Numb3rs: TV Show Cancelled by CBS; No Season Seven

Numb3rsAs expected, CBS has pulled the plug on their long-running drama, Numb3rs. A mainstay of the Friday night schedule, brothers Charlie and Don Eppes won’t be back next fall with a seventh season.

Numb3rs revolves around an FBI agent (Rob Morrow) and his genius brother (David Krumholtz) who helps solve cases with mathematics. The cast also features Judd Hirsch (as their father), Alimi Ballard, Dylan Bruno, Navi Rawat, Aya Sumika, and Peter MacNicol.

The cancellation doesn’t come as much of a surprise, especially when you look at the figures.

The ratings have dropped quite a bit in recent years. Last season fell to an average of a 2.2 rating in the all-important 18-49 demographic and 10.2 million total viewers. This season, the ratings dropped further still, to a 1.8 rating and 8.26 million viewers. CBS cut the show’s episode order from 22 to 16 installments last fall. While the official word was that CBS had an overflow of original programming, networks don’t usually cut the orders of successful shows.

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The cast and crew filmed what could serve as a series finale and Morrow and Krumholtz signed on for new TV show pilots. While the actors would be contractually obligated to return to Numb3rs if CBS decided to renew it, ABC and FOX were confident that they wouldn’t.

Last week, it was confirmed that the show’s sets were being dismantled, another sign that Numb3rs was finished. CBS has now made the cancellation official.

On the positive side, Morrow will return next fall in a new series for ABC called The Whole Truth. He’ll play an attorney opposite Joely Richardson. Unfortunately, Krumholtz’s comedy pilot, Tax Man, was not picked up by FOX for the 2010-11 season.

What do you think? Are you satisfied with the way that Numb3rs ended? What will you miss about the show? Will you give The Whole Truth a try?

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  1. Dawn says

    I had just started to watch Numb3rs in reruns and I absolutely love it. I would of watched it from the get go if it had been advertised more. Obviously, CBS does a poor job promoting it’s shows. I hate this show has been cancelled. I record all of the shows and download from online to watch all of them. I watch it before House, Closer, and Eureka. I wish TNT or another station would renew it. I love thought provoking shows – sick of most of the networking shows.

  2. Gerard Papsch says

    Too Bad! Yes it did get a little boring, but look at the alternatives! Bring it back! It’s not too late either. Regroup, restart, and get on wth the show! It’s terrrible having to get up @ 4AM to get our fix of reruns.

  3. John says

    You know what the problem is? Cheap & lazy studios & mindless viewers. Why would they hire actors & writers to make thoughtful shows when they could just put a bunch of morons in front of a camera, and watch ’em go. Can you say “Jersey Shore & Reality shows”? Oh, and do you know why they keep putting that crap on the air? Because dumba*** are watching it.

  4. Kristine Galarza says

    I have to agree with every comment left about the show Numb3rs and how CBS sucks now a days! It is getting ridiculous! Numb3rs may have been one of many crime dramas but it was different in so many ways, from the characters to the story plots; and the mixture of solving crimes, family, love and education. No other show had its appeal! All the CSI’s have good mysteries to them but not much education, family, or love stories. I loved to be able to relax a few days of the week and watch my favorite shows, Numb3rs being my #1 favorite, and now I don’t even want to get into another show it’s upsetting. I think that all of us Numb3rs Fans should start a petition to bring the show back, or hell even a movie with all of the same actors. Maybe CBS or another network will see how many people actually loved this show and give it another shot! They should check the ratings they are getting on TNT with just the reruns airing! I know have watched every episode at least 7 times in order from start to finish. Come on let’s get this petition started PEOPLE

  5. Jem Smith says

    The show was doomed when I started watching it. I say this because every show I like gets cancelled. If anyone really knew who I was they would lock me away so I could no longer watch TV. I am the factor… so sorry to all the fans. It was a very good show and very entertaining… Just so you know… it is only a matter of time that NCIS is cancelled so if you watch that find a replacement now as I hardly miss an episode. There are good books out… you might want to fill in the dead time with a good mystery.

  6. ashley ellsworth says

    you have officially pissed me off cbs is making me angry numbers is a great show better than most of the crap you show now if you would have had it on at normal viewing hours i can promise you that you would have had twice as many viewers as you did have not to mention it has great values and encourages people to go after careers in the math field and in law enforcement it also has an amazing plot line and the way it ended is not kosher with me you should redo the 5 season and get your asses in gear on the 6th or you will have very angry people on your hands such as myself because thats just not right to cancel a show that had so much potential its your own fault you had less viewers than you had hoped for most people arent up at the hours the show is on get some sense in your head and fix your horrible mistake because now i have no reason at all to ever watch cbs again the whole truth i will try because it has david krumholtz in it whom i love by the way but im telling you cancelling numbers is a horrible unjust thing to do i can personally promise you that you will lose at least half of your viewers on every other cbs show if the show is not reinstated and quickly because you just ruined it for me how would you feel if your favorite show was cancelled because not as many people as you would like have tuned into it youd be just as angry as i am continue the series or you will regret it forever!!!!

  7. Deb says

    I used to watch most of my shows on CBS, over the years that has really changed. They keep cancelling shows in their height right when people are hooked on them. Who wants to get attached to a show when you know it won’t last and will be gone for absolutely no reason, all of the sudden and not even really end. It always leaves you hanging. Numb3rs is another one of those shows. It was witty and captivating. Not every viewer wants blood and gore, or suggestive material. Well, I guess that’s about it for CBS. I can actually see a world where CBS doesn’t exist anymore. Keep jerking the viewers around and CBS will be history just like the shows they keep cancelling.

  8. mike says

    Since they decided to cancel my favorite show I am never going to watch CBS again I don’t care what new shows they put on. I suggest everyone else boycott CBS as well.!!!!!!!!!!1

  9. Noel says

    CBS really erred in cancelling this show. It was THE BEST….Friday nights are not the same. I DVR it now because it comes on at 5:00a.m. and 6:00a.m. with reruns on TNT. Another station needs to pick it up. There was little sex, great story lines, and it actually made you think. Unlike so many of the TV shows out there now. I really enjoyed this one. Very very sad that CBS made a HUGE guffaw in this one.

  10. Jenny says

    I miss Numbers! Sometimes networks are so dumb. They need to think about their target audience and when they would be watching and what the show is competing against. Put it on a network that everyone can get and put it on a decent night and it would kill anyone else in ratings.

    I loved how they allowed “Charlie” and “Amita” to have a normal healthy love relationship vs. most shows that insist in bringing in stupid attempts at controversy. I struggle and hate math most of the time, but loved this show because it made high level math show its relevance in an entertaining way.

    TNT or some other smart network needs to bring this show back! The last episode was disjointed and showed the rush to end this series.

  11. Phyllis DeSoto says

    I set my alarm to watch it at 4 and 5 am. I can see how a Friday night spot on CBS would not be good. Many people are not home those hours in the first place. I was not able to use ON DEMAND because it is not a high definition television channel. In our Seattle area we pay more for CBS on cable and some folks can’t get it at all. The shows were used a lot of times in high school classes with a substitute in calculus classes and college AP algebra classes. It is supposed to encourage math careers. As someone who has studied college math it isn’t that advanced in math. (I would never tell kids that.) However, it is the best out there for the general public. My nephew in the marines and training for the FBI only has a minor in math from U CO. He is at Quanico now. Wish you’d consider some other channel. I watch it on TNT.

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