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Numb3rs: Navi Rawat Says Series Finale Wasn’t “Ideal”

Numb3rsNavi Rawat, who played Amita Ramanujan on Numb3rs, has jumped into another role on USA Networks. Starting June 24th, you’ll see her playing a woman who’s full of surprises for Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) on Burn Notice.

The actress recently talked to TV Guide about that part and the Numb3rs series finale. Rawat said that the last episode wasn’t exactly what she’d been hoping for Amita and Charlie (David Krumholtz). “To be honest, I would have liked for them to have had a more proper wedding instead of that makeshift wedding.”

Apparently the network’s reduction of the show’s episode order caught the cast and crew all off-guard. Rawat shared, “We were supposed to have a big wedding and Amita was supposed to get a nice promotion. It all got wrapped up too quickly. But that’s what happens when a show gets cancelled.”

Still, she feels fortunate, and said, “Was it the ideal ending? I don’t think so, but in light of the fact that our episode order was reduced, I think they did the best they could. All that was really important was for the two of them to end up together. Rob Morrow said we were lucky we even had a month to pull a finale together.”

What do you think? What would your ideal ending for the series have been?


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Steve Musgrave April 6, 2013 at 3:56 am

My Ideal ending would have been for it not to end. This was a really great show, with fantastic characters, imaginative story lines, and enough of a believable premise to make it worth watching. With all the CRAP that is passed off as entertainment, it seems that every time there is something on that I really like, it gets cancelled.
I don’t know whom it was that made this decision, but they should be Fired, and made to watch some of the Reality Garbage that we can’t get away from.
Bring it BACK, Thanks


if it's brown flush it down July 23, 2011 at 7:50 pm

Too much time spent on the Paki girl, that’s why I stopped watching it.


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