Once Upon a Time in Wonderland: Cancelled? ABC Confirms No Season Two

once upon a time in wonderland canceledWith the success of Once Upon a Time, ABC had high hopes for spin-off Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. Unfortunately for fans, their ratings expectations haven’t been met and the series has been cancelled.

On Wonderland, a beautiful young Alice (Sophie Lowe) takes a tumble down the rabbit hole to a place where nothing is impossible. The series also stars Michael Socha, Peter Gadiot, Emma Rigby, Naveen Andrews, and John Lithgow.

Debuting last October, the show’s premiere drew a 1.7 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 5.82 million viewers. That was a mediocre start at best and then, the ratings saw a significant drop in week two. The numbers have continued to fall over the course of the season.

It quickly became clear that Once Upon a Time in Wonderland wouldn’t be seeing a second season. Though it’s obvious to most everyone when a show with very bad ratings is going to be cancelled, the network’s rarely admit it.

Earlier this month, ABC released a press release describing next week’s installment of Wonderland as the “season finale.” Last night, the episode preview called it a “series finale,” an acknowledgement by ABC that there won’t be a second season.

Hopefully, the cast and creators could see how things were going and were able to craft a satisfactory ending to the show. Providing closure was certainly the Wonderland producers’ intention.

Before the show premiered, co-creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz said, “However many episodes we wind up doing this season, what we’re planning to do is tell a kind of complete tale with a beginning, middle and end… If it does well, if people like it, hopefully we’ll come back and tell another adventure with this cast.” Sadly for fans, that’s not to be.

What do you think? Are you sorry that there won’t be a second season of Wonderland? Why do you think it didn’t catch on?

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  1. CinLee says

    I enjoyed this series an am very disappointed.

    Interesting twist to a story told so many ways! Great writing and talented cast.

    Since this series ties into the original Once – MAYBE the powers to be will fully integrate the two stories to give a fresh colorful spritz and keep both audiences on the edge! Nothing like a multi parallel script for excitement.

  2. Edward says

    What moron puts a show on opposite the number 1 show in Big Bang theory and two and a half men and expects good ratings! How stupid!

  3. Badonkadonkdonk says

    I am VERY disappointed… no, I’m MAD! I loved the show. My kid and I watched it together, it was our litter ritual once a week. I loved the actors, the ‘wonder’. The least the producers could have done was given us a better ending.

    This could have gone in so many directions… I mean, with the laws of magic changing and all, IMAGINE what that would do. Imagine what would happen in Wonderland!!

    The problem with the networks these days is that they are producing nothing but sex and violence, crime, legal shows and there is just too much stupid reality crap… I can’t stand those stupid shows. I like adventure, wonder, fantasy and magic!

    It would be fab if the producers took it to another network and continue or even online. I’d certainly pay to watch an entire season. Sometimes it’s not the show but the time slot. It doesn’t mean the show was good, it was just lousy programming hours.

    I wonder if there is anyway for me to get a hold of the script from season 2… I’d just LOVE to read the next chapter. Anybody know where I could get this? I’m going to write to the producer right NOW! If I can’t watch it, I’ll read it, ffs. I hate it when the damn networks clip shows off like this.

  4. Verity says

    From the beginning the creators only intended for it to be one season, they also said that it wasn’t a 22 episode deal like OUAT, it was just meant to be a mini-spin off.

  5. says

    I was very sad when they announced “next week on the series finale…” – I was so hoping for more. I really like Once Upon A Time but I LOVE Once Upon A Time in Wonderland. I wish they would try it at a different time and see how it does – too bad they didn’t give it more of a chance but at least the network allowed the full season to play out. I’m so disappointed that it won’t be returning.

  6. says

    I simply love this show from the very beginning! Alice and Cyrus are just perfect, and with time I also begin to like Anna and Will. I gonna miss Wonderland and still have some hope for second season or… what we will see the cast in OUAT.

  7. Careoline says

    This is sad. ABC always cancels the good shows…just like they did with SMASH. When will you learn to keep the good shows!

  8. Rebecca MacRae says

    I love the show. I’m really sad to see it ending, especially since Alice and Cyrus and finally together. Please change your minds!!!!!

  9. Jennifer Haynes says

    I am really disappointed we won’t be seeing another season. This was one of my favorite shows.

  10. says

    When “Wonderland” began, I grew tired of the “search for Cyrus” plot line, very quickly. It just seemed to drag on, with the plot becoming not deeper, but rather more bloated, as the weeks progressed. When Alice was reunited with Cyrus, the story became Anastasia’s search for Will. The exact same bloated plot line, just with the characters swapping roles with one another. All of this against a backdrop of Jafar – somebody who is supposed to be a powerful wizard – fumbling and bumbling around, pretending to be some sort of tough guy. In short, it became very boring, very predictable, and very dull, very quickly. Disappointing, really, considering how “Wonderland’s” parent show, “Once Upon a Time” has displayed storylines that wind and weave around one another, in a manner most brilliant. They just could not reproduce that writing genius in “Wonderland”. All of that doesn’t even make mention of the poor production – audio that renders the actors’ lines unintelligible; green screen reflections in the hair and on the skin of the actors… It wasn’t that the show didn’t fire on all cylinders… it didn’t hit on any of them. My wife will miss the show, though…

    • says

      Yes, I give up after 4 episodes, besides that I never understood the whole “spin-off” thing, the only thing the two TV shows had in command was the beginning of the title. There were no introduction of characters no cross over, nothing like the TVD and The Originals, that’s a spin-off, in an episode of TVD present the plot of the spin-off and then characters of one TV show up in the other TV show.

      The fist time I hear about a OAT’s spin-off I was very excited but I didn’t get the spin-off part, the only thing I saw was a mediocre TV show I’m surprise that last a whole season.

  11. AD says

    When will networks learn that more of something is not necessarily better. Look at CSI Miami and New York. The original CSI is still going good, albeit probably not for long, but the other two just over saturated a good story line.

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