October Road: New Last Episode in the Works, Show Creators Promise Closure

October RoadOne of the most upsetting cancellations of the 2008 -2009 season was ABC’s October Road. Faithful viewers were truly tied into the characters’ struggles and emotional journeys. When the show ended, there were many unresolved questions. Now, thanks to the creators and cast, it looks like we’re going to get some closure.

October Road was moderately successful in the ratings in its first season and earned a renewal based on ABC’s belief that the audience would grow. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and viewership only dropped in season two. There were some discussions about moving the series to another channel but there weren’t any takers. As a result, the series finale aired on March 10th.

Thankfully for the fans, the creators of October Road are just as invested in the show as the viewers. Though Josh Appelbaum, Andre Nemec and Scott Rosenberg had already committed to running ABC’s new Life on Mars series, they wanted to finish the Knights Ridge saga properly. Appelbaum told Zap2It, “We got the call that the show was cancelled on Tuesday at 9:45 in the morning and by 10 o’clock at night, [we] were writing the finale. It’s sort of like therapy for us, but the most important thing is that it means closure for the fans.” Soonafter, the team called each of the castmembers about being involved and they all signed on without question.

Rosenberg told TV Guide that he and the show’s writers felt they had a commitment to wrap up the show. “We had a small audience, but they genuinely fell in love with these characters, and I feel we owe it not only to them, but also to the cast.” They came up with a 15-minute episode called, appropriately enough, “Don’t Look Back: An Epilogue for an Epic Love.”

The mini-episode will pick up where the series left off, starting with the wedding of Ray “Big Cat” Cataldo (Warren Christie) and Hannah Daniels (Laura Prepon). It will then skip ahead seven years and viewers will be given answers to most of the series’ outstanding questions — including the identity of Sam’s papa, the Commander’s health, and the fate of each of the relationships.

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Applebaum says that the team has always known how they would end the series. He tells Zap2It, “Whether the show went two years or seven years, there’s always been a particular moment and piece of closure that we wanted and we’re going to be able to get to that intended end.” Series star Bryan Greenberg says that he’s in the same boat as the show’s loyal viewers — he’s got a lot of questions and can’t wait to have them answered.

The actual shooting schedule hasn’t been firmed up as yet but that shouldn’t concern fans. Lindy Booth (Pizza Girl) notes, “We all love the show, so we’ll all be there.” Applebaum echoes that sentiment by saying, “The nice thing about this whole experience is that this show about friendship has created an environment of friendship and community among the cast. And when we look at the message boards, we feel like that’s sort of extended to our viewership too. We’re happy to do this for them.”

The October Road creators won’t have to look far for one of the castmembers. Jonathan “Ronnie Garrett” Murphy has just signed on as a regular on Life on Mars.

It’s expected that the short-but-sweet October Road series finale will be included on the season two DVD set and may be made available online as well. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. rena says

    this was by far my FAVORITE show. I waited and waited to see when it would be back on air, only to realize it must’ve been canceled. i wish it would come back!!

  2. Donna says

    I was drawn into the characters of this show immediately. There was a sincerity and warmth and innocence of youth. I’d trade every one of those shallow reality tv shows for just one more season of October Road. October Road, you will be sorely missed.

  3. Octoberforever says

    I am very greatful for the season closure, but am also very sad that the show will end in 15 minutes. October road meant so much to me and many others…This was such a good hearted sweet show. So very orignal and moving, ABC can not accept any show that is’nt a cop or doctor show. I know I will always rememeber this amazing show. I’m so sad

  4. Sue says

    Very upset about this show not being on.. what is wrong with this picture- you get a show that people like then you take it away… and then some of the shows that are left one TV – why??????

  5. says

    With all the things going on in our world, including family, political, financial and moral issues. it was nice to watch, no, get really involved with a show where life was real,,real and simple like it was in years past. Sure, you have problems, but with the love & support from friends & family… you get by. October road was real, and helped us to remember what things in life are real and important. I agree with everyone who said it would be a great show for family or lifetime. Come on networks that believe in and thrive upon the stories of real life. without all the violence, etc… work October Road back into your schedules, so we can work them back into our hearts!!

  6. sharron says

    i was so upset to hear that my fav. show on tv is not coming bk on! i loved it i cant understand why they take the good shows off and keep the ones that suck! i dont get the tv crap! but lifetime should so take the show over! bring back a show that is good!

  7. says

    This was the best show I have seen in a long time . If it was marketed correctly it would have been as sucessfull as other dramas such as Dallas, Greys etc. But what I can’t believe is that none of the smaller networks took advantage of the huge mistake ABC has made and pick up this show. Just look at all the crap that is on. What a shame!

  8. deeda says

    I too am very UPSET about hearing that, once again, ABC has AXED a show in its prime. To make it worse is the fact that all its fans are kept hanging to many unanswed questions. It is appalling that none of the other networks did not want to pick it up, such as Lifetime or Family. I am beginning to wonder if they even othered to search for other avenues to revive this series. Everytime I like a show they CANCEL it. Yet, they bring back a show like Big Bang Theory. It also doesn’t help that there were large time spans between airing of episodes. Even my husband was a big fan of the show and we are in our early fifties.

  9. says

    Seriously, they canceled it. What is wrong with these TV stations. The quality shows they cancel but keep these mind numbing reality shows. Unbelievable! Just like when they canceled ‘American Dreams’. Come on people, keep the shows that have feeling. I am sooo disgusted!!!! And then 15 minutes for a finale..just so we buy the DVD. OMG!

  10. Mark Capri says

    I am really going to miss this show. It brought me back to my childhood days and I felt as though It was my small home town. I really like the twists of the show and how all the characters intertangled together. It actually make me sad to hear this show is cancelled. But, I hope to see the finale. I hope they put it out soon!
    TV stinks this year and now I don’t care to watch any TV….back to renting movies…

  11. Anonymous says

    Wow I finally find a show on tv I like and they take it off. It took me forever to find a show. Now I won’t watch tv anymore that October Road was taken off the air. There is nothing but garbage on tv. There was before the show, and there will be now that it has been cancelled.

  12. says

    I am disappointed to hear that October Road will not be returning. I am a big fan of the show and so many people from all of Canada loved the show. You probably don’t get the ratings shown from Canada down in the US but there are alot of us that enjoy stories of family and friends living and going through every day lives. I hate reality tv. We need more enjoyable entertainment such as October Road. It would be great if another network would pick the show up. ABC used to be my favorite network now I watch less tv shows on this network.

  13. Anonymous says

    I am very sorry to hear that October Road will not be back this season. It was a really great show that I looked forward to seeing and recording every week!The actors were a great crew together great chemistry between them all. I even got my husband watching it. We loved the music and the friendship it all had. I sure hate to see a Finale I wish it could be given another chance even if it will be at a later time. I don’t want to see the show fast forward just to have closure I rather enjoy all the episodes. ABC you have got to do something right and stop canceling good shows just for the money!


  14. Nicole says

    I’m very upset that abc decided to cancel October Road. They deserved another chance to get more viewers. If it weren’t for the writer’s strike, the show would have done well. Everytime I get involved in a T.V. show, abc goes and cancels. First it was What About Brian?, and now October Road. Maybe I should just start watching NBC!

  15. Melissa says

    Any NEW news on the final episode??? Who cares about “Life On Mars”, I want some closure with the lives in Knights Ridge!!! This is just cruel…

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