The New Adventures of Old Christine: TV Show Cancelled, No Season Six?

New Adventures of Old ChristineAfter being on the bubble for several seasons, CBS has finally cancelled The New Adventures of Old Christine. There’s a chance that it may be saved by another network but odds would have been better if this had happened in previous years.

The New Adventures of Old Christine follows the challenges of Christine Campbell (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) , a neurotic single mom who has a hard time finding a relationship and juggling her responsibilities at home and work. Others in her life include her low-key brother, Matthew (Hamish Linklater); best friend and business partner, Barbara (Wanda Sykes); young son Ritchie (Trevor Gagnon); irresponsible ex-husband, Richard (Clark Gregg); and his current love, “New Christine” (Emily Rutherfurd). Often popping up to make “Old Christine” feel even more incompetent are “mean mommies,” Marly and Lindsay (Tricia O’Kelley and Alex Kapp Horner).

After being part of CBS’ Monday night line-up for two seasons, Old Christine was used to help establish a second comedy block for the network on Wednesday nights. Unfortunately, the experiment wasn’t a big success. Old Christine was barely renewed last season. As there had been in the past, there was talk that ABC might pick it up if CBS had actually cancelled the show.

This season, Old Christine’s numbers have gotten worse and CBS decided to abandon the Wednesday night comedy hour. As a result, the network decided to finally cancel Old Christine.

In past years, Old Christine was attractive to ABC because they weren’t having much success with their own sitcoms. This time around, they already have a well-established night of sitcoms and several new options waiting in the wings.

Still, there is some talk of ABC picking up the series. As of today, the execs at ABC and Warner Bros. are trying to work out the numbers. The deal that Warner Bros. can offer is likely being impacted by how much profit new episodes will bring in syndication.

Last summer, Warner Bros. sold the Old Christine syndication package to Lifetime for some ad time and about $350,000 per episode (compared to 30 Rock episodes which went for $800,000). The sitcom was also sold to local stations in most of the US markets.

Reruns will pop up on cable and local stations in the fall. It remains to be seen if new episodes will be on ABC.

What do you think? Should ABC rescue The New Adventures of Old Christine? Where would you put it — with The Middle, Cougar Town, or someplace else?

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  1. JNT says

    I think they need to bring back the show, it was great, hilarious…we could watch her going off to school, watch them raise the new child, and keep it going. Its a great show please bring it back. They could put it on lifetime, even kcwi. a 7 or 8 slot. please bring this show back. Its my new favorite show.

  2. Michele Kurstjens says


  3. Tina M. Hastings says

    Please bring this show back! This is the hilarious show in the world. She reminds me of me! My husband loves it, too!

  4. Lela Wells says

    This show seriously, even on the worst days, has the ability to make it better. This show is THE BEST SHOW I have ever watched. I have a hard time sticking to shows but this show is a total keeper! Please, please, PLEASE, bring it back!! It’s the show that me and my boyfriend both adore! I laugh so hard it hurts with every episode! From the first episode I was hooked. So again, please please! Bring it back!

  5. Jeff says

    Bring the show back! This show is the funniest comedy show I have ever seen!! I have all 5 seasons on DVD. I have watched all the episodes at least 2 times, and they never get old. I laugh my butt off every time I watch them! This show is perfect for me because this show cheers me up when I’m down in the dumps. I was disgusted to see them cancel this show because so many people love this show and they didn’t want to see it go away. I hope, one day in the near future, they will decide to bring this show back. I see on TV that they only have it on for 1 hour once a week. I think they should have it on every day.

  6. says

    After watching the 3 mens perfect expressions and comments (segments with Richard’ Tom and Mr Harris), I’ve never laughed so hard in my life. The meany mom’s are great too. This show should never EVER be cancelled..I truly love it!!!

  7. MONA says

    What is wrong with people today…My Husband and I never once sat through and episode with out crazy laughing out loud everyone on there is so crazy it seems real it reminds me of me and my best friend before i married. WE LOVE IT!!!! Please bring them back!!!!

  8. what the? says

    I’ve been looking for the new episodes. What a dissappointment that the show was cancelled. One of the best comedies on TV with a great cast. ABC would be very smart to pick it up and add a lot of viewers.

  9. Nadine Snedeker says

    I can’t believe they cancelled this hilarious show!! Everything about it works. Each and every character in the cast is the perfect fit. I watch every rerun I can get my hands on, often watching the same episode 2 or 3 times, and laughing just as hard as the 1st viewing. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring this series back!!! It never fails to provide an escape from the tensions of the day.

  10. Margaret Campbell says

    I love this show. Julia Louis Dreyhus and brother Matthew with Wanda Sykes—could not have had a better cast. It was hilarious! Wish you would bring it back!!

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