ABC Orders More Episodes of New Shows; Are They Safe?

No Ordinary FamilyABC hasn’t exactly been having the best luck with their new shows this season. They’ve cancelled two of them already (The Whole Truth and My Generation) and none of the others have made much of a splash. Of the new crop, No Ordinary Family has been getting the best ratings but it could hardly be called a success, averaging a mediocre 2.6 in the demo.

The network is in a bit of a pickle. They still have some very successful programs but some of them have been on the air for several years and they need to find new blood. This new crop has been a disappointment so far but it looks like they really want to make them work.

The network has now given full season orders to two new series — No Ordinary Family and Better with You — and ordered a handful of more installments from Detroit 1-8-7 and Brothers & Sisters. Are they safe?

Four episodes of No Ordinary Family have aired so far. The series debuted to a 3.2 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 10.69 million total viewers. Those numbers are positive. Unfortunately, the show’s ratings have sunk every week. Last week’s episode hit a 2.2 in the demo and 7.41 million viewers. If the ratings don’t even off, this show will certainly be on the chopping block.

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Better with You hasn’t been dropping like No Ordinary Family but didn’t get as good a start either. The sitcom debuted to a 2.5 in the demo and 7.86 million total viewers. It now seems to have leveled off at a 2.1 in the demo. Though sandwiched between The Middle (averaging a 2.6) and ABC’s highly successful Modern Family (averaging a 4.8), Better with You has averaged just a 2.2 rating. It seems a percentage of viewers are making a conscious effort to skip the freshman comedy. ABC has several other sitcom possibilities waiting in the wings and they’ll surely try them.

Detroit 1-8-7 is doing even worse in the ratings and as a result didn’t get a full season. ABC has just ordered five additional installments, bringing the first season total to 18 episodes. Now that My Generation and The Whole Truth have been dumped (though the latter isn’t off the air yet), Detroit 1-8-7 is the lowest-rated not-cancelled scripted show on the network. It’s averaging a 1.9 rating in the demo and is consistently in third place for the timeslot. Unless the numbers turnaround, it doesn’t have a future and will surely be cancelled in the spring.

On the positive side, as previously reported, Brothers & Sisters has received an order for four more episodes, bringing the season total to 22 installments. When the network only ordered 18 episodes in the spring, many speculated that the show was on its way out. The ratings have been good this season and, luckily for the cast and crew, they’re better than any of the new shows. For now, Brothers & Sisters looks to be on track for season six.

What do you think? Are any of ABC’s new shows worth watching? Are you surprised that any were given orders for additional episodes? Will any survive to see a second season?

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  1. J Souza says

    Please let Detroit 187 stay on…it is a fantastic show!!!! The characters are all starting to come to life, and we need to watch this great show! Change the time slot if you must, but keep this top notch show on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Harry says

    Please save DETROIT 187…It gets better and better with every week and as the characters develop. LOVE THE SHOW

  3. Ernie A says

    ABC is trying hard to shoot themselves in the foot. Why would you boobs throw the season finale of Detroit 1-8-7 on a Sunday night instead of their regular night then show some lame summer re-run filler like America’s Best Movie 2 hour special on the regular Tuesday night? Wasn’t Detroit worth saving for their regular night. Then you move Shark Tank from Sunday to yet another night just when I started watching it. It’s no wonder you guys are sucking at programs. Thank God I have On Demand so I can watch other programs opposite the ones I like to watch “live”. However, I notice shows like Harry’s Law, The Mentalist and Brothers & Sisters are not available On Demand so I have to try to watch them live and help their meager ratings. Please save Detroit 187 because it is the best cop show out there right now with superb performances by all the cast. This one is a winner ABC and you better promote it a little better than you have.

  4. Oakleaf Mold says

    I have to admit I started watching Detroit 187 because there is absolutely nothing else on at 10pm on Tuesdays. (The Good Wife?–I don’t think so.) It took a while for the show to find itself, but I’d now go so far as to say it is the best pure cop show on TV (I don’t have fancy cable networks, and I like Castle better because it’s funny, but….). Beats the hell out of all those interchangeable forensics shows and the suddenly very weary L&): SVU. Imperioli is terrific, and so James McDaniel. Tightly scripted, excellently performed, and beautifully filmed shows like this are rare–too rare to have their legs kicked out from underneath them just as they find their strides. Here’s hoping ABC gives this show some promotion, a reliable schedule, and a chance to grow.

  5. Tami says

    I am so tired of ABC Canceling great shows. If they cancel this one, I am canceling ABC! I will quit watching anything they put out. This is the 3rd show they got people hooked on just to cancel it. Gee and they wonder why their ratings have dropped. Come-on ABC does not take a genius to figure this one out!! We are afraid to get hooked on your shows with your fickle history!!!!

  6. willie says

    ABC should wake up. Detroit 187 has great potential and could have a long run – It not only has great actors and story lines, but it’s got heart.. I find that I’m rooting not just for the show but for the city that it portrays.

    If they cancel this show, they are crazy.

  7. Jenifer says

    Detroit 187 is the best new show on TV. I don’t have an opportunity to watch much TV but I make a point to watch this show.
    I enjoyed the first episode and believe the shown has grown even more with each additional episode. ABC needs to stop pre-empting and give it the opportunity it deserves.

  8. Al says

    Detroit 187 is one of the best shows on TV. Well written, well acted and with a tinge of comedy mixed with police work. Keep it on. It will find an audience to appreciate it

  9. Sally says

    Detroit 1 8 7 is the best of what TV can produce. Actors, script, location are HBO quality. Unfortunately the time slot competes with Southland. Another high quality show. Change The time/date slot, allow it On-Demand, and ABC will have ONE winning show.

  10. Betzblue says

    ABC is NOT giving Detroit 1-8-7 a fair shot….ie, all the annoying pre-emptions is keeping the fans from watching the show. Why not pre-empt the stupid, vapid “reality shows” instead?
    IF ABC cancels this wonderful show, I hope Michael Imperioli gets picked up by a better network, and then the ratings for D187 will skyrocket….

  11. Linda says

    I hope that Detroit 187 stays on the air. It is the best new show of the season. Tonight’s show was the best of all. I like how Detroit’s architechure is woven throughout the show. The actors are the greatest! Change the time slot if it’s ratings are low. That show is a gem.

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