Numb3rs: TV Show Cancelled by CBS; No Season Seven

Numb3rsAs expected, CBS has pulled the plug on their long-running drama, Numb3rs. A mainstay of the Friday night schedule, brothers Charlie and Don Eppes won’t be back next fall with a seventh season.

Numb3rs revolves around an FBI agent (Rob Morrow) and his genius brother (David Krumholtz) who helps solve cases with mathematics. The cast also features Judd Hirsch (as their father), Alimi Ballard, Dylan Bruno, Navi Rawat, Aya Sumika, and Peter MacNicol.

The cancellation doesn’t come as much of a surprise, especially when you look at the figures.

The ratings have dropped quite a bit in recent years. Last season fell to an average of a 2.2 rating in the all-important 18-49 demographic and 10.2 million total viewers. This season, the ratings dropped further still, to a 1.8 rating and 8.26 million viewers. CBS cut the show’s episode order from 22 to 16 installments last fall. While the official word was that CBS had an overflow of original programming, networks don’t usually cut the orders of successful shows.

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The cast and crew filmed what could serve as a series finale and Morrow and Krumholtz signed on for new TV show pilots. While the actors would be contractually obligated to return to Numb3rs if CBS decided to renew it, ABC and FOX were confident that they wouldn’t.

Last week, it was confirmed that the show’s sets were being dismantled, another sign that Numb3rs was finished. CBS has now made the cancellation official.

On the positive side, Morrow will return next fall in a new series for ABC called The Whole Truth. He’ll play an attorney opposite Joely Richardson. Unfortunately, Krumholtz’s comedy pilot, Tax Man, was not picked up by FOX for the 2010-11 season.

What do you think? Are you satisfied with the way that Numb3rs ended? What will you miss about the show? Will you give The Whole Truth a try?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Dakota says

    I used to watch all the shows on cbs and this was one of my favorites. I just now found out it was cancelled and am watching them on netflix from start to finish and im only in season two but i know how good the series is. Am i dissappointed to see it go, yes. but that doesnt mean that i wont watch this series a million times on netflix just for the fact that i can and will. i think the only show on cbs that i like more than this would be ncis and ncis:la

  2. CJ says

    I was extremely upset when the show was canceled.
    I didn’t like that there wasn’t a series finale.
    I think is was a great and thought provoking show.

  3. says

    I started to watch it on Netflix, I loved it! and was devastated when it ended. Now I have to watch something else. I watched every show from the beginning until the last one, last night. It was amazing, I truly learned alot, about numbers. Yea and to the bozo that wrote his comment as to how horrible the show was, is truly jealous, because he didn’t think of it first. LOL! I loved how it ended though, truly. I truly wish they would bring it back,

  4. natec says

    This was the worst show ever. It basically toottk an elementary school concept and used probabilities and algorithms that made Jo sense. I am biased because I got a full scholarship (academic) to an ivy league school. However, I am just really appalled that these people who write this stuff are able to keep jobs.

  5. says

    I know this comment is so damn late…but I’m going to say my bit, anyway. I honestly loved this show. I found out about it like a year ago, in my Geometry class. My teacher would show us episodes of Numb3rs. (i’m still in school, but i’m a junior now! woot! go class of 2013! lol…) I do know they still show it on a certain channel where I live, which is in Louisiana. (not sure about the rest of you.) They show it at like 1 AM, and it’s only the one episode, I think. The only reason I know about this is because, probably unlike the rest of you, I stay up into the wee hours of the morning on the weekends, or just whenever we’re on holiday from school. Pfffft, yeah, I know, I’m a ******* insomniac, and a geek. Staying up all night JUST to watch some show that was cancelled long ago.
    But alas. I watch it whenever it’s on, like the huge nerd-geek-face-thing that I am. .__.
    I know this’ll probably never happen…but do any of you think they’ll ever do a reunion? Or have they already, and I’ve just missed yet another amazing thing? -__-
    Ohmydog I hope it’s the first. I’m going to cry if it isn’t.

  6. Eric J says

    My wife and watched this show from the begining, we had it set to record on our DVR and NEVER missed an epsode. We were so very depressed when they cancelled the only show that my wife and i both loved. The mix between Don & Charlie was a great and eye opening relationship that many families have, kids that are athletic & those that are not and how they can be so different and so much the same when they are older. I must say that i was unaware that they were going to cancel the show until it happened and i was outraged when they did. Some of the new shows are not even family shows bordering on inapproprate for the younger generations. I wish that CBS didn’t have other show we liked otherwise we would just stop watching it.

  7. Joanne Roper says

    I am devistated that ‘Numb3rs’ was cancelled! Didn’t know it was originally on CBS, but discovered it when it went to reruns. I fell in love with it IMMEDIATELY! I was captivated by the premise. The writers were geniuses, the characters interesting and unique, and the actors were magnificent. Those young whipper-snappers at the Networks should not be so dependant on the 18 – 49 demos – there are other people in this world ( as our government is now becoming more and more aware of). Get some smarts CBS, or for that matter any other network, and BRING NUMB3RS BACK ! ! !

  8. Stephanie says

    Honestly, breaks my heart to find out they’re doing this. I remember when I was high school taking on a class called Discrete Mathematics which I’m not a math person, I struggle to evade it as best as I can. Day one of the class the teacher read the syllabus to us all, then we started learning about Set Theory since the class was 2 hours long, the last hour the teacher introduces us to Season 1 of NUMB3RS and we all got hooked, he told us what we were learning in Discrete Math was basically what Charlie used to help Don out. To see television show with action in it and always keeping you engaged and teaching you not only how it’s used in the real world but the concept behind it… It’s a shame that CBS would do this, when they have other shows that aren’t anywhere this good and they don’t pull them. With NUMB3RS you really don’t know what is going to happen next it’s almost never the same situation which is what makes it so engaging from both the FBI action side of it and the Mathematics point of view.

  9. Anthony says

    This really sucks every time these networks got a good show going they kick it. they bring on these crappy look alike shows that go for a season or 2. most of the new ones can tell u in the first episode if its crap. numb3rs had me from episode 1 till the end wishing for more to find out its over is a shame. NUMB3RS is a 9 out of 10 show for me. who knew in school when teachers said math was used everyday what it could be used to do. gotta say im hooked

  10. kyle says

    yeah it sucks that they cancelled the series i was really looking forward to seeing season 7.
    even thought they had low ratings they still had millions of viewers, but its hard to compete with the other shows that were playing at the time it was on. maybe if they put it on 1 hour later or even 1 hour before the time it was on maybe they would have had more people watch it. i actually found out this TV show from my teacher and i was very interested in watching it and from the time I started watching it to the time I caught up with the series and found out the cancelled it. I was very upset and still am. i know my words wont help but PLEASE CONTINUE THE LAST SERIES OR ALL OF HUMANITY WILL GO CRAZY, because there are so many unanswered questions about the show that im curious about.

  11. michelle says

    Saw numbers a couple of times on CBS, when visiting others, but did not have TV at home. Found numbers on Netflix and was able to watch the series from start to finish and was really sad to see the last episode. I thought it ended pretty great, but it leaves a lot unfinished. Will miss it tremendously. Now I have to go and find another series. Maybe I’ll get a chance to see all of Murder She Wrote. Good luck to all the stars on the show I hope to see each of them in the future on netflix.

  12. Susan says

    Just discovered this series on Netflix, my husband and I enjoy watching the show. I was sad to hear it had been cancelled. Netflix has 118 episodes we are on episode 88.
    I had never seen it while it was on TV, probably because I don’t watch many CBS shows. I was suprised to learn it was a CBS show. I hope they consider bringing it back.

    • Nikki says

      I second that Susan. I actually went through the same thing. We purchased netflix and i instantly became addicted to numb3rs just to learn it had been cancelled. (Heartbroken). I really enjoyed it while it lasted and I hope they reconsider and start it up again.

      • Gaila says

        I’m in total agreement with susan and nikki. I came across the show on netflix and I fell in love from the pilot. I can’t beleave the shows not on the air anymore. It’s great!
        I love the charactors and the story lines. I wish they would bring it back on.

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