs. Heroes was expected to be one of the weakest players this season but, because of the rest of NBC’s schedule, it’s one of the stronger performers in the 18-49 demographic. As unlikely as it may seem, Heroes could live to see a fifth season.

Law & Order is performing poorly this season, likely in part to the fact that it’s now airing much earlier than it has for 19 seasons. The show’s also running on Friday nights but viewership and expectations are lower there. Creator Dick Wolf made financial concessions to ensure that the show was renewed last Spring so that it could tie with Gunsmoke for longest-running primetime drama (for number of seasons anyway) and will likely push to keep it going. With more than 470 episodes, there are plenty of episodes for syndication but it seems likely that Law & Order will be renewed again.

TV show supportTrauma is in the most immediate danger and could be pulled at any time. Its ratings are currently stuck at 5.52 million viewers and a poor 1.8/4 rating/share in the 18-49 demographic. Last week, the show ranked in fourth place in both viewers and the demo, and lost a large percentage of the Heroes 18-49 lead-in. Even if NBC airs all 13 of the show’s episodes, it’s inconceivable that they’ll order any more.

What do you think? Do Community, Parks and Recreation, and Mercy deserve more episodes? Should Heroes and Law & Order get another season? Should Trauma be cancelled?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Michelle says

    Please Keep Mercy and Trauma.. My family enjoys both of these shows.. It is ridiculous to remove them from our weekly viewing schedule!!!

  2. Kentucky Konnoisseur says

    The problem is that the cost of producing Leno vs the cost of produsing weekly one hour drama series is nothing. As a result, NBC can endure much lower ratings than a one hor drama and still turn a profit. It will only be when local NBC affiliates realize it is hurting the lead in to their late night, local news and that they are suffering that things will change. When the first NBC affiliates drop Leno for “Friends” and “Seinfeld” reruns, perhaps NBC will see the tragic mistake they’ve made in buying a pig in a poke with Leno.

  3. fran teeoff says

    JAY LENO IS THE PROBLEM!!! I enjoyed ‘shouting rude’ about this!!! I enjoyed law & order’ franchise series period! put jakkupp leno; latin translation; in the early morning slot with rest of the ‘duhzzzduhzzz’ talk shows. new names for networks: nbc nonsense broadcast company, abc asinine broadcast company, cbs carp broadcast company, fox flux broadcast company, debating to substitute ‘boredcast’!

  4. Kentucky Konnoisseur says

    90% of the problem is Jay Leno’s move to 10pm. The older audience for these kinds of shows are all going elsewhere because Leno has stolen their traditional time slot. In it’s effort to keep leno from jumping ship and competing against Conan in an ABC vehichle – NBC may have ruined it’s primetime schedule for seasons yet to come.

    The audience for one hour dramas will look elsewhere because they have been burned by NBC. Such quality programs as “Life” and “Southland” getting unceremoniously canceled last season to make way for Jay – it leaves viewers with a bad taste in their mouths. Now a really good one hour drama – which should be a 10PM EST program is now airing at 8pm and is constantly preempted for nonsense. Amid a growing array of alternative cable programming, NBC has to wake up and follow the strategy it’s sister statio, USA, uses in running one hour, quality dramas and dramedies and to deliver them reliably.

    I patently refuse to watch Jay Leno for his ego maniacal move to 10pm and taking “Life” off the air.

  5. Emily says

    Goodness I finally found a show worth watching, Trauma, with an excellant believable cast. I have been looking for it for the last few weeks thinking things like the presidential address, football etc must have circumvented it o9nly to find it has been cancelled. It is becoming very depressing to watch TV as the only shows left are SVU, Law and Order (which sounds like it’s next) and NCIS which is becoming old and CSI which seems to be reproducing and taking over ALL the time slots. My last choice will be the Good Wife which is growing on me.

    I absolutely hate Mercy as the two times I have watch I have found myself yawning and finding no affinity for any of the characters. The office, parks and rec I find useless time wasters and wonder why they are on tv. I agree with everyone else in that Jay Leno needs to be moved to a laetr time slot.

  6. Becky says

    The show Mercy is pure trash and should be cancelled!
    It is so fare from reality & it’s a pathetic excuse for a medical show!

  7. LOFan says

    Your statement about Law & Order having poor ratings this year is false. It is running quite well given it’s Friday time slot, and the result has been a full season order instead of the original 16. Might want to recheck the facts on that one. It’s almost assured a 21st season, and I think it goes for longer than that. If not, TNT will pick it up in a New York minute, no pun intended.

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