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  1. Bob Leonard says

    never contacted a network, but extremly upset with the cancellaton of Harry’s Law. We know you want to cater to the under fifty group, with love in the wild trash. Well our family has decided to elimanate prime time viewing of nbc and noting their sponsors, will also if possible not use their services or products.

  2. Patricia says

    Why do you keep AWFUL shows like “How I Met Your Mother” and cancel a wonderful show like Harry’s Law?? I do not understand this. I will miss Harry’s Law. RIP Kathy Bates.

  3. San says

    NBC is a bunch of idiots for cancelling Awake. This is the best show I’ve ever seen for a long time, properly because it require brain to appreciate this show and they don’t have any. They don’t give the show a chance, how is it that crap like “Whitney” gets 2nd season and those reality show go on for 13-14 seasons I can never comprehend. They cancelled Conan O’Brien and now this show, I will boycott NBC for good because apparently all good shows get cancelled at NBC

  4. Anonymous says

    I am very sorry Harry’s Law got canceled, it was a wonderful show, get rid of those reality shows they are horrible

  5. Robin L says

    I am so very disappointed that Harry’s Law will not return. It is a great show! And, Awake last night was terrific. What are they thinking? They are not giving these shoes time to develop. They aren’t typical programs and need time to build an audience. They need to look at the big picture. I could do on forever…

  6. Cathi says

    I am so disappointed that Harry’s Law, Awake & Alcatraz (Fox) were cancelled. I agree, too many stupid reality shows. It seems if people have to actually use their brain, they can’t handle it. Too bad. We can only pray for a reprieve.

  7. Diane says

    I am truly disappointed and disgusted with NBC for cancelling Harry’s Law. I read in the paper that “it just does not agree with people in the 18-49 age bracket”!!! Well, what about us retired people? Do you really think we like those stupid reality shows or stupid, stupid idiotic comedies that you air? You don’t know a good thing when you’ve got it. And who has more time to sit and watch NBC than us?????? I don’t know who schedules the shows for you but they should be fired!!!!! Reality shows and cheap made comedies that do nothing to enhance society except to show how truly stupid you all are – SHAME ON NBC FOR NEGLECTING THE WISHES OF SO MANY! BRING BACK HARRY’S LAW – PLEASE!!!

  8. Karlyn says

    I thought Missing was the best show on TV. Whoever cancelled that show should be
    fired. I will stop watching ABC

  9. Joanne Miller says

    I can not believe they are canceling Harry’s Law and the Firm. Those are great shows with some substance to them and entertaining. Thank God we have cable channels with great shows like Royal Pains, Suits, Leverage, Drop dead diva, etc. NBC can keep their stupid comedy shows and reality shows. I’m done!!!!!

  10. gwendoline cooney says

    I am so disappointed that Bent was cancelled. What is wrong with these people. It was a really good show. So much better than a lot of the other rubbish around.

  11. Sue says

    I really enjoyed awake…what a concept ! But of course…I like it so off it goes…I hope someone else is smart enough to pick this up!

  12. Kelsea says

    I can not believe that Awake is not getting a second season! With all the trash on tv now it was really nice to watch something that was worth my time! My husband and i both really enjoyed this show. Sad that the reality shows beat out a great show!

  13. Karen says

    Harry’s Law is a really good show I can not believe it is being canceled while really bad trash is still being shown. Not everyone wants reality shows!

  14. Ellen says

    I have not watched regular tv in years. This season was a big surprize. I was totally devoted to The Firm and Awake. What wonderful shows! I am so disappointed and upset at their cancellation. Some other shows didn’t deserve any credit at all. BUMMER

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