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  1. Leah says

    Cancelled Revolution is BS!!!!!!!!!! This is why I hate NBC!!!!!!!!!!!!! Word of advice NBC if a show is doing well do n’t move it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You only move a show when it is doing poorly and you are trying to save it!!!!!!!!!! Dumb asses!!!!!!!!!!! Which is why I will not be watching anything on NBC. They get you into a show and cancel it.

    • monieet says

      Believe is a well acted and written show. Why even bring it on the air if the fate was to cancel it before it even gets started. I am so done with this network. One thing about NBC is consistent, it is now must NOT see TV. The network is clearly being run by wet behind the ear young people who have no idea what any demographic wants to watch. This was made very clear when the original Law and Order was cancelled. L&O was a show that could have gone on forever when stores are ripped from the headlines, but no. I DO NOT WATCH NBC AT WILL NEVER GO BACK UNTIL THINGS CHANGE WITH THE DECISIONS THAT ARE BEING MADE.

  2. RZC says

    The for keeping Blacklist, Chicago Fire & PD, Parenthood, & Biggest Loser. Would LOVE to see Crossing Lines come back! It was such a great show & different from many other crime shows out there.

  3. KEVIN says


  4. lhodge says

    It is a shame that you are cancelling Revolution!!! There is still too much of the story to tell. It should be renewed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. TINA says

    NBC unbelievable! cancelled Sean Saves The World and Now REVOLUTION AND BELIEVE! Rethink these decisions. Love BELIEVE ITS APOSITIVE LOVEABLE SHOW! SERIOUSLY GIVE IT MORE OF A CHANCE! Characters are likeable, loveable you care about them. It gives you hope and shows the good things humans can do. Whether on a large or small capacity! It makes you BELIEVE in magic of the humankind. and don’t give up on Revolution it shows that humans can work together and create a better world. Come back from animal instincts of survival to helpful survival instincts!

  6. Kathy Schaffer says

    Dear NBC, Hannibal sucks BIG TIME! Please put “DRACULA” back on. You ruined Friday nights. Thank God for On-Demand and Netflix! At least Dracula is good looking, plus the writing is better, the story lines are better on Dracula and the actors are better. You really know how to screw up a good thing. Sincerely, Kathy Schaffer, Voorhees, NJ.

    • Kathy Gilmore says

      I don’t get it NBC – Dracula had better viewer ship numbers, acting and writing than Hannibal, which is pure trash. And yet you cancel Dracula and renew Hannibal? Dracula is the first NBC show I have watched since Friends went off the air and I guess it will be the last. Very disappointed and to add insult to injury you let Dracula fans hang for 4 months before making this stupid decision. Why would you not give a second season of Dracula a chance? I won’t watch NBC anymore but since I am not in your coveted age group it won’t matter to you – funny thing is I bet I have more disposable income than those in your prized bracket. And here’s to hoping a network that has some sense will pick up Dracula for a second season.

  7. Kirk says

    You keep and renew your lowest rated show ” The Hannibal” and you boot a good rated Revolution and Believe???? seriously???? Hannibal is totally rubbish in my opinion plus the Parks/Recreation is in that terrible mix… No offence to the people that watch it… but the cancelled ones are much better.

  8. Tina Trotter says

    I’m sooo disappointed that you canceled Revolution!
    I will be VERY upset if you cancel Parenthood. It’s a wonderful show about true life.Next to Little House on the Prairie, it’s my second favorite show of all time.

  9. Dondi says

    Please save Revolution. This show is at a precipice of getting seriously interesting. The nanotech storyline has just begun to be explored. It would be a shame to end this series at this point.

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