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  1. Cheryl says

    I think when you moved it to Sunday nite, you lost a lot of viewers!! I will miss “Harry”!! I do not watch NBC anymore because of there choice! So long nbc!!

  2. Toni says

    Awake, Harry’s Law, Prime Suspect, Law & Order Los Angeles. All good shows, all cancelled. Yet, Betty White’s Off Their Rockers is still around. What is wrong with this picture????

    • says

      100% agreement……Unforgettable, Alcatraz, The Firm also lost, as well as NCIS Los Angeles……..only reality and shows without entertainment or crummy acting are left…………………..and not to mention Jerry Springer……….shows where our mentality and mental capacity for entertainment is……………..low!

  3. hps says

    My husband and I love The Firm and search it out each week and recorded it when we were away. It is one of three dramas we watch. It is/was our favoite. I think you are sinking a sea worthy ship. Give it more time.

  4. linda says

    Sorry Harry’s Law is cancelled. Great quality show. Acting and writing superb!!!!! Better than some of those mindless comedies. Verydisappointed.

  5. The Firm says

    Extremely dissapointed that The Firm was cancelled. NBC is a joke, they cancel good shows like The Event last year yet they hold on to trash like “The Voice”. That is why they no longer have football or basketball on their channel. The NFL and NBA realized years ago that NBC is trash.

  6. Rosemary Kohler says

    Hate the way you put on great shows like” Law and Order, Los Angeles” and “The Firm”. Then cancel them without giving time for people to see them. Sometimes a person is watching another channel, and it takes a while before they tune in to see something differest. I have to find an organization that is a little less impulsive.

  7. Melanie Clifton says

    I really like Harry’s Law. Granted, it is not as good as the first season, but it is still good. I hate to see it cancelled. Not even sure if the Closer will come back on. Heavens, I hope Blue Bloods does not get cancelled.

  8. Karen Lafferty says

    The Firm was the only thing on the NBC list that I would watch. Sorry NBC if the Firm doesn’t come back, you won’t get this views time.

  9. Craig says

    I had stopped watching Harry’s Law a couple episodes into the new season. It just wasn’t as good as the first season. So NBC only cancelled two shows I would have liked to keep watching: Are You There, Chelsea and Bent.

  10. BeeDee says

    The links to the different networks don’t go to current 2011/2012 lists.
    It looks like only NBC is correct.

  11. Barbara says

    Very disappointed that “Harry’s Law” was cancelled. It is one of the few quality shows on tv. I think NBC should rethink their decision.

    • Don says

      I agree completely. It is a shame that the number of people who watch a show doesn’t count for much.

  12. BBoop says

    And we don’t want Awake to disappear either!
    Awesome show, awesome mystery and just when it’s getting into the real meat of the show, gone.
    Goodbye Michael. We hope in someone’s mind you’ve found a way to reunite your family!

  13. BBoop says

    My family and I are truly saddened to hear that Harry’s Law has been canceled.
    We are holding out hope that there’s been a mistake and someone makes the awesome decision of put Harry back in the courtroom where she belongs.
    We love the hot topics and relatable themes that are ever present in this show.
    It’s smart, funny and thoroughly enjoyable and will be sorely missed!
    Our best to the cast and long live Harriet’s Law Firm and Fine Shoes!

  14. says

    I am very disappointed that Harry’s Law is being cancelled. A truly moving and humerous show for us adults…Her thinking, kindness, humor and summations on the show make us all think about the law and humanity which is lost with all of the other shows, especially those idiotic reality shows. Harry’s Law makes you think about what is good and right with the way everyone should conduct their lives, relationships and compassion for others…(and all of this comes along with humor indicating that that alone can make even a difficult situation easier.) You have a gem in Harry’s Law and you are letting it go….I am so disappointed and probably will give up on NBC totally…..

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