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  1. Sheila says

    Revolution is one of my all time favorites can’t believe it is over with no resolution. I am so upset they could care less about the fan base and at least sell it to syfy or have a finale show to give us some closure. Thumbs down to NBC

  2. Doctor Bits says

    The relationship between ratings and quality is always strange.

    Non-scripted shows are inherently lower quality, but cost much less to produce (even when they include celebrities) and some of them got good ratings this year. Time slots and competing shows have more to do with ratings than show quality.

    The networks still keep trying to win time slots instead of providing the best service to their viewers and advertisers. One of the ways they do this is to schedule strong shows in the same time-slot as competing strong shows. This results in lower overall ratings and lower profits for all networks.

    I suggest that NBC (and the other networks) choose a day of the week (Sunday through Thursday) to schedule their best shows during prime time. By each choosing a different night, they keep the viewers from channel surfing (churning). When choosing to renew or cancel shows on other nights, evaluation would be more by their public value and quality, with less concentration on ratings (ratings should be used when comparing to similar shows).

    • Rosie says

      Me, too. Taxi Brooklyn started out kinda weak, but after a couple shows it came through pretty strong. I watch shows for the interaction between the characters, and Cat and Leo and the Dept head (don’t remember his name) have really good banter between them. Hope it’s around for a while.

  3. ROSANNA says

    I think that producers should have more respect for their audiences. I can t believe NBC has cancelled a show like Dracula, such an amazing production left without a proper end….

  4. Daryl says

    Just a generalized question/observation: Networks can only assess viewship via Nielson ratings, so what is the age group of the participants? Only 18-49, or something less skewed that encompasses “older” viewers? Perhaps they need to do better screening of their participants. The only other means of measuring viewership would be via snooping into wireless devices or DVRs. Something’s clearly amiss for all networks.

  5. TammyJ says

    I really liked the show Crisis. I don’t think NBC gave it a chance to take off. I hope they bring it back maybe on Monday nights???

  6. daryl whitlock says

    Wonder if FOX is intentionally keeping viewers holding their breath for renewal. They should decide soon before annoyance sets in and/or viewers get attached to a show with a competing time slot. Sort of a sad commentary that at least the 30-49 age group wouldn’t be viewers. Too much violence? Watch the evening news.

    FOX would be really smart in tailoring their advertising so as to draw in younger viewers, and also let everyone know, “Live Another Day” is completely different in format, content, etc. There’s no show more relevant than “24”. New agent Morgan is fabulous and hope she would return; Chloe and Jack are unparelled. Funny, I always thought Chloe would be routed out as some sort of mole.

  7. daryl whitlock says

    While “Blacklist” was renewed quite early, James Spader ‘s popularity has mainly served the purpose of “teasing” the viewers to tune in, though his part is minimal. I predict a short run for the show for at least two reasons: 1) Debbie Boone has no credibility as a tough FBI agent; 2) When Spader does appear, there’s no variation in his performance, thus, bordering on boring. The show just really seems to struggle for plot direction. The Mon time slot fit cuz nothing else is on.

    • Gwen McGraw says

      NBC moved Revolution from the 9pm Monday timeslot to accommodate shows that don’t have high production costs. I don’t watch network TV as I am boycotting the advertisers. NBC VP’s set up the Revolution cast, crew, producers for failure. Revolution should never have been moved to a 7pm time slot. It is not a family friendly series. The acting and action are adult-oriented, using satire which children cannot understand. Revolution had the highest production costs of all shows on NBC, poor advertising, inappropriate time slot, along with longer than normal hiatuses. NBC mismanaged one of the BEST TV shows to be on the air. What the writers and producers envisioned for Season 3 is ingenious and interesting. We fans will not give up fighting for NBC to renew Revolution. Petitions are online/fan videos are listed on UTube/Facebook postings & site. We will keep fighting!

    • Elisa says

      Her name is Megan Boone and James Spader makes an appearance in every episode, the show is pretty much based around these two actors. Megan Boone is actually doing a good job as a believable FBI agent and James Spader brings a darkness and secretive vibe to the show that people respond well to.

  8. Anonymous says

    All the major stations suck- shows like Believe that have descent numbers yet the are canceled before even having a real chance. I would guess that with one more year (since they are obligated to pay most of the staff anyway) the show would have doubled its viewership. Although it should not be a surprise that the good shows are cancelled to make way for awesome shows like- Big Bang theory (most idiotic real show on TV), then there is the writing marvel called “How I Met Your Mother (now here is a truly wonderful show about an actor who is openly gay and always off on some tangent who portrays a ladies man”. Now that’s an actor that really lives up to his convictions.
    Then there is the Simpsons and family guy and the other animated trash shows that seem to survive.
    Sadly, the very same people are the ones who will be responsible for the country in 20-30 years. I truly hope I’m dead!!!
    No station has done more damage to American Television then Fox. This company has literally paved the way for the overall corruption of TV and in my opinion has destroyed generations. The problem is that the FCC allowed this to happen knowing the owner of Fox was not even American!!
    Good luck America!!

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