Numb3rs: Will the CBS Show Be Cancelled? ABC and FOX Think So!

Numb3rsTonight, Numb3rs finishes off its sixth season with episode 118, “Cause and Effect.” Will the show be back next season? A decision hasn’t been made yet but lots of people are betting that it will be cancelled.

Numb3rs follows FBI Agent Don Eppes (Rob Morrow) and his genius brother, Charlie (David Krumholtz), who helps the authorities solve cases with mathematics. The cast also features Judd Hirsch (as their father), Alimi Ballard, Dylan Bruno, Navi Rawat, Aya Sumika, and Peter MacNicol.

The series debuted in January 2005 and has long been a successful player for CBS on Friday nights. In season one, Numb3rs averaged a 3.2 rating in the 18-49 demographic and about 11.1 million viewers. They went up in season two, with an average of a 3.3 rating and 11.7 million viewers. Viewership has fallen since then however and last season, Numb3rs scored a 2.2 and 10.2 million.

This season, Numb3rs’ ratings have dropped further still — averaging a 1.8 rating and 8.26 million viewers each week. As a result of the decline in ratings, CBS (which is having a very good season) decided to cut back on the number of episodes and reduced their season order from 22 to 16 installments.

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The official reason for the decrease is that CBS had too much programming and needed space to try out new series. Next week, Numb3rs’ timeslot will be occupied by a new show, Miami Medical.

CBS has maintained that the fate of Numb3rs hasn’t been decided yet but, considering the series’ production costs and ratings, it seems fairly certain that the show is done.

In fact, ABC and FOX are betting on it. The networks have already cast Morrow and Krumholtz in new pilots.

Morrow will star in a dramatic pilot called The Whole Truth for ABC, opposite Joely Richardson. He’ll play a fiercely competitive and successful defense attorney who is close friends with his equally talented courtroom adversary (Richardson). Whole Truth is being produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.

Meanwhile, Krumholtz has been cast in a comedy pilot for FOX called Tax Man. The project’s being produced by Ron Howard and stars Krumholtz as an IRS Agent who’s trying to find nobility in his work. Judy Greer recently joined the cast.

TV show supportIf CBS does decide to bring Numb3rs back for another season, both Morrow and Krumholtz will be obligated to return. However, the other networks wouldn’t cast them in new pilots unless they felt it was a very strong possibility that Numb3rs would indeed be cancelled.

What do you think? Would you like to see Numb3rs return for a seventh season or is it time to say goodbye to the Eppes?

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  1. summer says

    I love this show, its got everything! The math is light, touch and go, and I get why it can’t go more in depth. We all saw how the big bang theory got highschool-esque. I was such a fanatic I had googled how they picked people for their casting. I repeatedly wondered how to audition, but I’m no seasoned actress. I just loved the show and wanted that familiarity back. It was more devastating then when I was little and they pulled gargoyles, or when the t.v. show “the mentalist” concluded. I had some greater point, but it seems trivial to my nostalgia. In my state of loss I digress… Ultimately towards my emotional numb3rs deprived stupor. I was never good at letting go, not of my emotions. Numb3rs did that for me. One minute I’d be giddy that they’d solved a seemingly dead-end problem, next I’d be crying about some prisoners last moments with his kid. To know that it was completely fake, just acted out, and to still connect to it, I just can’t believe they gave its timeslot to a shmuck show.

  2. calvin 234 says

    Please bring back numb3rs I love this show very much and CBS wouldn’t be the same without it please this actually teaches me math and is a very interesting show .

  3. peggy widmann says

    please please don’t take this show off the air. i love all the cast and i find the show to be very interesting. i look forward to watching it everytime it’s on. i want to see the characters keep going. the family is so supportive and loving of each other. please don’t take it off the air. thanks for listening.

    PEGGY W 4/1/2012

  4. Mick says

    I have been a fan of numb3rs since they first started showing it here in the UK, and compared to most of the crap shown on TV now days, it is a life line, in the sea of reality TV rubbish, please please please bring it back for a 7th season and an 8th 9th 10th etc.

  5. seaira says

    i never really watched this show when it was on tv, but they have all 6 seasons on netflix. i kinda just thought netflix didnt have all the seasons on there…. but now that i find out it was cancelled im soo bummed! its one of the most unique shows ive ever seen. i would love to see cbs bring it back.

  6. Victoria says

    totally agree with alex and hussein
    cancelled it for Miami Medical…REALLY?
    It would be awesome to see the whole crew come back, and Charlie & Amita would’ve just taken a temporary hiatus from teaching at Cambridge or whatever. This was SUCH a good show. A year later and I’m still sad and disappointed with its cancellation. It had so much heart, great story lines, loved the Eppes family and Professor Fleinhart. Loved the math. What a loss.

  7. Hussein says

    Yeah…how did that outstanding offering of Miami Medical work out for you CBS? Cancel a successful show for a complete dud…way to go!

  8. Sarah says

    I love this show! I watched ALL 6 season in 2 weeks, it’s one of the best show out there, so please keep it going!

  9. Emerson says

    I absolutetly adore numb3rs its right on top of the list next to lost. They have to bring it back for an other season. Please bring it back

  10. heather says

    the show is awesome its not like any of those other crime shows…i never knew that it ever aired on cbs… I have changed my wrk schedule just so that i never miss any of the shows on tnt, even though most are reruns there never get old with me the one issue is that, it only airs 3am-5am so my sleep is all jacked up other than that I would love 2 see more of the show and a lot more episodes. I stay up all night just 2 catch this show hoping the rating would be boosted 2 bring on more episodes but who is up at that time not many and I’m just one person. Either way keep the show going this is one actually worth watching as u see I stay up all night

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