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  1. Johnson says

    So sad that The Firm and Awake are cancelled. I really enjoyed both shows. Never fails, I find something worth watching and they cancel it. Both shows actually had a plot and made you look forward to the next episode. Not all of us want to watch reality shows!

  2. Angie Fogg says

    Anyone who has seen “The Firm” would agree that the show is well-cast and well-written. In the midst of all of the horrible “reality” shows bombarding the networks these days it is disappointing to see a great show cancelled. I believe the show simply had the wrong time slot. Hopefully, another cable station will pick up the show.

    • Bilafond says

      I finished the 22nd Episode and on checking up found out to my utter disappointment that FIRM has not been renewed and has been cancelled. I am not happy at all.

  3. donna says

    We are enjoying Love in the Wild and Jenny is doing a terrific job … hope it comes back for a 3rd and 4th season … great to hear how the last winners are doing .. as a couple..
    As for “reality” television .. lordy you can’t turn on the tv an given day or night and not have a reality show pop up … Enough already .. as for Murphy’s Law so sorry to see it go the cast had great chemistry …

  4. Valerie says

    Why cancel The Firm & Awake?? They are great shows! It is so disappointing to have my favorite shows canceled season after season….makes me not want to even bother watching. :o(

  5. says

    I am so unhappy that Harry’s Law was canceled. A good, intelligent show comes on that makes you think and you cancel. Is it because the 18 to 49 weren;t watching? Are they the only ones that have brains and good opinions? They aren’t even watching! The shows that you canceled made you think. NBC use to be my favorite channel.

  6. Juliet says

    It is a shame that shows like Harry’s Law, NYC22, Gifted Man and many more eexcellant shows are cancelled so realty TV shows can take there place. Why is it that every show has to appeal to a younger generation when they aren’t even the ones watching TV at night.

  7. sarah c says

    My husband is VERY disappointed about Awake being cancelled & also the Firm. I’m just happy 30 rock, the Office & up all night will continue ….at least for 1 more season. B/c it does seem like NBC cancelled more GOOD shows than the kept. I’m still in shock over the marriage ref!!! That was one of the funniest newer shows I’ve seen in a long time!!

  8. carol says

    I noitce the shows that are canceled are the ones you have to use some thought to follow the story plot. Gee???? Does that say something. To bad… they are getting rid of alot of good ones

  9. Dee says

    Bummed The Firm was canceled. Surprised the title of this article, not to mention the listings made it through editing with a misspelled “cancelled.” Really?

  10. says

    My wife and I have been very impressed with The Firm and I will be very sad to see it go. It was very well filmed, written and acted and definitely had an insightful take on a very good movie and book. Hopefully someone else can pick it up and run with it (Fox seems like the most logical choice to me). Just shows me some of the poor decision making typical of NBC right now.

  11. Awake.season2 says

    we love Awake.and alot of people want to watch THE season 2 SO come on its a good amazing SHOOOOWWWW

  12. says

    What a let down! “Who Do You Think You Are” and “Harry’s Law” canceled. I hope those that enjoyed these series will comment. We maybe can turn this around.

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