Wonder Woman: New David E. Kelley TV Show Shelved

Wonder WomanFor an Amazon princess who can fly and knows how to pilot an invisible plane, Wonder Woman’s projects certainly have a hard time getting off the ground. A Wonder Woman movie was in the works for several years before being shelved and now, the new live-action TV show has been put on hold as well.

Late last year, it was announced that David E. Kelley was developing a new Wonder Woman TV show, based on the iconic DC Comics character. The prolific TV creator later acknowledged that the project was still in the very early stages of development and said, “There’s no real deal in place yet, but yeah, my intent is to take a stab at it… I’ve been working on it between scripts for Harry’s Law. It’s a very, very different genre for me, a very tricky beast. I won’t know whether I’ve cracked it or not until I’ve finished it, but it’s going.”

Kelley apparently finished a spec script for the reboot and felt good enough about it that Warner Bros. Television shopped it around to the networks on Wednesday night.

Deadline reports that FOX and ABC were the first to pass. FOX wasn’t really considered a good fit anyway and ABC’s pass may have been motivated by the fact that the network’s owned by Disney, who now also owns DC competitor Marvel Comics. The studio’s already developing its own superhero projects with strong female lead characters.

The team at CBS was apparently split on on taking on the Wonder Woman show but ultimately passed. NBC was the last to decline. Executive changes already underway at the peacock network made it impossible to give the go-ahead on such an expensive venture. You may recall that NBC was burned when they tried their expensive reboot of Bionic Woman a couple years back.

The CW simply couldn’t afford it and, because of the expensive license fees, it’s highly unlikely that a cable channel would take the risk either.

Though the new Wonder Woman TV show seems dead, EW reports:

One source close to the project said the Wonder Woman team won’t give up on the project, even though it’s “not moving forward at this time.”

What do you think? Will this project ever be made? Is David E. Kelley the right man for the job? Could anybody make a new Wonder Woman series work?

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  1. Tutaj says

    yeah I knew it straight away that it wouldn’t so I’m not supprise that it didn’t even go 2 air, u know why luk @ da costume n no offence 2 Adrianne she’s great but I wud ave not piked her to play da role, I wud ave piked i got 2 choices wud b Megan Gale or Kim Kadashian:)?

  2. Dustin says

    I am happy they are doing a Wonder Woman reboot. I’ve loved comics when I was younger & love most of the movies based on them……I just wish they would stop playing to kids & teens!!! Make the movies R rated & violent & more like the actual comics (maybe not the outfits) & bill them to the 30’s crowd who actually read the damn comicbooks & graphic novels!!

  3. RDW1455 says

    The perfect woman to play WONDER WOMAN is none other than
    Natasha Henstridge. She has everything Linda Carter had and then some. She is 5’10 inches tall. Built like Linda Carter and knows martial arts. She’s a natural for the part!
    All you would have to do is dye her hair black and you would have the perfect Wonder Woman. Please consider her if your a producer looking for the perfect woman for this part!
    My family and I would watch thats for sure.


  4. matthew says

    why can’t studio execs think? Wonder Woman has never been made into a movie yet, and with today’s effects, it could be an amazing movie franchise. It’s incredible that they will make yet another TV show? Every other super hero has been made into very successful movies, and yet they still have not made Wonder Woman. If done right, on the big screen she would absolutely be a successful movie franchise.

  5. Riley says

    its the usual sexist crap, what else is new.

    change the name to Wonder MAN, and its suddenly become a potential candidate. crappy heroes like lantern are getting movies, who is next aquaman, come on.

  6. REC says

    I would have probably tuned in for this show, but the timing is just not right at all for it. In my opinion it is a little annoying that they keep churning out remakes of movies and now many TV shows also. But people don’t get that the studios and networks actually want things like this because there’s a built-in fan base and viewers know what to expect.

    Sadly, for this reboot, even the networks are feeling the recession and viewership is just not good enough to justify its risky and pricy production. I do think it would be great on NBC, but considering they have the lowest ratings of every other network, they’re many years away from being able to acquire it. Female-lead action shows are also not high in-demand either, with Nikita being the only one right now.

  7. samuel says

    enough of reboots of old shows .is the networks got anybody there who can come up with something new instead of of these old stuff that i thought was crap the first time around

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