Numb3rs: Navi Rawat Says Series Finale Wasn’t “Ideal”

Numb3rsNavi Rawat, who played Amita Ramanujan on Numb3rs, has jumped into another role on USA Networks. Starting June 24th, you’ll see her playing a woman who’s full of surprises for Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) on Burn Notice.

The actress recently talked to TV Guide about that part and the Numb3rs series finale. Rawat said that the last episode wasn’t exactly what she’d been hoping for Amita and Charlie (David Krumholtz). “To be honest, I would have liked for them to have had a more proper wedding instead of that makeshift wedding.”

Apparently the network’s reduction of the show’s episode order caught the cast and crew all off-guard. Rawat shared, “We were supposed to have a big wedding and Amita was supposed to get a nice promotion. It all got wrapped up too quickly. But that’s what happens when a show gets cancelled.”

Still, she feels fortunate, and said, “Was it the ideal ending? I don’t think so, but in light of the fact that our episode order was reduced, I think they did the best they could. All that was really important was for the two of them to end up together. Rob Morrow said we were lucky we even had a month to pull a finale together.”

What do you think? What would your ideal ending for the series have been?

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  1. s/c/a/r/e/c/r/o/w says

    It’s no wonder the ratings dropped like a stone – the series started off really well, with a geeky, almost-autistic mathematician and his FBI brother, nothing like any other TV series. Charlies’ character was excellent in it’s awkwardness. But then, after a few series, hey suddenly Charlie is ‘normal’, dating Amita, and just a regular guy! And the wedding? Don’t even get me started on that one.
    Numb3rs, I’m sad to say, “did a Moonlighting”. The romance aspect killed it. It should have stayed like it was in series 1 and 2.

  2. S RAPOZO says

    they should have had a farewell to Charlie and his bride…as well as what promotion or something for the FBI team, so they could say good bye and so could we. it was such a good show, stories were great, characters were even better and it was so original. i hope they reconsider and bring it back or at least make a tv movie to have a proper ending.

  3. ERIC says

    I agree! These networks are morons! LEave CRAP on, but cancel INTELLIGENT shows!?! I mean, seriously, Big Brother?, Survivor? Amazing DISgrace? & you cancel NUMB3RS?? Are you all on crack? & it’s not just CBS either. I gave up watching network for over a decade due to all off my fave shows being cancelled, many before 1/2 way through the 1st season, or just after the 1st! MOre recently, he geniuses at ABC cancelled “FlashForward”, A BRILLIANTLY original show, that was cancelled after the 1st season which was explosive! & left us w/a cliffhanger wondering of certain cast members survived that last scene! All networks SUCK! I am boycotting ABC & CBS too now! Before long, it will be ALL networks! I am surprised the geniuses at FOX haven’t cancelled Fringe yet too! Which would REALLY piss me off! That & “Sons Of Anarchy” are the only network shows we-(my gf & I)- really watch these days! Oh yeah, thanks to CBS for cancelling “The 11th Hour” too! Dumbasses!

  4. Thomas Kelly says

    I read a comment about the cast not having heart. Before I even read that I was going to make a statement about how the best books, the best shows, the best songs, etc., all have some emotional content. At least those are what attract me. And this is what got me hooked on Numb3rs. Case in point: I came online to search for the words Larry spoke when he presided over the Wedding, which were quite beautiful. We all count our time as valuable. And Numb3rs was one show that was always worth taking the time to watch. It provided some wonderful wisdom in tandem with the practical applications for higher math and wrapped it up in an entertaining show. But most of all, the cast and characters had heart. That is what looked forward to each week. I was always most impressed with the writing. Not since Aaron Sorkin had I been so looking forward to the dialog of a television show.
    The way shows are made nowadays makes this loss all too commonplace (just look at Firefly). It will not change. All I can do now is be glad that I can now watch Numb3rs on another network (even if it means recording TV from 2am to 4am). The result being — I will not be giving any of my valuable time to CBS. I am going to miss that cast.

  5. Terri Rayer says

    Hope it isn’t true that this show has been cancelled…why is everything worth watching being cancelled? I feel like putting my TV out on the curb!

  6. jim says

    what the hell were you thinking, you keep shows like the original CSI, that has been on forever and has run and rerun every possible scenario.
    Half the cast from CSI has been replaced, then you dump the best show on friday nights – numb3rs. my wife and I stopped everything to watch a rerun of numb3rs on our honeymoon. this does not make us big fans of cbs any longer.

  7. Bill says

    My family loved the show and would sit together on Friday nights to view it. Maybe another network will pick it up and keep it going.

  8. cong says


  9. says

    I think the way NUMB3 RS was cancelled is so crummy I am
    going to give you my idea of forever “crummy”!
    ONE*2 devided and decided by ZERO. Did your same
    Zero crowd cancel Pretender?

  10. Elizabeth says

    I never liked the show but watched it every week for a season, nothing really about the characters ever did it for me. I enjoyed the math procedures and methods. The majority of the cast (NOT ALL) seemed to not have heart.

  11. says

    You guys always scrap the best shows, this was interesting, and you learned really cool stuff at the same time. I think you blew on this one so many people I talk to feel left incomplete, where’s Don, Larry, Amita, and Charlie? You could have had a Killer series final season!! Bring it back if something doesnt work out, you will be thanked!!!

  12. Susan L says

    Felt very blindsided and it should in honor of the show’s actors and actresses had at the very least a really good ending. Sappy, maybe, but Amita and Charlie deserved a great wedding, bring Meghan back to marry and domesticate Larry [somewhat] and Charlie’s dad moves out and becomes engaged to Charlie’s boss at the college!

  13. Donna says

    I am really sad that Numb3rs has been canceled. I’m a math teacher and have had a Numb3rs poster up in my classroom since the first season. I’ve used the dvd’s and TI problems that went with the shows in class. It has been a great way for students to get interested in math. I was disappointed in the ending, it would have been better to have the wedding that was “planned by Charlie and Amita” as it was it didn’t fit. I will miss the adventures, as this was my favorite show.

    • Dennis says

      My ideal ending for the series would have been for it to continue for at least four or five years. Most of the incridible cast and crew as well as recurring characters were really growing in their roles. Terrible time to cancel it and really sneaky press releases all through last fall and early this year about how CBS hadn’t made up their minds, it wasn’t a firm decision, how the just *had* to make room for some new show that nobody’s going to watch anyway. I’ll miss NUMB3RS as much or more than any series I’ve been a fan of. They were all long-running shows with exceptional character development, writing, directing and actors. This is another door that a network has closed for good – I won’t watch anything on CBS or buy anything I know their sponsors promote for a long, long time. I hope the advertising sponsors have gotten an earful about the effect on their product advertising this ill-advised cancellation will have.

  14. says

    I am so sad that Numb3rs got canceled. It helped me pass my math test… and the ending was so bad… it would have been better if they had the big wedding and like it was planed and the show would have ended with pride and glory… but now… it’s just sad,… sad that someone in the office of CBS doesn’t know anything about management and money… they could have earned lots of prizes and money… it could have been great… the best show ever…

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