October Road: ABC Changes Plans for Drama

Bryan Greenberg of October RoadAs previously reported, ABC had planned on running just four of its six episodes of October Road. Though the series shows evidence of losing steam, ABC has changed their plans.

October Road debuted on March 15th to 13.93 million viewers. The second episode dropped 16% and the third dropped to less than 8.3 million. Despite this decline, the series has been attracting a healthy percentage of the desirable 18-49 demographic.

ABC had planned to air only four of the six episodes of October Road this season. If the series was renewed then the remaining two episodes would air as part of season two. ABC has now decided to air the remaining two episodes this season.

October Road will take a one week break while a double dose of sitcom Notes from the Underbelly debuts on April 12th. Underbelly will then move to Wednesday nights beginning April 18th. The two episodes of October Road will air on April 19th and 26th. No word on what will occupy the timeslot after that.

A final decision on an October Road second season will likely be announced in mid-May at the network upfronts. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Ashley says

    I just got this on Netflix and was SO excited because I had always wanted to watch it, I just couldn’t catch it on TV. I am really bummed there aren’t any more! Such a good show! It should be brought back..

  2. Anonymous says

    One of the better show out there. Far better than a lot of the reality shows. Shame to see it cancelled.

  3. Anthony says

    Very dissappointing to hear it has been cancelled. One of the more promising shows for sure. Maybe it was the time slot, but I’m positive it is 10 x better then about a dozen other shows out there. Lame really..

  4. Clair says

    Great show. I have been searching the guide to see when it starts up again. I was so disappointed to hear it will be cancelled. A big mistake for ABC! This would be a great summer series.

  5. robin says

    i realy miss this show. i considered it one of the most interesting series on tv and am waiting for a come back. surely with all the garbage on tv we have room for one good program!

  6. sharee says

    If you cancel this show,Im done with ABC. It is the best show Ive seen in A LONG,LONG TIME!
    It is real life. Everyone I know watches it. Nick and Hannah have that love everyone wishes for,Janet and Eddie are AWESOME, the whole cast is incredible together. Please look around,theres way more people that love October Road then not. I’ll anxiously await Season 3.

  7. Tina Marie says

    Are you crazy??? This is a great show, if I miss an episode then I watch it on ABC.com , which in return got me to watch other shows you have on there. If you cancel this awesome written show I will be forced to stop going to ABC.com and therefore stop watching other shows you support. Perhaps if you just speed up the story line it would draw more viewers. Like everyone else has expressed we have to know the answers to all the cliffhangers you have given us, it would just be unfair to cancel now! I love the characters you have given us, so unlike all the other mellow dramas out there, I mean who thought up Physical Phil? Great idea, lets see him come out of his shell. Could Janey be pregnant? and by who? Big Cat needs a taste of his own medicine, Hannah needs to be with Nick, whether or not he is the father of her son. Will Dad beat the cancer, and get married? I could go on and on, if you want an idea, heres one for you. What if you give us the audience a chance to sign a petition to see if you cancel October Road or not? Set a date, and an amount of signatures that have to be met, I guarantee we will keep OUR show on air!

  8. Dawn says

    What another Jericho??? Why cancel when so clearly EVERYONE who tunes in likes it!!!
    It has decent ratings and a great story line. Stop cancelling the good ones!!!

  9. sheryl says

    You cannot cancel this show too! None of you network boneheads ever want to give anything a chance to succeed!
    The people I work with and I (AND my husband) love this show. It’s one of the few shows I can watch with my husband and I agree with a comment obove…you don’t have to censor it.
    As they say in the Ridge…”what goes on?” What goes on at ABC??
    Keep October Road!!!!

  10. Judy says

    Please do not cancel October Road! My husband and I both watch and it is one of the few we actually watch together. Season finale left so many questions unanswered and it is such a good show. I am tired of shows I love getting cancelled. Please reconsider

  11. Gail says

    Just when a good show (that is not a reality/contest show) comes on the air – it gets cancelled. This is a show about real life situations(not Wife Swap/Survivor). And oh my God – the music soundtrack- no other show beats it. And I have to know who the father of Hannah’s child is or my life will not be complete. Perhaps if the writers speed the show up some…get to the point about who the father is and finally have someone beat the crap out of the Big Katt, the ratings would increase. Nobody wants to wait for weeks for the ending of a story line. I love the show – keep it on.

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