Outsourced, Law & Order: Los Angeles: Were They Last Minute Cancellations?

Outsourced season twoIt’s like a look into an alternate universe — or just a terrible tease for fans of Outsourced and Law & Order: Los Angeles. Both NBC series were cancelled after one season on the air and won’t be returning for the 2011-12 season. Of course, if you received press materials from the network, you might think otherwise.

The cancelled freshman series were inadvertently included in materials sent to the press and were teased as returning series.

Both Outsourced and Law & Order: Los Angeles were cancelled due to terrible ratings and it seemed like both shows’ fates were sealed for awhile — but perhaps this little goof is an indication that NBC execs were seriously considering bringing one or both back for second seasons.

While LO:LA description is fairly generic, the Outsourced page may give some insight into what might have happened in season two. The description reads:

“After surviving his first year managing the call center in India, Todd’s ready for some bigger challenges — should he try to make his relationship with Asha a bit more than work-related? Is his team ready for a trip to America for training and some good ol’ USA traditions like beer pong?”

“He’s become more than just their boss, he’s their friend and mentor, and ready to share his culture with them while he continues to learn their ways. He’s there for support when Manmeet meets an American girl online and flies her to India, only to realize she’s more interested in his country than his, well, ‘Manmeet.’ Living in the same boarding house as Gupta, will Todd be able to raise Gupta’s game or will Gupta wind up making him an outcast, too? In this foreign land, anything is possible.”

Outsourced season two

Law and Order Los Angeles season two

What do you think? Do you think either show was close to being renewed? Did either deserve a second chance?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. n says

    Outsourced is awsome! I do think that it needs a better time slot. I have to watch it on hulu because it is too late.

  2. says

    After Law & Order was rescued by Alfred Molina it was not given enough of a chance. It is a good show and should be back! Outsourced seemed a little racist.

  3. Mike h says

    The 2011/12 promo also has Undercovers; Love Bites; Outlaw; Chase; Celebrity Apprentice; all with Sept Premiere dates!

  4. says

    out of both of them, outsourced should have been back just for the role of charile played by Diedrich Bader or givin him a spinoff show, the caracter charlie was hilarious and played by Bader so well. oh well

  5. Maureen says

    I’m sorry Law & Order, LA, and Outsourced have been canceled. Outsourced was very different and an enjoyable show, and all the Law and Order shows are good. Sorry to see them both gone.

  6. adam says

    Yeah, my wife and I loved Outsourced (as well as the original movie from whence it came). We’re disappointed they aren’t bringing it back.

  7. says

    Outsourced was doing well, until some Einstein at NBC put them at a later time slot. They need to be brought back. Outsourced is the first “original” show in years. Just how many Law and Order’s do we need? That show had repeated the story lines for the past 15 years. Outsourced is fresh, original and has a cast that was made for each other and they are so endearing. Bring it back, it deserves a second season…….

  8. Marcus says

    outsourced should come back but in a better time slot, not 10:30, as far as law and order la, svu is the only law and order thats worthy of being on tv.

  9. kelly says

    Loved Outsourced!!! So sad to see it go :( Definitely deserved to stay, especially in comparison with all the junk out there!

  10. Susie says

    I am so disappointed that Outsourced is gone. They made me look forward to Thursday nights again.. We’d even save each episode for right before bed, so neither of us would be distracted, and also saved the whole season on the DVR. Such a great show.. so funny.. I’m so sad it is gone. I never guessed it would be.

  11. Julia says

    So sad about law and order. I don’t think it was given a chance. It was taken off the air and redone but by the time it came back on no one knew it was there.should have known nbc would screw me out of yet another show. Chase cape law and order original event paul . Seriously why bother being invested in any of your shows. Never get to see it to the end.

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