No Ordinary Family: ABC TV Series Cancelled; No Season Two

No Ordinary Family canceled season twoThe Powells may have super powers but they weren’t strong enough to save their TV series. No Ordinary Family has been cancelled after one season on the air.

No Ordinary Family revolves around suburban family who, while on vacation, crash into Amazon River and gain special abilities. The cast includes Michael Chiklis, Julie Benz, Autumn Reeser, Jimmy Bennett, Kay Panabaker, Tate Donovan, Christina Chang, and Romany Malco.

The drama had a decent debut last September with a 3.2 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 10.69 million total viewers. Unfortunately, the ratings didn’t stay at that level and dropped by 16% in week two and then 15% in week three. The numbers kept declining and went as low as a 1.2 demo rating and just 4.26 million viewers in March.

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The network cut the episode order but it was already clear by that point that the show was finished. ABC pre-empted one installment and bumped the penultimate episode to Saturday nights, an evening when few are watching. The first season of No Ordinary Family ended up averaging a 1.8 in the demo and 6.4 million viewers, making it one of the lowest dramas of the ABC season.

TV show supportABC has now officially cancelled No Ordinary Family. All 20 episodes have aired. Hopefully, at some point, the producers will share what they had planned for the future of the series.

What do you think? Are you disappointed that there won’t be a second season for No Ordinary Family? Why do you think the series didn’t catch on?

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  1. Rehana and Jaheim says

    My son and I absolutely loved the show. We are both very disappointed that there will be no more. We have been waiting years for the 2nd series. He will soon be a teenager and no longer want to sit with mum and watch TV….why would u do this to us, why??? C’mon do the right thing and start airing…. For the good of the people and myself.

  2. Ryan says

    Just finished watching season one on netflix and was gripped from beginning to end I’m desperate to see more seasons as it’s was the best programme I’ve seen in forever and it needs to come back it’s so awesome!!!!!! Please do more seasons me and my two year old little boy would really apprishiate it he loves just as much as I do!!!!

  3. Sarah says

    I feel so disappointed,here in our country Kenya,are numerous people who love this movie series. Please bring it back.

  4. says

    From London…

    I am very disappointed, I just finish watch series 1 and I though it was good, compare to some other rubbish TV series I had come across…

    I wanted to know how the baby would fit into this story….
    I though all the actors was brilliant. And it was a clear show for me to watch with my 5 year old Daughter, she end loving it too.

  5. Jessica says

    I am very very disappointed. I was so engaged in every episode and I really hope it gets brung back.

  6. says

    I absolutely think the main problem was the advertising, I just found this on project TV and got arried why start something and dnt finish it when there is so many drama left really come just one more shot.

  7. Kayleigh says

    I recently found this on Netflix too, just finished watching season one. I assumed it was new due to having one series, so I googled for season two to find this, I am disappointed. I can see how people lost interest because my boyfriend did till he watch two more episodes then he agree it was good. Also I agree with previous comments, left on a cliffhanger just like the TV series Angel was, it’s unfair. They should finish the story line off.

  8. Phil says

    Another case of greed and impatience getting the better of a producer. I can see why it lost ratings, as they tried to get to serious and educational about a completely improbable storyline. The “Must keep our powers secret” thing has been dealt with. We didn’t need the “what if” scenarios, just the kick ass and take names part. Why stop it from being fun?! Why stop them from abusing their powers? Why constantly try to teach the viewer some sense of morality the education system should be responsible for? We wanted a fresh take on an old storyline… so far tge only difference is they dont wear spandex!

  9. derek says

    i don’t understand why the show got cancelled and especially on a cliff hanger for the people who did follow the show there is nothing worse, just because there wasn’t high enough rateings a b c could at least have brought out a season 2 and finished the story off.

  10. Chris hannon says

    Disappointed another series isnt appearing. I hadn’t even heard of it until I watched it on Netflix and became instantly addicted. I love the acting, the show and the storyline. Maybe advertising the show should have been a priority.

    • says

      I absolutely think the main problem was the advertising, I just found this on project tv and got carried away, why star something and dnt finish it when there is so many drama left really

  11. andy says

    I actually quite enjoyed this show and although I usually prefer more grown up things I am sad it got cancelled.It was a bit daft but I think it got away with it because it never really took itself too seriously.It was more or less a comedy therefore always pretty light hearted in tone.It is annoying that as soon as ratings drop on American shows they get cancelled.I suppose it is understandable but you think they could give them a bit more of a chance.I seem to remember another sci fi show that got cancelled right on a cliff hanger.I was outraged but what can you do?

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