One Tree Hill: What Did You Think of the Last Episode?

last episode of One Tree Hill tv showLast night, viewers said goodbye to One Tree Hill after nine seasons and 187 episodes. Though the ratings have fallen quite a bit since the show’s heydey, the cast and crew were given time to wrap up the show with a true series finale — written and directed by series creator Mark Schwahn.

The CW kicked off the night with a special retrospective — One Tree Hill: Always and Forever — that took viewers through the history of the TV show. It wasn’t a hit in its first season (even by WB standards) but the ratings grew significantly in season two. Season three saw the numbers start to dwindle but the show has held on and even survived the WB to CW transition.

The last episode, appropriately named after the U2 song “One Tree Hill,” begins with a montage of the various characters literally looking back at their younger selves. They’ve truly come a long way.

Most of the episode takes place via flashbacks and revolves around the 10-year anniversary of the Tric nightclub. Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) tells the audience (and the home viewers) that, “The time that we’ve spent together over the years has meant so much and without you we would not be here tonight.”

Brooke buys the store for her Baker Man across the street from Karen’s Cafe so that she and Haley will have their own corner of the world. Julian (Austin Nichols) buys her old house with the red door for them to raise their family in.

Mouth (Lee Norris) receives a $500,000 check from Dan Scott’s estate. He revisits the traumatic school shooting and ends up starting a sports scholarship named after Keith Scott and Jimmy Edwards.

Clay (Robert Buckley) and Quinn (Shantel VanSanten) decide they want full custody of Logan. At the courthouse, after running into Bevin (Bevin Prince), Clay and Quinn decide they can’t wait and get hitched. They legally adopt Logan and their family is complete.

Nathan presents Chris Keller’s (Tyler Hilton) old guitar to him — the one he’d sold to get Haley’s masters. Chris impresses a lady record exec when he performs at the Tric and he then turns down her offer.

Nathan (James Lafferty) prepares a special dinner for Haley and gives her a box of Crackerjacks, just as he did in the first episode. The prize is a real bracelet and he tells her, “Don’t say you never gave me anything.” Jamie decides that he wants to break his dad’s basketball record. Nathan makes sure that Jamie wants to be a great basketball player because he likes it.

In an epilogue that’s set in the future, the characters attend a basketball in which we see a full-grown Jamie running onto the court. He’s surpassed his father’s record and his dad is very proud. Millie’s pregnant and Skills and Bevin are back together. It seems everyone has gotten a happy ending.

What do you think? Was the series finale of One Tree Hill all that you hoped that it would be? Was it a satisfying ending for the TV show?

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  1. Debby says

    Cannot wait for final Season to come out on DVD as due to dispute of the Cable and Satellite companies with the Television Station it could not Air in Iowa as the Stations were down so I missed the final Show….I had watched this Show from Day One and due to our Governments Idea to Make TV Better by MAKING us have to have Cable or Satellite to even WATCH TV (Converter boxes are a JOKE without a High Priced Antenna) I did not and Could not watch the very Final Show EVER of the BEST SHOW on TV!!!! I laughed when they laughed, I cried when they cried, and I miss watching the Characters who became like Family to me.

  2. says

    i love One Tree Hill the last episode it mace me cry varey mach i grwe up waching you to be anest i stop waching tv wane one tree hill the last 2 hours finale anded. i miss the sowe i wish the sowe be bake i love you oll i miss the sowh nothing is the same as one tree hill.

  3. #1ONETREEHILL says

    I loved the ending!! i just wish it could have gone forever and that they could have shone grown Jamie’s face

  4. David says

    I like a lot this end, always was a very realistic show, and this is a perfect end, I’m gonna miss this serie, it makes me think about myself and my youth, One Tree Hill runs like me, at same time and age. I’ll never forget it.

  5. Roy says

    I still think that season 6 of One Tree Hill was the best ending for the show. It had Nathan joining a NBA team and Lucas and Peyton ride off into the sunset. perfect ending

  6. noor says

    One i cry when i saw one tree hill title appear it will be my last to see it. Also cry again because no more tree hill every wednesday but it use to be on tuesday or week after or a week after that and month after and year after that. But their is always a rerun tree hill is not over for true fans like us. I know their will be new montage video clips on youtube showing true love to tree hill. i totally enjoy the ending last episode of end of tree hill. Their still more missing stuff it should be a 4 parts series finale. 3 weeks just normal bring more faces and 4th part which is end of one tree hill two hours should be more. in those 3 episode to 4th end. it will be great to be bring old faces and rap up with a great ending.

    Tric should be biggest party ever showing every single actor of one tree hill to say good bye

    plus million of flash backs and memory and new ending stories

    * lucas and scott come back for couple episode plus series finale
    * lucas and scott kid we see at end drive pass red lights like peyton
    *peyton comes back bring more flash memory life with brooke lucas and more
    *Madison appears a lot and series finale where she and jamie are together like lucas and peyton and his mom and dad brooke and julain
    *couch whitey comes back seen their everyone kid back in school for last time
    *keith should appear in few episode plus series finale
    *rachel appears again
    *mia appears the whole season 9 and plus series with a brand new song and took over haley place
    *fergie comes back
    *junk comes back both of them back in last season 9th plus finale
    * bevin should appear again in 9th season to showing skill in love and got baby with her
    *tim comes back again in season 9th plus finale
    *chuck same thing and basketball player with jamie scott
    *chris keller more new songs and more funny parts great stuff in series finale too
    *lauren still a teacher went to high school appear again series finale
    *andy and karen appears again in whole 9th season plus finale showing karen selling it to haley cafe and she a grandma to their all kids and the baby grew up.
    *quentin should be mention rest of season
    *gigi comes back few times works at the sport tv
    *Tara Richards should appear in series because she help brooke out
    * show all the cheerleader appear again to support brooke on her wedding.

    i love the 2 hours finale if the whole season 9 bring every cast appear on one tree hill
    showing where they been all those 9 years of life.

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