Off the Map

Off the Map on ABC cancelledNetwork: ABC
Episodes: 13 (hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: January 12 — April 6, 2011
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Caroline Dhavernas, Jason George, Jonathan Castellanos, Mamie Gummer, Martin Henderson, Rachelle Lefevre, Valerie Cruz, and Zach Gilford.

TV show description:      
A tiny town in the South American jungle known as “la ciudad de las estrellas” (the city of stars) has one very understaffed and under-stocked medical clinic. Young doctors Lily Brenner (Caroline Dhavernas), Mina Minard (Mamie Gummer), and Tommy Fuller (Zach Gilford) land there to help those in need. Each is also trying to escape their own personal demons — something they have in common with the physicians they meet in their new South American locale.

Legendary and enigmatic Ben Keeton (Martin Henderson), who was the youngest Chief of Surgery at UCLA, walked away from it all to found the remote clinic. He works with his right-hand doctor, Otis Cole (Jason George), mysterious Doctor Ryan Clark (Rachelle Lefevre), and local physician Zitajalehrena “Zita” Alvarez (Valerie Cruz). Together, they’ll teach the newcomers how to save lives in the most challenging environment imaginable and have the adventure of a lifetime along the way.

TV show supportThey’re all assisted by Charlie (Jonathan Castellanos), the clinic’s young native translator who’s wise beyond his years. The six doctors have each lost their way and will go to the ends of the earth to try to rediscover why they wanted to become doctors in the first place.

The series is executive-produced by Grey’s Anatomy’s Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers, and created/executive-produced by Jenna Bans.

Series Finale:     
Episode 13 — There’s a Lot to Miss About the Jungle
There’s a heart in New York with Ryan’s name on it. Time to hit the road with the dueling docs, Mina and Ben. They have three hours to get to the plane that’ll take them on the first leg of their journey. If they miss it, there’s no way they’ll get to NYC in time. There can be no delays but there is.

A truck carrying a group of young girls overturned on the side of the road. Ben, Ryan and Mina treat the girls for superficial wounds until they discover one young lady is pinned under the truck. They can’t move her without knowing the extent of her injuries. They also can’t stay if they want to make that plane. Mina volunteers to remain behind until the rescue team arrives.

When the truck shifts, Mina goes against Ben’s orders and pulls the girl out. The patient is unresponsive. She phones Ben, who says he was wrong for calling her a bad doctor. He can’t tell her what to do now, as he’s not on the scene. Mina needs to use her best judgment if there’s any chance of saving the girl.

Mina enlists help from the other girls to clamp the patient’s aorta. It’s a temporary fix. They need to pray they can get her back to the clinic soon. So that’s just what all the other girls do. Mina, however, isn’t a big believer in the power of prayer. She reconsiders when a truck loaded with holy statues happens by.

Marge is a mom who is in her third remission during a battle with cancer. Whenever she beats the disease, Marge and her family take a bike trip around the world. Her son, Scotty, seems less-than-thrilled to go on these adventures. In fact, he’s so despondent about his life that he opts to act as standstill target for a charging bull. THWACK! The kid is severely mauled. He now stands to lose a leg.

The only way to save Scotty’s leg is with a donor vein. Marge knows she’s a viable match, as her son donated the bone marrow that sent her into remission. It’s risky procedure, but Marge knows she’s living on borrowed time anyway. But Scotty doesn’t want the vein. He let the bull gore him on purpose because he couldn’t tell his mom he didn’t want to live the life she had mapped out for him.

Otis doesn’t care what the kid wants. Scotty is a minor. It’s the parents’ decision. Tommy doesn’t buy it. He tells Marge why Scotty did what he did. Tommy thinks the kid has a right to be heard. So Marge listens. They eventually agree to do the surgery and Cole eventually concedes that Tommy may have been right all along. He even stops referring to him as “Plastics.”

Otis makes Zee’s day when he shows her his reissued passport with the new jungle address he calls home. He also brings a smile to Mina’s face when he says she made the right call with her patient. Mina is beyond relieved when she learns the little girl is going to make it. She can’t stop hugging Tommy, even after he finally gets up the courage to tell her he’s in love with her.

Lily has a rash on her face. Turns out she’s allergic to the cocaine she helped harvest the night before. It’s a modern day scarlet letter as she runs the clinic solo for the first time ever. She treats Pablo, a police officer who doesn’t have a lot of experience out in the field. That’s probably why his hands are seared and stuck together after trying to confiscate an exploding firecracker.

Pablo suffers major panic attacks whenever things get tense. Lily realizes his problem is caused by his heart, not his head. A pill will help him keep cool in the face of danger. Of course, Lily is the one who looks panicked once Pablo tells her the cops are burning down all the cocaine farms in the area. She beelines over to Mateo’s place. The entire harvest crop is ablaze and Mateo has been shot. His prognosis does not look good.

After getting bogged down by festival traffic, Ben scoops up Ryan in his arms to carry her to the plane. They make it, but Ryan isn’t boarding. She gets word that the heart on hold isn’t viable. Ryan tells Ben she just wants to go home. He knows that means she wants to go home to die. Ben meets with ex-pal Jonah to make arrangement to acquire a heart by any means necessary.
First aired: April 6, 2011.


Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Anonymous says

    i was looking to find when off the map would be coming back on and cant believe it is in danger of being canceled, it is such an awesome show, my new fave, please dont cancel the show !

  2. Anonymous says

    i like off the map also and grey antomy what is the deal why has it not been coming on??????????? put it back on

  3. Karen says

    Off the Map is a fantastic show, I love it. I hope they are smart and keep the
    show. My sister loves it also. It’s finally something better then all those reality
    show’s .

  4. mike says

    cancel the show to make room for a good show not a grays anatomy rip off in a differant location. by the way they both suck and are predictable

  5. Amy says

    PLEASE don’t cancel “Off the Map”. I finally found an evening drama that I REALLY like and now I see rumors that it might get cancelled. Please Keep It ON TV!! Thanks!

  6. Jacqueline says

    If this show, Off the Map, gets cancelled, then I just give up on American tv. How can shows like Chase, Off the Map, Damages, The Riches, Outsourced(it’s funny to me!), and The Event, even Harry’s Law, be at risk of cancellation and all the crappy shows seem to be renewed time and time and time again? please someone explain this to me….The Cape was another tv show that had promise only to be taken off the air before fully developing….

  7. says

    Great show, awesome characters, keep the show coming. do watch every week. don’t cancel. most who watch probably want a second season.

  8. Sue K says

    I LOVE the show … I heard rumors that the show may be cancelled and I sure hope this is NOT the case. I look forward to the show every week and love all the characters and their individuals stories they each have. Please keep the episodes coming …

  9. Elaine S says

    Off The Map is a great entertaining show! I just happened to turn on the TV Thursday so thank goodness the show ran that second night. Can’t wait for it to come on tonight. My boyfriend watched some preview clips & says it is really entertaining. He couldn’t stop watching all the clips on Off The Map.

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