New Amsterdam: FOX Cancels Immortal Show

New AmsterdamFOX has decided to cut short the run of New Amsterdam, the dramatic TV show about an immortal cop from the Big Apple.

The series has had a rough ride at the network. Amsterdam was initially scheduled for Fall 2007 but was pushed back to mid-season. On top of that, FOX cut its episode order from 13 to eight episodes.

On the positive side, the series was scheduled for an unpopular Friday night timeslot but was ultimately given a shot on Monday nights.

Amsterdam’s season average of 8.34 million weekly viewers isn’t great but it certainly outperformed and outlasted Canterbury’s Law.

Though FOX considered continuing the story of John Amsterdam (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) for another year, the network ultimately decided his story had come to an end. Still, Amsterdam executive producer David Manson hopes that the series will live on and find a new home on another network. Will that happen? Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Anonymous says

    If a show must be canceled, the network should at least wrap up the storyline. Canceling shows before completing the story line has caused me to not want to watch new shows.

  2. Jayneraven says

    Of course they cancelled an intellectual show why bother getting invested with theses great shows. Keep dumbing it down and go with the reality shows. That’s why I watch USA network .

  3. Fifi says

    I just watched the whole season on Loved it! I have been a fan of the actor who plays Omar for a while and I really wish they had continued the series.

  4. Steve Carulo says

    Miss this show! Great premise, great actors! Beats forcing to watch crap tv like American Idol or junky reality TV.. Bring back this show after Fringe great combo!!

  5. ksnow says

    Everyone that I have talked to that had watched this show absolutely loved it and is still talking about the disappointment of it’s cancellation. It certainly did have everything. The John Amsterdam character was wonderful in this role. I especially loved the time travel aspect. It was so very well done it was easy to accept. I hope another channel picks this up. Perhaps USA? They have great shows already and it would fit right in their schedule.

  6. says

    bring back this Show
    I wanted too see this Show from the very begining
    but i only saw one add for it and forgot the slot
    that ad was like a month ahead of time
    and then nothing
    this was Can befoe i seen the first Ep
    Fire who ever pushed the butten i could do a better job man…
    and i can’t spell ether
    i got my mom wanting to see it
    my brothers and sisters besides jen my older sis, we disouned her lol
    but anyway like i said
    you did it too Termanator the sara connor cron
    and you did it again
    i watch Term at least 100 times
    i wanted more and “fox ex slips and pushed the buten”
    O well lets make more stupid shows no one likes but endures just too have something to do
    how about this instead of cancling them get anothr channle for the new ones
    like Fox2 TV
    for the newer ones
    or better yet contact all the toher people and tell then too sell you the doctor shows and put them on
    and lame azz TV
    channle 80 because only old people want too know how this guy who died , died i dont care
    i want too see gun shots and fist fights
    with randomly used roctet launchers and land mines or futuristic weapons that shoot bombs or something
    or better yet
    cancle that crap man
    shi gives me nightmeres i had to watch it ever dam day as a kid

  7. mike says

    This was a good series that I looked forward to watching every week. Yet another example of a series not in a cookie cutter mold that was interesting and intelligent, and not allowed to develop an audience.

  8. Rusty says

    Another great show bites the dust! What a shame. I know, it’s about how many people watch it, but if you curse it from the beginning by scheduling it in the worst time slots, what do you expect? How many inane night-time doctor soaps do we have to endure?—or as I do, find something else to do. Of all the cop shows on TV, this one is unique, thoughtful, entertaining, and creatively complicated. (Maybe too intelligent for the masses?) Talk about depth. Unlike the preachy, agenda-driven Law&Order and its clones, N. Amsterdam found a way to include life, love, race, family, alcoholism, etc. in a very natural way that wasn’t ever in your face. There are so many places New Amsterdam could take us, but alas . . .

  9. says

    Just finished watching the last of these episodes. Loved it and can’t believe it got cancelled when these boring “Doctor” shows continue to pollute nighttime TV, i.e. Grays, Bones — I mean how many times are you going to try to cure these doctors?? New Amsterdam is a 2 in 1. You see the crime get solved and at the same time are connected to another era. Would be great if it was brought back.

  10. Paul says

    This show had a Highlander / Forever Knight type of story line to it. I though it was an amazing show. I hope they bring it back, or that they find a new home for this as well as Mental! It really sucks when they put something really great in a poor time slot or don’t advertise it enough. Then cancle it just as it gains a following. KILL GLEE, that stupid show has gotten soooo much hype its not even funny and it SUCKS!!!!

  11. says

    This show in my opinion was outstanding. I hope that another network wises up to the true potential of this spectacular show. The story hasn’t even come close to an ending!!! Ihope to see new episodes in thenear future.

  12. William says

    Once again Fox network has put their finger on the cancel button, and took off a very good show. New Amsterdam, though it had trouble finding the right time slot, was indeed a very good show. Fox does it again (Missed by a mile).

  13. Jacqueline says

    Very late comment. I completely agree with the many who considered it a really good series. I just happened to be watching the end of the last episode which still lives today at the end of one of my videotapes, and thought I go online to see whether any explanation had been offered. Not really there…just some other souls who felt the loss, as did I.

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