Outsourced, Law & Order: Los Angeles: Were They Last Minute Cancellations?

Outsourced season twoIt’s like a look into an alternate universe — or just a terrible tease for fans of Outsourced and Law & Order: Los Angeles. Both NBC series were cancelled after one season on the air and won’t be returning for the 2011-12 season. Of course, if you received press materials from the network, you might think otherwise.

The cancelled freshman series were inadvertently included in materials sent to the press and were teased as returning series.

Both Outsourced and Law & Order: Los Angeles were cancelled due to terrible ratings and it seemed like both shows’ fates were sealed for awhile — but perhaps this little goof is an indication that NBC execs were seriously considering bringing one or both back for second seasons.

While LO:LA description is fairly generic, the Outsourced page may give some insight into what might have happened in season two. The description reads:

“After surviving his first year managing the call center in India, Todd’s ready for some bigger challenges — should he try to make his relationship with Asha a bit more than work-related? Is his team ready for a trip to America for training and some good ol’ USA traditions like beer pong?”

“He’s become more than just their boss, he’s their friend and mentor, and ready to share his culture with them while he continues to learn their ways. He’s there for support when Manmeet meets an American girl online and flies her to India, only to realize she’s more interested in his country than his, well, ‘Manmeet.’ Living in the same boarding house as Gupta, will Todd be able to raise Gupta’s game or will Gupta wind up making him an outcast, too? In this foreign land, anything is possible.”

Outsourced season two

Law and Order Los Angeles season two

What do you think? Do you think either show was close to being renewed? Did either deserve a second chance?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Al says


  2. Kenneth Lee says

    “Law and Order: Los Angeles (LOLA)” deserved a 2nd chance. The midstream major revision (murder of Detective Winter, supplanting of the assistant DAs, descension of DA Morales to detective) likely sealed LOLA’s poor ratings, probably because it confused viewers and by calling attention to the show’s ratings problems, some or many viewers likely surmised erroneously LOLA was a bad show. Admittedly LOLA is by no means an artistic triumph, but it was decent and more importantly recent episodes showed notable improvement, indicating LOLA’s artistic and thus ratings potential. LOLA is stylistically the last descendent of the original “Law and Order” (the SVU variation differs too much from the original in my view) and thus its cancellation to mark Law and Order’s extinction.

  3. says

    Outsourced started out very slow but each show got better and by the end, I was looking forward to a new season… but thanks to the show being moved (10:30pm, basically a death-blow for this show), I DVR’ed the show and would watch at a later time…

    if Seifeld were to start their first show today, there would not be a 2nd season (the first season was not good, go back and watch of you forgot)…

    PLEASE, NBC/CBS/ABC: stop canceling shows and bringing in new ones every season… this is getting ridiculous… gives most news shows a chance and don’t move times/dates on us… if I can figure this out, the so-called ‘experts’ should be able to…

  4. Skip says

    Please, if it’s not too late, give Outsourced a chance for a second season! With so much…well….junk on television, it’s so refreshing to watch something that gives us a chance to laugh at ourselves for a change. It’s the first show in years that I’ve gone out of my way to make sure I watch every single week.

    Don’t cut it!

  5. Richard says

    How could you cancel LOLA? Ever since, the reboot, it has been the best scripted drama on network television right now. The writing/directing is much better, and the cast is also amazing now (especially Alfred Molina). I understand you guys are a business, and I repect that. But I think this show could have done well for you in that regard. Had you kept it Wednesdays at 10, the promotion for the reboot would have payed off more, and it would have at least sustained the decent Fall ratings. Do not put anything at Mondays at 10 ever. Especially a show you go through the efort of revamping! I would suggest bringing it back, and then put it on Wednesdays at 10, or Thursdays at 10 (get rid of the 3 hour comedy block please). I would hope you genuinely consider this and not jsut pass it over. Those first eight episodes sucked, but the past few since the reboot have been amazing, honestly better than the mothership. So promte the H-E-C-K out of it and put it wenesdays or thursdays, make sure to keep the writing consistent, and watch those rating climb. Good luck. it was a stupid decision to put it up on that time slot. Don’t they remember that is what killed the mothership last year? They thought SVU could benefit from the Wednesday at 10 slot. SVU has got its chance. Lets face it, the ratings might be steady, but they will never increase again, 12 years into it. But LOLA could have. Sad, too. I hated those first 8 episodes mor ethan I hate SVU. But after the reboot, it is honestly the best scripted drama on network television (nothing beats Breaking Bad). The writing/directing is so much better and the cast fits so much better now too. Oh well. Just dont underwstand why NBC would go through the trouble of revamping and promoting it, and then put it on a certain to fail time slot. Oh well.

  6. Cory says

    I’m an Caucasian American and I actually enjoyed watching Outsourced and too be honest, I totally saw it to be renewed as theirs been other commendies like this that got renewed.

    I also watched Law and Order franchise.

    Law and Order – Original (Which they could easily bring back, I want Jack McCoy!)
    Law and Order: SVU (Coming back, but loosing Christopher Meloni (Det. Stabler)
    Law and Order: Trial By Jury (Interesting, It was ok, I kind of like watching Jury deliberations.) – Cancanled after Season 1.
    Law and Order: Criminal Intent – Ok, but Det. Goran always got on my nerves, but after watching the last few seasons, they portrayed his character this way and now on the 10th season and final, it will end.
    Law and Order: LA – Actually liked it, they had a lot really popular characters prolly made it seem they were trying to hard.

    Terrence Howard (Deputy D.A. Jonah Dekker)
    Known in: Iron Man and Get Rich or Die Tryin’

    Alfred Molina (Detective Ricardo Morales)
    Known in: Spider-Man 2 as Doc Oct.

    Skeet Ulrich (Detective Rex Winters )
    Known in: Kevin Mitnick in Hackers 2: Takedown

    Alana De La Garza (Deputy D.A. Connie Rubirosa)
    Known in: Deputy D.A. Connie Rubirosa in Law and Order with Mike Cutter and Jack McCoy in the last season 20.

    There are some international versions of Law and Order such as UK version, but I don’t watch that, but in the US after Criminal Intent is over, SVU will be the last Law and Order for US based and now after loosing Christopher Meloni, this could also be it’s last season. Maybe he’ll take a break for a year and make a storyline which requires deep cover. :)

  7. sammy says

    Outsourced was the worst show put out by NBC i watched five eps an i wanted to vomit NBC did the right thing by dumping this crap

  8. Craig says

    I think libby shows what happened to Outsourced. The US doesn’t know how to react to a plot that involves a culture from a different non-white country. So many thought they might have been observing racism. They weren’t certain, but it was enough to scare the network and viewers.

  9. Becky says

    Don’t cancel Law & Order: LA. I was a great fan of Law & Order and didn’t want it to stop. Don’t want Law & Order LA to stop either.

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