Nikita: CW’s New Action Series; Cancel or Keep It?

NikitaLast night, The CW debuted their second (and final) new series of the Fall 2010 season. The previous evening’s debut of Hellcats did okay. How does Nikita stack up?

Nikita revolves around a young woman (Maggie Q) who was inducted into a secret government agency at a young age and trained to becoming a cold assassin. She manages to hold onto her humanity and is now hell-bent on stopping them. The new TV show also stars Aaron Stanford, Ashton Holmes, Lyndsy Fonseca, Melinda Clarke, Shane West, Tiffany Hines, and Xander Berkeley.

Airing out of the second season premiere of The Vampire Diaries, the first episode of Nikita attracted a 1.4 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 3.4 million viewers. It averaged a few more total viewers than the lead-in but didn’t do as well in the demo. Nikita was in fourth place in total viewers but, more importantly, was in second place for the demo.

Should Nikita continue on The CW?

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Essentially, Nikita got a decent sampling. But, as in the case of Hellcats, the real test will be to see if the series can hold onto its audience once the other networks start airing their new programming in two weeks.

Thursday night is very competitive and Nikita will be duking it out with Grey’s Anatomy, CSI, The Office/Outsourced, and Fringe. With the exception of NBC’s Outsourced, they’re all established and popular shows.

But, what do you think? Did you tune in to watch Nikita? Do you think it’ll survive or end up cancelled?

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  1. kelly says

    KEEP IT! Nikita is amazing i watch it in the uk and i look forward to it every thursday! pleeeeeaassseeee keep it going!!!!!!

  2. Mark says

    Amazing show wish i had seen the orignal but i have seen la femme nikita. I agree some things in the show can seem repetitive to some people, but some people like the people above and I love the show and can’t get enough. Even if i have a horrible week i can count on that show to make it better even its just a bit better. Nikita is the show i’ve been waiting for it contains a lot of depth but with depth comes “holes” basically missing a lot to the plot yet thats what makes the show more edgy and interesting.

  3. Anonymous says

    I do like the show, but I’m no fan of Shane West. Honestly, it seems like he’s trying too hard. There are other actors for whom dark and brooding fit better. Actors whom you’d really believe might go either way if they got the chance to kill Nikita. With West, you know he won’t. I find the Jaden character sadly lacking in character development and just annoying in general. I like a villain as much as anyone, but at least make her believable! Right now she just comes off as kinda pathetic. While I’m on the subject, even though the star (Maggie Q) is American born of Asian descent, a little more diversity on the show wouldn’t hurt!

  4. Anonymous says

    OMG!!!! Don’t cancel this long legged assasin!! She’s the epic hero everyone needs on their television! Nikita is the show that TV has been waiting on for a long time!!

  5. Nikita says

    As a RL Nikita, and a huge fan of the original series, I am both happy and sad to see its return. I am glad it is bringing new fans to the fold, but it has lost so much of the original series. If they were going to redo it, could we do it without the influence of that Nikita rip-off show? I am also disappointed in the decision to not integrate the original series into this incarnation of it. I don’t want people thinking it started and ended with Division. I remember when it was called section one, and they characters had far more depth.

    I think they should keep it on the air, but I also think they need to pay closer attention to the origins of the series, and stay true to the amazing storytelling of season 1-3.

  6. Nikita (Nikki) says

    Nikita is my real name thats why i love this show so much if they canceled it I think I would die its picks up where point of no return left off its telling what happened after she got out they asked the golden question what happened afterword thats why i think the show should stay on

  7. Felix says

    Nikita: In the beginning of the show I was blown away. Maggie Q makes the show even better with her “super-skills”. Personally I think the show has a good plot, and with all the flashbacks on how thing were earlier, also between Nikita and Michael makes it very exiting. But I cannot understand why this show is in danger of cancellation. If you look at Imdb you will see the ratings are very high and people love it.

    So please do something to keep the show alive! I love it, it is one of the best TV-series I have ever seen. DOn’t cancel it, and if you were to cancel it, at least make the 1st season complete!!

  8. Manisha says

    PLEASE, this show is the highlight of my week! CW can’t cancel another of my favorites. I mean really, how are shows as dumb as 90210 and Hellcats ranking votes when Nikita is actually intriguing. The acting is spectacular, it keeps my heart racing until the last minute. CW can’t do just injustice, Nikita is a must for my thursday evenings!

  9. sebastian says

    Please cancel it. One dimensional story line, nothing intriguing , nothing thought provoking. its nice but its not worth a second season.

  10. Anonymous 222 says

    This is an amazing show. I wait every week to see it and am totally bummed when the episode ends. One hour is so NOT long enough for this show. It’s like morning coffee, I have to have it or the whole day is wrecked.

  11. jerry katz says


  12. yoy says

    Ugh yay more ratings based on “looks” rather than good concept/writing. Cancel it. The original series was better by a lot and really the whole beating the audience over the head with feminism is old.

  13. Andre' P says

    NIKITA is the SHOW!!!! How about keeping the intoxicating raven -haired goddess on the small screen for awhile. I LOVE THIS SHOW

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