No Ordinary Family: ABC Exiles Episode to Saturday

No Ordinary FamilyAs if there weren’t enough signs already that ABC’s No Ordinary Family is doomed to be cancelled, the network has given us another one.

The TV series, about a super-powered family, has been struggling in the ratings for quite awhile and currently averages just a 1.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 6.67 million viewers. Last week’s episode attracted only a 1.2 demo rating. ABC also recently cut the episode order from 22 to 20 installments.

Just days after production wrapped on what will likely be the final episode of No Ordinary Family, the show’s stars signed on for new CBS shows. Michael Chiklis will star in a new sitcom pilot called Vince Uncensored. Julie Benz has signed on for an as-yet-untitled supernatural medical drama, co-starring Patrick Wilson. (These are technically in second position but it’s certainly not a good sign.)

And now, ABC has decided to air the second-to-last season episode on a Saturday night. The network has pre-empted No Ordinary Family on March 29th with an hour special, Dancing with the Stars: The Story So Far. There are two episodes left so one will air this Saturday, March 26th, at 10pm. The finale will then air on Tuesday, April 5th, at its usual time.

What do you think? Is there still a chance that No Ordinary Family will be renewed?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    No Ordinary Family is one of the most creative and original shows that is truly unpredictable. Its soooo refreshingly different, if ABC had wisdom and actually “promoted”the show, it could grow and do very well LONG TERM. But TV execs are short minded saps who don’t understand growth and development….

  2. Dawn says


  3. Amo says

    well if they do cancel and not renew this show i will personally write a letter to ABC!! also since they have finished Flashforward i am already upset!!!

  4. Greg Walters says

    ABC is no different then NBC, they both make wickedly made storyline shows and just cause their “First” impression watchers stop watching they have to cancel, J.J. is a made up character but I bet the actors brain is still smarter than what these tv companies are doing, no show will ever make it unless it utter bullshit these days, and got provocative tits flying everywhere. Honestly need to get their screws tightened in their heads. There is atleast 100 or 1000 other shows on at the same time as these shows, EVERYONE cant be heart begging dropped to tv just to watch this one show, its immortally impossible, TeleToon is doing a better job than these high end television companies, its bullshit. And don’t get me started on movies, their all the damn same, we need a difference! And all differences are being taken off the air as if they promote crack or something. X_X CHRIST!

  5. crystal says

    This show is amazing and I can’t stop watching it so don’t make me! no ordinary family is a great show it needs a better time slot so more people can enjoy it too.

  6. Anonymous says

    I read about the penultimate episode being moved to a saturday, but I didn’t realize that it was this week! Thankfully my DVR caught it, and I came home saturday night and had a new episode to watch!

    I wanted to say ABC underadvertised for this show, but I have no idea. I watch NOTHING ELSE ON abc, and since I don’t watch any of it’s sister networks either, I didn’t see any commercials for this show, ever. I’m in the target market, and I love the show. Maybe you didn’t reach my peers because you didn’t reach me either. If it weren’t for Chiklis, I never would’ve even watched this show.

  7. Sharon says

    That was a rotten thing to show that episode on Saturday Night with no warning. I thought it was a re-reun of Tuesday. My husband had missed it and I was telling him how good the show was so we sat down to watch it and I noticed that it was not the same. Boy was I mad! This was a brand new show! I coudl have done without Dancing with the stars on Tuesday. There was nothing on, my daughter and I played cards as I flipped through all teh other boring shows.

    This is a good family show. Please keep it on!

  8. Esther says

    I am absolutely floored that this show has not been received well. I couldn’t tell you a single episode of Friends, but I have been so excited for something new and this show was IT. No one seems to care for comic books and action figures anymore. It is funny and mysterious. I may have to join a multitude of people and just turn the television off. I’ve already tuned to OWN just to see something different. If you cancel it, I hope she pick it up. I’ll write her.

    • Sharon says

      I agree with you. This is the only thing I watch on Tuesday. after this goes off I turn the tv off and read a book! Maybe this is a plot to get us to read more and not watch Tv anymore, it that it ABC??

  9. Danny Rimmer says

    This is a good family show. They move the second to last episode to Saturday without telling those of us who’ve been watching it? ABC can kiss my a##. It just goes to show how much they care about the 6 and a half million people who were invested in this wonderful series. The networks wonder why everyone is going to cable. Here is your answer. Losing this and V will kill my Tuesday nights and my love for ABC. See if you can find more reality garbage to broadcast, I’ll be at FX watching Lights Out.

  10. harriet says

    this show is my favourite! I’m 8 and my sister is 5. it’s the only show my whole family watches together. it’s also getting better and better — superpower better!! please don’t cancel it!

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