No Ordinary Family: Stars Tease & Talk About the Finale

No Ordinary Family finaleAs fans already know, the ratings for No Ordinary Family haven’t exactly been super. The freshman series is one of ABC’s worst-performing shows. A couple weeks ago, it was revealed that ABC had cut the first season of No Ordinary Family from 22 to 20 episodes. As a result, the cast and crew ended up filming the last episode of the season (very possibly of the series) last week.

Michael Chiklis tweeted about it and included a message to fans, “Last week of shooting on NOF. Regardless of the outcome for season two I want to thank all of you for your support.” Co-star Autumn Reeser retweeted his sentiments.

Chiklis also took some photos and shared them (below). He noted that it was “nice to shoot by the ocean” and that there was a “super stunt sequence” in the finale.

On Friday, the last day of shooting, Romany Malco tweeted a photo of himself (above right) with the caption, “George St. Cloud – Last Man Standing on set of No Ordination Family! Literally – ”

Co-star Kay Panabaker tweeted, “Last day of shooting today on NOF – mixed emotions.”

Julie Benz tweeted, “Today is the last day of filming on #NOF season 1. Won’t know about a 2nd season until May but I’m keeping my fingers crossed!” Later, she wrote, “And that’s a wrap on #NOF season 1…Words can’t express what I’m feeling right now…I hate goodbyes!!! What an amazing cast and crew! Xxoo”

TV show supportIn an interview with the NY Post, Benz said of the ratings, “I think we created a great show,” she said. “We’re on a very tough night and we’re up against three monsters” [Glee, The Biggest Loser and NCIS].

Benz also indicated that the finale, which is scheduled to air on April 5th, ends with a big cliffhanger. Though a second season for No Ordinary Family looks unlikely, ABC probably won’t reveal their decision about season two until May.

No Ordinary Family finale

No Ordinary Family finale

What do you think? Will this be the series or season finale of No Ordinary Family?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Jamie says

    Hate to see NOF cancelled. It took a bit to get it going, maybe if it was marketed a bit better and a different night, I have grown to love the show and I think now that the NSA is involved and asking for help that opens up great story lines…..give it a little more attention ABC or at least make a made for tv movie with the results of what George takes away from that crash…..did he go from sidekick to super??????

  2. Bella says

    If they cancel this show, ABC will be getting quite a letter from me! This show has the potential to be great, scratch that, the show is great!! PLEASE ABC don’t take it off the air!!

  3. Val says

    I love this show! I do not want to see it cancelled!! I will let ABC know my opinion…who knows it might make a difference.

  4. Pat from Hong Kong says

    The show just started in Hong Kong. I am sure this show will be popular among the Chinese community. A warm family with superpowers is a brilliant idea! ABC, please keep this show going. It is one of the greatest shows I’ve seen in the last couple of years.

  5. PEDRO says

    No more Dr. King? The CEO is not immortal…George has powers?
    If the show is NOT renewed, I hope they end it better than LOST.
    It seems like ABC has been pushing the Dana Delaney show so much it reeks of takeover…her new show is a “Wannabe QUINCY”….
    I hope NOF’s final episode is not a cliffhanger and the story fizzles…..LOST was a super let down….

  6. says

    ABC should really keep this show. I don’t care if its only made available online, personally, but I really love this show. Family oriented, a little spunky superpowers, funny and dramatic. Its just a good show all around. They’ll have one angry Arkansan if they don’t renew. I wanna know what George’s superpowers are!

  7. Anna says

    Keep this show on the air! I was upset when they canceled FlashForward and now that they’re thinking of canceling this…. :(

  8. Henry says

    @liz After watching the season Finale people would have to be completely insane to cancel this show. However, I’ve never known TV execs to be very bright. I also have come back to ABC after nearly 15-year SOLELY Because of this show. If it goes I’m probably going with it. I don’t have time to “Get into” another series. Heck I’ll just buy a book. Hmmmm that’s not a bad thing.

  9. Sam says

    this show is great, i also watched it from beginning to end, and the season finale was suspenseful, and it overall a good way to end the season. keeps you guessing; i hope they don’t cancel , it would be sad to see another good show go. they should try another season, but at another time and day, instead of having to compete with other more popular shows

  10. Liz says

    Please don’t take this away!!! I have finally come back to ABC just for this show and to have it not renewed :( True it was slow in the beginning but now its at a part that can actually take it to all new heights…I love it!!! Please ABC don’t stop this wonderful series!!!

  11. Jody says

    PLEASE KEEP THIS SHOW! I just watched the season finale, and it was great. Every time I get involved in a good show, that might have a small niche market, the networks cancel it. I loved Eastwick, and we didn’t even get a season finale for that one, or series finale for that matter. I am glad a few of the characters may have signed on to other networks, but what about the person that played Joshua? His character was sexy and loving at the same time, strong and sensitive. This show will be MISSED. Maybe they should put it on AFTER one of the better shows, and people will watch it then.

  12. bikercamper says

    We dropped NCIS to watch No Ordinary Family!! I’m not big on fictional stuff but this show was different .You get sick and tired of CSI’s & crime solving shows. This was different with the family involved (something that you don’t see much of on TV lately). I hope to see it in the fall!!

  13. says

    The show started slow, but after a while (maybe when they decided to cut episodes) the pace picked up and we have enjoyed ever since. There is a lot of possibilities which now are being explored (finally!) such as Steph running into the future, the power-baby, the supers on the loose, and the Government seeking the Powell’s help, when a day before they would have hunted them (had they not altered future events). Also JJ figuring out what caused their powers, Daphne losing her boyfriend, George may now be a Super, etc. It would be sad to see it go because of a slow start and poor planning on the part of the programming executives.

  14. nicole says

    I love this show!!! They can’t cancel it, I will be so sad!!! I’ve watched this show from the moment it started and I never wanted to stop. I love it! I hope it doesn’t get canceled.

    • Robert Curry says

      My sentiments exactly, Nicole. Every Tuesday night, I always look forward in seeing the Powell Family, along with their good friends: Katie (from the lab-Global Tech) and also George (Jim’s buddy at the precinct). I too….don’t want NOF to end, only after 1 season. That is just not right! :-(

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