Outlaw: NBC TV Show Cancelled After Four Episodes

OutlawFirst, FOX cancelled Lone Star and then, ABC cancelled My Generation. Not wanting to be left out, NBC has now cancelled Outlaw. The Jimmy Smits series has ceased production but viewers will still be able to see the remaining episodes.

Outlaw follows a Supreme Court Justice (Smits) who decides to step down and go back to being a lawyer in order to fight injustices. The NBC series also stars Carly Pope, David Ramsey, Jesse Bradford, and Ellen Woglom.

The series debuted following the season finale of one of NBC’s biggest shows, America’s Got Talent, and could only attract moderate ratings. In its regular Friday night timeslot, Outlaw’s ratings have gone from bad to worse. This past Friday, the show hit a new low in the 18-49 demographic with a 0.9 rating and fell to just 4.10 million viewers. It was in last place in both categories.

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As we previously reported, NBC shut down production last week, supposedly wanting to wait to see if viewership got better in later weeks. If that was actually the case, they didn’t wait very long. Outlaw has been cancelled and the cast and crew won’t be returning to production.

TV show supportFor the time being, NBC will fill the 10pm timeslot with an expanded edition of Dateline. The four remaining episodes of Outlaw will be seen on Saturday nights starting on October 16th. An episode won’t be seen on October 30th because of a previously schedule Shrek special. The last episode of Outlaw will air on November 13th.

What do you think? Are you sorry to see it go? Why do you think it didn’t attract a bigger audience?

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  1. Ducotti says

    This follows the rest of NBC’s rather famous cancellation history, of removing shows that are good, thought provoking, and really hit home with a lot of people but are poorly placed in there time slots to the demographics that might really get the most from them. When The Unit was cancelled by CBS my interest in the preppy, air-headed sitcoms reinstated itself and they lost another viewer, I spend my time in front of the “babble box” to be entertained, not to see what new hair style some half-wit with a bad dye job has, or who is ******* whom. I want a show that will engage me, and grab my interest, not bore me to tears and want me to call a doctor for a prescription of Ritalin. If the networks really want to give new shows a real chance, put them in a less challenging time slot, rather than prime-time in competition, build up the viewer base before trying to challenge other networks for those viewers, give the shows that show promise a chance, don’t waste the time of viewers by getting them interested then shutting something they like off… Just like anything else in life, it takes time (which the networks don’t like) to accrue a loyal viewer base.

    I along with many other acquaintances have come to the conclusion that the networks no longer look for appealing shows, they look at how much they can make off each show, networks seem to have lost the whole idea behind there existence, its supposed to be ENTERTAINING, I personally don’t really care for 99.5% of the garbage thats aired, and would rather spend my time cutting grass with a pair of tweezers than getting interested in yet ANOTHER network show just to have IT cancelled as well after just a few episodes. I am a mature (relatively) male who gets bored with bimbo’s and bozo’s, I prefer captivation to hyperbole. I want to be entertained, if I want comedy I sure wont look at the networks, they have no real sense of humor, that died with the Dean Martin’s Roasts.
    Just my plug nickels worth of comment.

  2. Laci says

    Outlaw was great. I agree that many folks could be steered away by the controversial topics and dry humor. But those are just the things I like in my legal dramas.

  3. Deb says

    I can’t believe that you canceled the show Outlaw. You keep really dumb shows on TV like Parenthood, Chuck, Friends With Benefits, Apprentice, Minute to Win It, The Office, Parks & Recreation, 30 Rock, Who Do You Think You Are, Saturday Night Live (all of the various one), & Perfect Couples. You did have the show Medium on your station, and then also took that off. You really don’t have that many shoes that are worthwhile watching, that is for sure.

  4. Sonja Goyen says

    When television finds a good show such as The Outlaw, it seems for some reason, it goes away. My husband and I are in our 60’s and so enjoyed this show. It’s not all blood and guts, and always had a good story line. I don’t know how shows like “the Simpsons”,Big Bang theory, How I met your mother can stay on the air for years and years. Hopefully, Blue Bloods won’t be taken off the air. It’s another great show!

  5. LaVonne Larsen says

    I have been checking ON DEMAND for the next Outlaw to start and found this site. I am truely disgusted with TV. I realy enjoyed Outlaw and the same with the series Life that was canceled year or so ago. WHY! I to hope they reconsider their decision. Bad move!

  6. Christine says

    I just found out this show has been cancelled very upsetting, I loved this show, I to am in my 40’s, definantly don’t need anymore dateline,ugh. Please consider beinging this show back?

  7. Taylor says

    OMG i hate NBC for cancelling this show! i used to stalk On Demand to see the new episodes.

    I’m so irritated. NBC started off strong, then fell off. Extra DATELINE? Uhhhhh BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  8. Fay says

    I just found out the show has been cancelled. I and my family were waiting for it to return, not realizing it was taken off the air. What a shame. Finally a show that was funny and back to what television used to be………… Entertaining and not full of violence, a program showing our children that a person can do the right thing and make this world a better place. Shame on you for taking this show off the air and putting on some of the stupid and violent shows you do. We need more shows like OUTLAW

  9. Sara says

    I love this show. Jimmy is cool and everything was great. If they ask me, I’ll say….please bring it back!!!!!!

  10. Rich Lyddane says

    I enjoyed the show. but I am biased because I enjoy Jimmy Smits. At any rate, I think the show might have been showing too many controversial topics. It also required the audience to use too much intelligents and thinking. Most people are coming home from problems, and don’t want to solve more whem they get home.

  11. Bess says

    I throughly enjoyed watching “Outlaw”and look forward to seeing it again. Of course, that would call for the decision to cancel the show to be over-ruled. I feel the low ratings was most definitely the results of scheduling. The show was up against Hawaii Five-O and Blue Blood and if you were a fan of all three shows, each week you had to make a choice as to which to watch and which to record. When the show was rescheduled I missed it because I didn’t when it would air. Please see that “Outlaw” returns to your schedule. There currently are only a few shows which Seniors enjoy watching and this was one of them.

  12. Gil says

    My wife and I thought this was an awesome show, so much so that my in-laws started watching it after seeing Outlaw while visiting. We’re in our 40’s and enjoyed a great show after our family dinner.
    I hope NBC reconsiders and begins production again. Consider the time slot.

  13. Paula says

    This was a fantastic show and it is very disapointing that it was cancelled. If they would have put it in a more attractive time slot it probably would have done better.
    The cast and writing were great. Really too bad…

  14. Prudence says

    I loved this show, why is it when you find something really good like Outlaw the network takes it off. Just maybe if the network got smarter they would have slotted this show in a better time slot and the ratings would have improved. I was not happy when they moved it to Friday and then to Saturday. I also think it is better than some of the other lawyer/cop shows that came out this season also, so why are they still around and did not get cancelled!!! Again I believe it is all about what time slot these shows get placed that has a lot to do with it. Also loved Lone Star and the same thing happened to it, “poof”!!!

  15. Deb says

    Fantastic show!!! Too bad NBC does not realize a good thing when they have it. I am 60+ and found the show thought provoking & entertaining. Was happy that a show was on that I could really enjoy. My age group does indeed watch TV also!

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