No Ordinary Family: Stars Tease & Talk About the Finale

No Ordinary Family finaleAs fans already know, the ratings for No Ordinary Family haven’t exactly been super. The freshman series is one of ABC’s worst-performing shows. A couple weeks ago, it was revealed that ABC had cut the first season of No Ordinary Family from 22 to 20 episodes. As a result, the cast and crew ended up filming the last episode of the season (very possibly of the series) last week.

Michael Chiklis tweeted about it and included a message to fans, “Last week of shooting on NOF. Regardless of the outcome for season two I want to thank all of you for your support.” Co-star Autumn Reeser retweeted his sentiments.

Chiklis also took some photos and shared them (below). He noted that it was “nice to shoot by the ocean” and that there was a “super stunt sequence” in the finale.

On Friday, the last day of shooting, Romany Malco tweeted a photo of himself (above right) with the caption, “George St. Cloud – Last Man Standing on set of No Ordination Family! Literally – ”

Co-star Kay Panabaker tweeted, “Last day of shooting today on NOF – mixed emotions.”

Julie Benz tweeted, “Today is the last day of filming on #NOF season 1. Won’t know about a 2nd season until May but I’m keeping my fingers crossed!” Later, she wrote, “And that’s a wrap on #NOF season 1…Words can’t express what I’m feeling right now…I hate goodbyes!!! What an amazing cast and crew! Xxoo”

TV show supportIn an interview with the NY Post, Benz said of the ratings, “I think we created a great show,” she said. “We’re on a very tough night and we’re up against three monsters” [Glee, The Biggest Loser and NCIS].

Benz also indicated that the finale, which is scheduled to air on April 5th, ends with a big cliffhanger. Though a second season for No Ordinary Family looks unlikely, ABC probably won’t reveal their decision about season two until May.

No Ordinary Family finale

No Ordinary Family finale

What do you think? Will this be the series or season finale of No Ordinary Family?

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  1. Allana says

    they need to pick a good night and time half the time i never know if its on and its been repeats they need to find a good time slot fix , dont cancel it pick a different night and time thats all

  2. Sherry says

    I hadn’t watched television in six years… literally. Once the kids left home there was no reason to keep paying for cable when there was nothing that interested me. But this year I started watching again… three different shows.. Chase, Human Target, and No Ordinary Family… the first two shows are already canceled and it looks like the third will be as well. I must either have bad taste in viewing or am just bad luck… lol. I really have enjoyed No Ordinary Family and hope to see it return but if not… I’m back off of television.

  3. Debbie says

    I’m shocked that the ratings appear to be so low. I love this show! There’s so much on TV that’s predictable or a remake of the same old thing – and not fit for families. I really hope they come back for season 2 and beyond. Please!!

  4. Matthew says

    The problem with NOF for me is that it never gave you a sense that anyone was in any real danger. Good vs. evil works only if you believe the hero has a decent chance of not coming out on top. I also thought the characters’ reactions to their powers initially were unrealistic except for Michael Chiklis. His was the only one who seemed to embrace his newfound abilities. The teen angst of the kids I could have also done without. I really wanted to like this show due to Chiklis and Julie Benz, but it was way too vanilla for my tastes.

  5. SAMUEL says

    good god this show stunk from the get go .i stop watching this crap after the 8th ep.the storie line was so lame an they tryed to move charters to quickly. goodbye to a crappy show an hope we dont have to see this crap ever again

  6. says

    This was a fun show. It started out EXTRA Cheesy but it grew on me a lot. I was schocked to find how many other people I work withthat count it as a show they watch each & every week. It is a clean show about a decent family a nice change of pace to the cheating couples shows so prevelant on TV. I would love to see if come back TV needs a few shows like this one. It would not be the fist low rater show to make a comeback seasons later. Granted family guy is nothing like this show but heck it got canceled & came back.

  7. Mark says

    I loved NOF! Networks make it hard to get into a show their first season because of their track record of killing great shows. A lot fo great shows didn’t start off with a bang and ended up being American classics.

  8. Cathy says

    I sooooooooooo loved No Ordinary Family. I enjoyed every character on the show and have grown to love them more and more each episode. Bummer if this doesn’t come back on the air for Season 2.

    • Nicole says

      Totally agree… I am going to be soooo upset when it’s gone!!! It’s the only show I watch on Tv!!!

  9. GOTFLAVA1 says

    Network TV has become a wasteland full of nothing. Any good ideas or shows get scraped quickly. Lots of people are still mad at ABC for cancelling FlashForward, which was a phenomenal show. NOF is a great show. I dont know why it didnt get the ratings it should have gotten. It was a nice clean show that the family can sit down and watch. Im starting to not even really pay attention to the network shows any more and really shrug off any new shows they decide to roll out.

  10. Bob says

    There is no way they are going to cut the first season from 22 episodes to 20 and then renew it for a second season. The FX budget on the show probably isn’t insane, but I doubt it is cheap. What pisses me off is they know that it is probably going to be canceled, but they decided to end it on a big cliffhanger.

  11. says

    Well leave it to ABC&NBC to take away yet another great show! What is up with them? Clean show No Oridinary Family, keeps my intrest wondering what or who will become a super power….The “Networks” always seems to cancel shows that everyone enjoys recall “Eli Stone”…?? Castle yet another fighting to stay on….it’s getting sickening….no problem keeping “V”….and the “Event”…they could cancel those….what happened to “Outlaw”, Chase, Flashforward, Rookie Blue, Scoudrels, Mercy, you get into watching them and “bam” gone! too much reality tv….so phoney…and when did Mondays become the hotspot? you have to chose, Hawaii 5-0, or Castle or Chase or Harrys Law….come on folks, great shows…spread them out! Who is really rating the show’s…

  12. James C says

    This stinks. This show, and the Cape were the only shows that i could tolerate these days on network TV. They werent reality shows, and they were something different without all the DRAMA. I hope the Cape, and NOF gets picked up on cable. The fan base is never enough for network TV to keep shows on.

  13. Anonymous says

    I think the problem is that has nothing to do with NOF. the show is great and Im glued the problem is the commerials. My i suggest and Itunes version of the show. I will buy the whole season..its a great show fun to watch and finally a show that is entertaining. Please do not end this show..give it a chance it will catch on…

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