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  1. RIO says

    I agree! I too are not in the age group that you are comparing what we watch & don’t watch. I enjoy the show “Chase” was a bit spectacle at first, but after the first day I really liked it. We need shows with strong women that we can respect. This is a good opportunity for young girls to have another career path to look into for themselves.

    As far as, “Harry’s Law” you have two get actors – yes it needs to be funny but does need more substance not too silly stuff as Katie Bates with the gun scene. Don’t loss this wonder talented actress. I did enjoy for awhile “Ally McBeal” but was boycotting FOX TV and loved Boston Legal. It was silly but with style!

  2. Ssmith says

    The cancellations are rediculous! The chase is great! I understand how The Event won’t last longer than this season. As for The Cape, I watch it because there is nothimg else on. USA network is putting NBC to shame, they have Royal Pains and Burn Notice. What’s next, How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory get cancelled too?

  3. Nancy says

    I think that Victoria says it all and I totally agree that NBC should leave Chase on the air. I am older than the demo age group that is used as a gage to leave a show on the air. However, I think that Chase is a well scripted and the acting is excellent. I wish that I could have been an Annie Frost in my younger years. She is a great role model for young girls of today. I noticed Cole Hauser in K-Ville and wanted more of him. I loved Anthony, also on K-Ville, on Law & Order (New York) another huge mistake on NBC’s part to move it to LA, give me a break. Please NBC give us back Chase…..no more game shows. I so enjoy Harry’s Law, please tell me it is safe. Remember, we are the viewers and we want quality shows. I am an educated women and I do not want any more dumb shows on the air. My time is important to me and I want to spend it watching quality shows. Nancy

  4. Victoria says

    I am really disappointed that NBC had to “cancel” CHASE. You know it was an amazing show–It’s Jerry Bruckheimer for heaven’s sake. He is amazing. Not ALL of us like to sit and watch game shows 7 nights a week–or shows like The Office and Community. The only LAW show you have in SVU. It is good–but it would be nice to see something new and exciting. CHASE brought excitement to our Family room. Re-do it or something–but please bring it back. That cast was wonderful! Bring in some people who can give it a boost–although I do not believe it needs one. Why do we need so much reality TV? It’s everywhere. Can you please consider maybe adding ANNIE CHASE to a cross over? Please listen to the viewers–all of us–not critics–who have NO taste! Please do me a favor–pay attention to the fans–don’t ignore us! Kindly–Victoria I do like Harry’s Law. Keeper!

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