October Road: Petition to Give the TV Show a Proper Finale

October RoadABC’s drama October Road was cancelled in May 2008 after two seasons. Shortly after learning about the cancellation, the show’s creators wrote a short finale for the TV show. Though the network decided the Knights Ridge story was over, the writers wanted to wrap up the story, primarily for the fans. Once produced, the plan is to release it online, as part of the season two DVD set, or both.

Unfortunately, the October Road finale has yet to be made, in part because of finances. The writers, actors, and some of the crew have pledged their support, many offering to work for free for the love of the series and the fans. Unfortunately, it takes more than just love to pay for even 10-15 minutes of quality footage. The producers have pledged to make a cheap, “down and dirty” version if necessary but wouldn’t you rather see footage that’s up to the quality standards of the ABC series? Disney/ABC and Lionsgate (the distributor) will profit from the DVD sales. Doesn’t it make sense that they should pay for shooting the finale?

There are couple things you can do to encourage them. Sign the petition below and tell your fellow October Road fans to do the same. Then, write to ABC and Lionsgate and tell them how much you love the show and that you’d like to see a quality finale.

To: Disney-ABC Domestic Television, Lionsgate

We, the undersigned, faithfully watched the October Road TV show on ABC. We were very upset that this entertaining drama was cancelled after just 19 episodes. We were also dismayed that the series did not have a true finale.

We understand that the creators of the show have written a short epilogue to finish the series. We ask that you fund the production of this project so it can be made and so that the storylines can be properly ended. If possible, we ask that the finale be expanded to be longer than just 10-15 minutes. Additional episodes would be ideal.

Including a new, final chapter to the October Road story will surely increase sales of the season two DVD set. The cast and crew will be happy. The fans will be happy and you will make more money. Doesn’t that just make good sense all around?

Thank you for your consideration.

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  • Mindy HarrisCountry: usa2015-06-09 15:19:25
    This show was so good but it was terrible the way fans were left hanging at the end! Please bring the show back or at least a proper finale!
  • Michel Van DevenderCountry: USA2015-02-10 13:57:05
    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring this show back...I'm begging! I watched it when it originally ran and just finished watching all of the episodes again. What a great story and cast. A total shame this series didn't continue. Wondering if it could be revisited, at a minimum to answer lingering questions and provide closure for the many, loyal fans. I remain hopeful!
  • Jemma DraycottCountry: UK2015-02-06 12:16:45
    I love this series..and the actors! I definitely want it to come back or at least have all the loose ends tied!!
  • Stefanie DziesinskiCountry: United States2014-11-24 12:56:29
    I want the show to come back!! I wish I had known about it back then I just got into and love it!! there are so many loose ends that need to be tied!!!
  • MariaCountry: Bulgaria2014-11-08 17:03:49
    I love October Road and want more of it
  • ZsaZsaCountry: USA2014-08-26 13:27:00
    I just found this show on HULU and I really like this show. I can't believe that it was cancelled. I would love to see more episodes and learn the fate of this characters!
  • Stacey BrownCountry: USA2013-10-05 17:39:13
    Awesome show - cant believe it was cancelled. Please finish it
  • Sasha GalarzaCountry: usa2013-04-30 23:13:16
    I just discovered this series on hulu and just loved it so much. I would really like to see how it would all end.
  • AlisaCountry: USA 2013-04-26 07:25:14
    This was a favorite show of mine. Please make and air a proper finale. I would love to see it on Hulu but would buy it as well.
  • jenniferCountry: texas - united states2013-04-22 04:44:25
    This was my fav show always and it drives me crazy to want to know the answers. They can maybe produce a movie like dead like me did to help get closure.
  • WisconsinCountry: USA2013-02-19 21:29:01
    Please bring this series back of at least please give us closure! How this ended makes me reluctant to get wrapped up in future ABC series in fear it will be pulled and I will be left hanging AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • StaciCountry: USA2012-08-27 12:24:06
    It is pretty sad that the show doesn't have a proper ending. It almost makes watching it not worth it to have it end with so many things left unresolved. And I would think whoever created the show wouldn't be satisfied without it being finished. Like reading half of a book only to not read, write or find the other half. It would be great to see the show come back to give many of us the opportunity to see what happens. So many things in life are left unresolved, don't let October Road be one of them.
  • LindaCountry: USA2012-05-31 00:33:46
    Would love to see this series have awrap up...Great show!
  • Kimberly TaylorCountry: United States of America2012-05-11 12:55:25
    I would love to see this series have a wrap-up. A lot of characters were built and it would be nice to have some closure to their story and find out answers to questions viewers have had along the way.
  • Miss CoxCountry: USA2012-04-24 06:52:04
    I just found this show and fell in love with it! its so good and refreshing with positive drama instead of the negative stuff that drives me crazy and pervades the film and tv industry. I enjoy a good show like this on my day off or a cozy evening in, it helps me relax and feel good about life rather than stressing me further like a lot of shows I refuse to watch after a long day of work. Please bring it back!!
  • Katherine DavisCountry: USA2012-04-19 02:25:33
    There are so many questions to be answered. So many things left out that I need the answers too. I loved watching this show and was just reminded of how good it was when I started watching it over again on Hulu. I am so disappointed to hear that it was cancelled. The show really hit home and brought back lots of memories of how it was for me in my small town and the homecoming that I got when I came home after many years of being gone. The lives changed, the memories relived, the friends lost and gained, etc. Please consider bringing this show back or at least giving us viewers the proper ending to the show.
  • Dana M WaltersCountry: United States2012-03-30 07:32:43
    There was so many unanswered questions left hanging. I don't know how networks can do that if they are going to cancel a show at least finish it out at least give answers. I really enjoyed this show and there is so much more that could of been done with it. I watched this on Hulu but to see the small little ending u have to buy the season 2 and that's a bummer. If anything the network should think about doing a one episode to answer everything.
  • ClaireCountry: USA2012-03-26 11:25:46
    A nice drama finally and you took it away! What is wrong with you! You could've given it a different time slot on a different night, instead you replace it with Grey's Anatomy's spin off Private Practice. Ocotber Road after Grey's Anatomy's heart pounding episodes was relaxing and feel good. Please bring it back!!
  • KenCountry: USA2012-03-26 11:22:19
    Great show about how friends and family can hold each other up during difficult times while finding their futures.
  • NaomiCountry: USA2012-03-26 11:20:03
    This show was wonderful, comforting in these harsh times, that no matter what, home is always there.
  • ChristopherCountry: united states2012-02-13 23:43:54
    I am not much for drama tv or love sappy shows but october rd was a good show. I cant believe it had to end like that. With shows like the office getting replayed over and over this world of tv makes no sence
  • micheleCountry: united states2011-11-26 13:00:56
    My family has become so sick of the constant inundation of trash and reality shows, (which are also more trash) that we have discontinued the high cost of cable and satelite. We are able to enjoy so much more and a much lower cost by obtaining our television entertain from the enternet. That being said I enjoyed October Road when it first came out and have since enjoyed being able to watch it again. I find it to be a sad state when a quality television show is not able to make it. Like others have posted before me, it was noce to have a show that I didn't feel as if I had to watch it only with my chldren out of the room. It was also nice to have a show that didn't advocate the current attitude that our youth is currently afflicted with. It would be very nice to have the series continue, but at the very least a conclusion is needed. The networks did the same thing with Firefly which was an award winning sci-fi series, but at lease fans were provided with a quality 2 hour conclusion. seriously networks, get a clue and put some quality shows back out there.
  • michelleCountry: philippines2011-11-13 17:45:35
    wish they would consider making a season3,though i'm three years behind, this show made a big impact on me. asked a friend to buy me the dvd in the states. i'm a big fan of the hannah-nick tandem
  • KrisiCountry: USA2011-11-06 13:01:54
    i watched this shoe when it air'd on ABC...and i love it.... i was receintly watching the first season and second season and wished i knew what happened....there should be a finally! the show was amazing!
  • Mike and MekenziCountry: United States2011-10-17 14:27:24
    My wife and I decided to look for a new show just a few weeks ago since we added Hulu Plus to our bills. A show that cought our attention was October Road. Who doesn't like the red head from "That 70's Show" as a blonde??? This show was very entertaining and kept us awake past our bed time hours. There needs to be a finale. Who cares about the cost?? Grow up!
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