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  1. says

    The Blacklist is so awesome . All the characters ( actors ) work so good together to keep the story line running and keeping you on the edge of your seat to see what is next. Every show has been great all the way to the recent part 1 of the Fall Finale. Can’t wait until next week. I hope that this show continues because it is one that always wants you to come back. Always DVR and watch at time slot. Have others in family who work and automatically watch following morning. Great choice, great actors, and great plot. As Siskel and Sbert used to say 2 Thumbs UP.

  2. Beaker says

    The show absolutely sucks. Awful cast…unoriginal situations…uninspired scripts. It’s just head-shaking stupid.

    • Daniel P says

      Pretty much. I did watch reruns of Dracula and watch a couple episodes of parks and rec. They need to Hire a CBS PROGRAM DIRECTOR or something.

  3. JLRichards says

    They need to change days/time for Parenthood. I would watch it, but there’s two other shows I like also, so…I had to choose and that came in third.
    Please change the day/time of Parenthood.

  4. debbie says

    Why aren’t these new shows given a chance. I can’t believe Ironside is canceled, it just started for pete’s sake. Of course any shows I seem to enjoy are cut in a blink of an eye. Come on, what gives?

    • Bethany says

      I agree completely. I keep remembering back to the shows of the 1980’s Growing Pains SUCKED in its first year, as did Cheers. They kept the shows alive because that is how GOOD business is done, and they both turned out to be some of the most memorable shows of the decade. Friends was not exactly an instant success either, and now I think it plays on some channel in reruns every single day of the week. I think they not only need to give the shows a chance, but also they need to keep them in particular timeslots so people learn to know when to watch them. And if they have a live event, schedule it so that it won’t overrun the scheduled programing, so people will stick with the shows they want to see, and not just forget about them because they can’t find them, or they are airing during a time when they are not available to watch said shows. (People actually do have lives away from their tv sets, and make a point to watch the shows they want to see, unlike what it appears that tv execs seem to believe.)

  5. Donna says

    I am so upset with them cancelling Ironside. Wednesday show was excellent and I will miss Blair Underwood who is a dynamite actor and this show should have been given more time. I am sick of local programs lately and are this close to let my Dish go. That way I won’t be tempted when they advertise new shows even though I DVR every thing but watching them online will prevent this. Every time I like a show it gets cancelled but they keep this reality crap on or dumb comedies. BBC America has some good shows like “Orphan Black” and “Torchwood: Miracle Day” which I saw before on Starz.

    • Daniel P says

      I like BBC AMERICA ALSO. NBC used to have rotating mystery shows . A different one every Sunday night Mcloud,Banacek , McMillan and wife and Columbo . Maybe they could have done the same . Included Ironside and a couple BBC programs .

  6. Linda Hayes says

    Lv Revolution…Taking some daring New steps this season …Mile’s ( Billy Burke) cracks me up with his facial expressions and “snarky” comments…
    Grimm had a excellent first season and am hoping for the same the second season… Dracula with Jonathan Rhys Meyers will be spectacular….So far this Fall season has been all I expected it to be…The returns have not disappointed and the debuts have lived up to my expectations…Good or Bad….

    • Donna says

      I loved Jonathan Rhys Meyers as King Henry VIII in the Tudors and I will watch Dracula just for him alone. I wasn’t going to watch anymore new shows because they seem to cancel the ones I like but glad I recorded this when I found out he was playing Dracula. Great first episode.

  7. Andrew Soukup says

    NBC doesn’t really have any shows that I really like at the moment….I have all the episodes of The Blacklist taped and do plan to catch up when I get time….I have heard good things about it but am watching so many other shows right now..I don’t watch any of these other shows at all…my GF had me watch the first season of The Voice and thankfully she stopped there besides some episode here and there and that show is lame and could be cancelled anytime haha…the only other show I have seen and watched the first three episodes and stopped was Revolution…it has some real bad acting and failed to keep me interested at all…don’t really know how it got a second season but my prediction is it doesn’t see a third….and I know Grimm isn’t on yet but that show is also terrible.

  8. says

    Spending more money to capture hard-to-reach younger viewers is very counter-intuitive to me — especially with the crap programming being used to draw them.

  9. Z says

    Sean Saves the World is hilarious, love the entire cast. I would be disappointed if NBC let it go. I’m thinking the ratings will only get better, especially now that SSTW won’t follow the poorly written Welcome to the Family.

  10. David says

    I do like Sean Saves the World. I’m finding it very funny, especially the most recent episode. Unfortunately, most shows aren’t given a chance to make adjustments and such before either viewers tune out or they’re cancelled.

  11. monieet says

    Welcome to the family should be cancelled as well as Sean saves the world. Both these shows again just don’t have that thing. Ironside does have that thing and need to find the right time zone. As for the crazy ones and Michael J. Fox show, I would not be the house on these shows.
    NBC move Revolution back to Mondays and Parenthood back to Tuesdays. The best ratings for the shows came in these time slots; they have nothing to complete with.

  12. Anthony Bassien-Capsa says

    I didn’t Watch the original series of “Ironside” starring the late Canadian actor Raymond Burr (a.k.a. Perry Mason), but I think it was better than the new version starring Blair Underwood! That’s the reason I think it should be cancelled.

    • CK says

      Looking at the numbers, I don’t think many people are crazy about the show. Remove Fox’s star power from the show, and this one would have been cancelled already.

    • Marie says

      The networks must be trying to re-capture the family format that worked well in the 80’s and 90’s. They are even bringing back the same actors from that era… Michael J. Fox, Tim Allen, et al. to make it work again. I have watched every episode, now it is time I get a life….

  13. Robert Price says

    So far so good. Like any worthy “spy-genre” TV show, The Black List poses some intriguing questions to capture its viewers attention in order to ensure they want to know the answers, some of which might come clear in the next episode. I suspect that one or two questions posed by the show might not be as easily deduced as they appear, but that is something that I will have to wait to find out, and hey, that means I intend watching it to find out those answers.
    James Spader and Megan Boone follow a fast paced but thoughtful script that generates many questions about their forced relationship and is one of the reasons the show is so entertaining. No argument that they have both been well cast in their respective roles.

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