Numb3rs: Navi Rawat Says Series Finale Wasn’t “Ideal”

Numb3rsNavi Rawat, who played Amita Ramanujan on Numb3rs, has jumped into another role on USA Networks. Starting June 24th, you’ll see her playing a woman who’s full of surprises for Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) on Burn Notice.

The actress recently talked to TV Guide about that part and the Numb3rs series finale. Rawat said that the last episode wasn’t exactly what she’d been hoping for Amita and Charlie (David Krumholtz). “To be honest, I would have liked for them to have had a more proper wedding instead of that makeshift wedding.”

Apparently the network’s reduction of the show’s episode order caught the cast and crew all off-guard. Rawat shared, “We were supposed to have a big wedding and Amita was supposed to get a nice promotion. It all got wrapped up too quickly. But that’s what happens when a show gets cancelled.”

Still, she feels fortunate, and said, “Was it the ideal ending? I don’t think so, but in light of the fact that our episode order was reduced, I think they did the best they could. All that was really important was for the two of them to end up together. Rob Morrow said we were lucky we even had a month to pull a finale together.”

What do you think? What would your ideal ending for the series have been?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Jesse says

    It’s annoying that it’s cancelled. It was one of the few TV shows I watched.
    Let’s face it, the CBS programming team are guppies, as in fish. When all the other new series fail to pull in less numbers in the ratings, well – – serve ’em right.

  2. Lori says

    Numbers was one of my favorite shows! Part of my Friday night DVR line-up. Bring it back!!!! The finale was okay – at least they tried to wrap things up but it would have been nice to have a bigger send off. Disappointed that the networks just keep cancelling the well written, interesting shows – characters you love to watch!

  3. Trish says

    I don’t blame the actorsor the writers. They did the best thehy could with what they were given. 100% of the blames lies with CBS. While Numb3rs didn’t have HUGE numers, they appeared to have consistant ones and CBS owed it to hose viewers a proper send off. I didn’twant ee the series end, but if it had to, we deserved the big wedding that Charlie & Amita would have had and possibly the small intimate wedding of Don & Robin. That would have been a MUCH better way to end the series. Once again, network televisions shows that profit means everything and viewer loyalty means nothing!.

  4. says

    >>IS there any chance someone else will pick it up?

    No. Many of the actors have already signed on to new series. Numb3rs is officially toast.

    While it sucks CBS cut the final season short, personally I think Numb3rs was played out. The last two seasons weren’t as good, and the integration of math concepts and crime solving had REALLY suffered. It could have kept limping along for a while, but it was probably time to go.

    Medium, on the other hand, which CBS DID renew is DEFINITELY played out.

  5. Pam says

    This was one of the only shows I watched. And I loved it. It made you stop and think. Oh well I guess I will go to videos and to the movies. It was an interesting show the new stuff is —- pardon my language.

  6. Shay says

    Evidently, if a television series has intelligent writing, poignant character interaction and chemistry, lets you think a little and perhaps shows a modicum of thought provoking intelligence…it gets horrible ratings and subsequently dropped by network executives who choose to pander to the low brow and mind numbing generation of “reality” TV. Of course, what does it say about our society that this type of show is failing because of so-called reality shows, when the latter is what holds the attention of the audience majority who don’t even seem to realize the entire genre is misnamed. Most are game shows disguised as something with minor substance, and have very little to do with “reality”.
    Besides all that, if I, personally, wanted to “watch reality”, I would turn off the television and go outside. That’s reality

  7. TAS says

    That was the one of only 6 shows I truly enjoyed watching, on all the networks there was nothing but Numb3rs on Friday nights and the cast worked really well together. I did not even no it was cancelled until the last episode which was just like it was going to continue they left the door open because it certainly was not a series finale that did the show any justice it seemed like it was a season finale. I was really disappointed I can not believe in their time spot there was any competition. It had eveything humor, drama, mystery and romance. They appeared to actually have writers who were committed to doing good story lines which appears to be a dying art in the television these days.

  8. Carol says

    I just wish it hadn’t been cancelled.
    Did the cast already know that the 6th season would be the last?
    I enjoyed the show.

  9. allie says

    The finale should have been a big closure. CBS and other network stations suck! They cancel shows that are great and keep **** we don’t wanna see!!

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