Numb3rs: Cancelled? TV Show’s Sets Being Destroyed

Numbers canceledWhen CBS shortened the episode order for Numb3rs’ sixth season, the network claimed that it wasn’t a negative indication about the show’s future. With the series’ ratings in decline though, most could read between the lines. After all, how often do networks cut an episode order when they’re pleased with a TV show’s performance?

As time has gone on, it’s looked more and more likely that Numb3rs wouldn’t be around next season. ABC and FOX were even betting on it, casting Rob Morrow and David Krumholtz in their new pilots.

CBS is notoriously tight-lipped about their schedule plans until they’re announced at the upfront presentations to advertisers. We probably won’t hear about Numb3rs’ fate officially until Wednesday.

However, word is that the show’s sets are already being destroyed and that’s a sure sign that a TV show is dead. Numb3rs co-creator Cheryl Heuton confirmed the news via Twitter and also wrote, “Oddly enough, there’s still no official word. Though there are numerous unofficial indications. I think we know what to expect on Wednesday.”

What do you think? Sad to hear that Numb3rs won’t be back next season? Were you still hoping that there’d be a season seven?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. mitch says

    Can’t believe it!!! Numb3rs and CSI: NY, the only shows worth the effort to watch and they cancel a true Friday evening treasure. Astounding that the network can’t get this one right it seems so simple. Well let’s hope they or another network will bring the cast and the writers back in the very near future.

  2. Nmbrs fan says

    Figures. ALWAYS watched the show. But who am I? Hey, I guess there’s always room for another regurgitated reality show! Guess I’ll have more time to watch other networks because Numb3rs was literally the ONLY show I watched on CBS.

  3. John says

    Sad to hear another one of my favorites bit the dust this year. I had a feeling when CBS ended season earlier than usual. One of the many things I loved about Numbers is that it took a slightly different spin on the cop drama premis in the development of the idea to set it apart from the “CSI’s and Law/Orders” with the higher education math coming into play which the show was able to bring into stories in a fresh interesting way most of the time…also good family dynamic story lines that didnt seem to follow over done formulas used frequently. Also sad CBS always kept it at what I call a “grave yard” time slot at 10 pm fridays. It is a strong testiment that the show lasted for 6 years, most of them if not all in that time slot. Funny after CSI and Survivor started on friday night they moved them to another night wonder why they couldnt give another good quality program such as Numbers the same courtesty some where along the line.

  4. Anonymous says

    if it is cancelled – we will definitely miss it. Also, miss having something worth watching on Friday nights.

  5. Chrissy says

    I am so bummed that it was cancelled… That was one of my favorite cbs shows… My husband and I watch all of our cbs show every weekend on demand… I think the networks definitely got this wrong! I mean look how long they let without a trace and cold case hand on… Complete BS!!!!

  6. Anonymous says

    Why cancel the show? I would agree with a few others that the networks are forgetting about the female views. There was nothing wrong with Ghost Whisperer and Numbers. I think that the viewers should have the final say in what shows stay and what shows should not be on.

  7. Mom says

    Agree with Maggie. What dumbed down and inexpensive show will be put in its place. My Friday night of relaxing has now transferred to reading books since Ghost Whisperer and Numbers are being taking off the air. Of the 5 shows I watch or record, three of them are being cancelled this year. I guess Hollywood forgot about the women viewers and has followed the new American Way “cheapness” over “quality”.

  8. Maggie says

    Really, really disappointed…Agree with Ben (and other fans) – not just another cop -forensics and gumshoe show…Used to travel a lot – so didn’t watch much TV – discovered Numb3rs last year (as usual late to the tv party) when weather got bad and got “addicted”.. one of very few intelligent programs out there.. maybe the writers got “tired” – that happens.. (to all of us) – so CBS was paring the budget, I guess..
    I’m close to cancelling my cable because there is way too much “dumbed down”..may I say “stupid” programming.. Dancing w/ who?, Survivor..blech, Race.. to what ??, Biggest Loser.. and all their ilk — LOSERS.. even format/ content of regular news programs is borderline moronic.. “just in”, ” breaking” news — the female presenters talk like valley girls.. -younger guys have no idea what they’re talking about– all just “read” what producers spew (often misspelled) ..and can’t pronounce many things correctly.. all anxious to interrupt or talk over a guest to “look smart” ( which they don’t – just ignorant and rude).. I just don’t know when our society/culture will realize that we have to THINK and the media will encourage that, rather than catering only to the emotional instant gratification nonsense.

  9. Sabrina says

    I’m so mad that Numb3rs has been canceled! What’s wrong with the networks? CBS has been my top network for tv shows that I love and they all keep getting canceled! Bring NUMB3RS back!!!

  10. Elizabeth says

    I am really sad to hear that Numb3rs is being cancelled. The show offered so much interest not just the ordinary show. There was intrigue, humor, love interest, intelligence, plus, plus.
    I hope another network picks up the option

  11. Jeffrey Hoffman says

    Yes I am sorry. I do think the scripts were not as good lately but we loved the characters. A bit of a renewed emphasis plus a different time slot would have done wonders for it. I am watching less and less network tv and cancelling great shows won’t help that get better.

  12. Ben says

    Once again, a network goofs the pooch and axes a show that actually required some intelligence to appreciate. I became a real fan of the show when I realized that it required a brain to actually a understand and enjoy and that it wasn’t just another cop show. I liked the fact that real science and interesting characters did some very smart things to get the bad guy, not the usual forensics and gun shoe stuff…. I will miss this show a lot….

  13. Sara says

    Another poor choice by CBS. I already miss Numb3rs; I am not happy to see it go…
    I expected with the various characters heading off in different directions at the last episode that ‘Numb3rs ‘ days were numbered. Too bad, so sad to see an intelligent show bite the dust when there’s so much more that it could still be… and so many other shows that are such drek by comparison.

  14. Vanessa says

    YES I AM SADDEN AND ANGERY about this news!! this really sucks!! i just hope that CBS doesn’t become like NBC and start cancelling everything in sight because of low ratings…you know there’s this thing called REPEATS that they could do!!!

  15. Randy Warner says

    I can’t believe they took numb3r’s off. I loved that show. They all way’s do this they put good shows on then they take them off. I wish when they put good shows on they would leave them ON. There are shows on that should be off but their still on.

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