The New Adventures of Old Christine: Cancelled Because of Sexism?

IMAGEAt the recent upfronts, it was announced that CBS was cancelling The New Adventures of Old Christine after five years on the air.

Starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, the sitcom has been in danger of being cancelled each year and, on a few occasions, ABC expressed interest in taking it over. Though it’s looking doubtful that the alphabet network will indeed save it, discussions are still ongoing.

Kari Lizer, Old Chrisine’s creator, says that the cancellation didn’t surprise her, especially considering the fact that the show was taken out of the Monday night block of sitcoms and has been put on hiatus many times during its run.

She recently told TV Guide, “As far as what happened at CBS, we’ve suffered from a serious lack of support from them since the beginning… I hate to say it, but I’m afraid they don’t care much for the female-of-a-certain-age point of view over there. How else do you explain them squandering the talents of Julia [Louis-Dreyfus] and Wanda [Sykes]?”

The cancellation news came at a particularly bad time for Sykes. Her Saturday night talk series, The Wanda Sykes Show, was also cancelled by FOX. Lizer expects Sykes to bounce back though, noting, “She’s never funnier than when she’s pissed off.”

What do you think? Is CBS’ treatment of Old Christine some kind of sexism or just due to poor ratings?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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    • Johnny West says

      Seriously? That’s the whole point of the show: how messed up Christine is, but at the end of the day, how human she is.

      Glad, you’ve got some issues, apparently.

  1. Del'ea Williams says

    I really loved watching this show it would be to the point I would stay at home to watch it didn’t want to leave at all . I hate that the canceled the show this was best show you could ever watch with all these reality Shows there not even funny to keep watching please bring back this show I love me some Wanda Skye’s …

  2. jane says

    Put me on the list of peeps that love this show. I love all the characters and how they interact. I will watch the same rerun I saw only a few days before. I rarely do that with a show unless it’s a great show. I can’t believe this was cancelled and no one picked it up. Shame..tsk..tsk.

  3. Anonymous says

    I love this show! I always laugh so many times. I so relate to the characters and was so happy to have a show about a mom my age , her wacky family that worked and her affection for wine! How sad it’s gone . Bad decision big time!

  4. Annie says

    It is 2012 and I still miss this show. I do not understand why it was cancel when so many other studpid reality shows our left on the air. The thing I loved about “The New Adventures of Old Christine ” is that there was so much chemistry with all the characters. Christine , yes at times was over the top, but how realistic is that feeling for many single working mothers. There was something in each character that I believe many people could relate to and saw themselves in aspects of the character. The best part of it, was we were able to laugh at Christine, the casts and relate to many of the story lines. I enjoyed watching and getting stress relief at least once a week. I still want another station to pick it up and continue with the series. May be Oprah’s network or a women’s network. I think that CBS under advertized the show. Did not the show win some awards also. I am sick of the fake realty shows. I want to laugh at real life situations again. Can someone start a site to bring the show back.
    take care

  5. Stacy says

    Im really disappointed that they are not continuing this show. I still watch the reruns with my kids and laugh. We love this show!!!!

  6. huge fan says

    I LOVE THIS SHOW! I think the writers were amazing. HILARIOUS!! I’m bummed that all I get to see are reruns. Gotten me through some sad days. On
    if the funniest shows I’ve ever had the pleasure to watch. Hope it makes a come back.

  7. Vicki says

    This was the BEST sitcom on TV
    I could have done without Richie, but Julia and Wanda were so real and brilliant
    I know my post won’t inspire the “Big Wigs” but how can they justify the crap they choose to put on TV over Christine???
    Id love to know the real reason this show was cancelled. Major egos maybe?

  8. says

    SOMEBODY….! Pick this up! This is one of the funniest sitcoms to come around, and smart.
    Every time I like a show, it gets cancelled! I started to watch one the other day, the name I fail to re-call, but it was so, so bad I turned it off.
    How does one sign up to be a ” Nielsen” participant? Obviously, there is a huge segment of the population being ignored…or should I say, “Swept under he rug”

  9. Anonymous says

    How is it that the funny tv shows get cancelled, but other shows gets renewed. It really is a shame – the show was funny. Wish it would get picked up by another network!

    • Sal says

      I watch the re-runs (which are on ALL the time so had to be popular show) over and over and over again! I know Julia is going on to another show, but sure wish they’d bring this one back – it’s hysterical!

  10. Evie says

    Love this show! It ‘s hysterical. I really wish it was still on. I didn’t see it while it was on prime-time, but watch the re-runs daily on another network, some of which I have seen multiple times. I have a theory about how networks cancel shows. They change the date/time slot the show airs and when viewership drops off, cancel it due to low ratings. Once a show finds an audience, keep it in that time slot.
    I really wish another network would revive this show.

  11. Gm says

    I am dissapointed it was well written, had interesting characters and was usuallypretty funny. I thought they spent too much time and energy oin her sex life but the other situations were tasteful and entertaining.

  12. Anonymous says

    This sitcom is Awesome! So sad, it cancelled. All the other pathetic shows your network is willing to run. You obviously have no idea what you’ve done with your viewers.

  13. v.t. says

    im sad to find out it was dropped. we need more shows like OLD CHRISTIAN it showed humor of divorce in a way it should be getting along and giving there child support from both parents. making it easier for a child to adjust. There are too many suitcase children never knowing what they were going to find in there new life style. Shame on you for taking it off for younger people who cant act there way out of a paper bag.

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