Outlaw: NBC May Be Sued Over Cancelled TV Show

OutlawFor those who like to file lawsuits, the chance to file one against a TV network regarding a television series must be a huge draw. Larry Klayman, a man who has filed legal salvos against the Bill Clinton and George W. Bush administrations, and has also filed a class-action lawsuit against the Ground Zero mosque, may now pursue a lawsuit against the NBC series Outlaw.

Jimmy Smits stars in the series as a Supreme Court Justice who takes a stand against the establishment, and in an unprecedented move, quits the highest court in order to hopefully bring about some changes. It didn’t connect with many viewers, was cancelled after only a handful of episodes, and the remaining installments are now airing on Saturday nights. The series co-stars David Ramsey, Ellen Woglom, Carly Pope, and Jesse Bradford.

Klayman contends that three years ago, he got together with a group that included producer Cary Brokaw, former L.A. Law writer John Romano, and Fox Television Studios executive Dave Madden. They met with executives at NBC and pitched a series that was about someone very much like Klayman, a public-interest lawyer on a crusade. According to him, NBC was interested because their West Wing series already had a character based on him, Harry Klaypool. He even claims that “Outlaw” was amongst his suggested titles for the series.

Klayman claims that making the main character a Supreme Court judge was NBC adding its own twist to his idea. Other than that, he feels it was identical to the series he pitched. He doesn’t remember the names of the executives he met with at NBC, but says he can provide documents to prove his story.

TV show supportNBC hasn’t commented about the claim yet, and a Fox Television Studios business and legal affairs executive, Shelly Reid, answered the call placed to Madden’s office. Reid reportedly declined to comment, but did state Fox wasn’t a party to this at all. Romano admits he worked with Klayman, but doesn’t recall going to NBC, but understands why they would have after West Wing. He admitted he was “also not struck by any similarities between Outlaw and the show Larry brought to us.”

Klayman hasn’t contacted NBC about this, but has an entertainment lawyer on retainer, wanting to negotiate it first. Klayman says that, if negotiating with the network doesn’t work out, he plans to bring a lawsuit against NBC.

It remains to be seen how much one could get over one of the most unsuccessful new series of this season. Maybe NBC could sue him for part of their losses?

What do you think? Does it sound like Klayman has a case?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. J says

    This show is really good. It was never given a chance and then the night was changed more than once. I would watch this show every week for sure and I think other people would too, if they were given a chance to see it in a realiable time slot.

  2. roman says

    The show was very entertaining, very different and never even given a chance. Who did they pole? I was disappointed when I turned on the tv only to find that Outlaws wasn’t there, and now to find out it was canceled I’m wondering if it’s the same people at NBC radio and didn’t find Howard Stern funny .

  3. mimsy says

    Another huge goof from the out-of-touch bunch at NBC keeping up a tradition of the definitely unfunny antics of Jay Leno; the two (really==two) plagiarising Nate Berkus
    (he makes us pukus). Someone should give you a clue about timing=In America,Fri & Sat are date nights and sports nites. What a lot of overpaid ninnies.

  4. Patti says

    Outlaw is or was, an original. Why rush to take it off the air ? There is some much garbage and nonsense filling up the airways, why not take some other shows instead of this interesting intellegent story. These stories had a plot and significance, also a beginning, middle and ending. The biggest hinderance Outlaw had to face was putting it up against CBS’s Bluebloods.
    Yes, this too is an excellent story, and I had to watch Outlaw one week and Bluebloods the next. The only other show I would watch over both of these is Dancing With the Stars.
    Please keep good clean shows with a message on T V
    Thank you for your time, Patti

  5. cecil says

    I am disappointed in NBC for cancelling the show. I thought it was very entertaining and I really like the characters and the story lines. And how can you even make a decesion after only one show? First of all it aires on Friday night and then youn moved it to Sat. night to finish it out??? not great nights for TV I DVR’d it along with Blue Bloods each week so I can watch it during the week—- 1 show is not enough time to make a decesion!!!! I hope another network picks it up Jimmy Smits is a great actor!!!! Sorry you made a lousy decesion NBC!!!!

  6. Mary says

    Outlaw has some interesting cases and thought the acting was good. Shame it didn’t get a chance to draw in more of an audience.

  7. John Bruso says

    I feel it is a great show and should not be canceled. I feel it should maybe be seen on a differant day when most are home rather then a Saturday Night.

  8. Nana2002 says

    I thought the show was great. I love Jimmy Smitts! I’m sure they steal ideas all the time. Good luck with that!

  9. AL says

    NBC is pulling the plug on “Outlaw” to soon. All the great shows take time to develope a following. Remember “Jag” they dumped it after 1 season, CBS picked it up and ran 10 years with it. Another one was “Hill Street Blues” They dumped it , but brought it back when the public revolted. Outlaw is a good show, leave it on the air, please.

  10. says


  11. Brian says

    A shame the show was cancelled so soon. I thought the acting was pretty good and legal shows are always interesting. I wanted to see if Smits character ever hooked up with his cute Blonde that worked for him!

  12. Missy says

    HOLLYWOOD—-they steal stories ALL the time and then try to make the poor schlub(s) that pitched the idea look like liars. I totally believe him and actually thought the show was pretty good, much better than most of the complete crap on television these days. Very few people have an original thought and this show wasn’t given enough time to find it’s audience.

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