OutsourcedNetwork: NBC
Episodes: 22 (half-hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: September 23, 2010 — May 12, 2011
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Ben Rappaport, Anisha Nagarajan, Diedrich Bader, Parvesh Cheena, Pippa Black, Rebecca Hazelwood, Rizwan Manji, and Sacha Dhawan.

outsourced past TV show

TV show description:
This workplace sitcom revolves around a catalog-based company that sells American novelty goods (including whoopee cushions, foam fingers, and wallets made of bacon) and whose call center has suddenly been outsourced to India.

After completing Mid America Novelties’ manager training program, top salesman Todd Dempsy (Ben Rappaport) is reassigned to India to act as the manager of the company’s call center. Having never ventured out of the country, Todd is unprepared for the culture shock. Overwhelmed, he discovers that his new staff needs a crash course in how to think, speak, and breathe American. He wants them to fully understand the unique product line so they can ramp up sales from halfway around the world.

Todd inherits a sales team that includes socially-awkward Gupta (Parvesh Cheena); Manmeet (Sacha Dhawan), a young romantic who is enamored with America; Asha (Rebecca Hazlewood), a smart and striking woman who’s intrigued by Todd; Madhuri (Anisha Nagarajan), who’s extremely shy but finds her voice through her work; and Rajiv Gidwani (Rizwan Manji), the assistant manager who wants Todd’s job.

Todd also discovers that there are other transplants who work in his office building. Charlie Davies (Diedrich Bader) runs the All-American Hunter call center and has no interest in assimilating. He even has junk food shipped from home. Tonya (Pippa Black) is a beautiful Australian who runs the call center for Koala Air and catches Todd’s eye.

Series Finale:     
Episode 22 — Rajiv Ties the Baraat, Part 2
Rajiv’s bachelor party is starting to get interesting: a transvestite stripper is dancing, Charlie’s serving breast-shaped Jell-O shots, Rajiv is tied to his chair and Pinky has just arrived with a blow-up doll wearing pasties. But suddenly Vimi and her father burst in, appalled by what they see. Rajiv tries to explain that it’s just a silly American custom, but they storm off. Rajiv is a wreck, but his pals refuse to slow down. Manmeet shows up and announces he’s had a wild night of sex and is now in love with Ashlynn.

Madhuri and Ajeet walk on the beach at night. Madhuri tells Ajeet that she read his note and reveals she has feelings for him too. Ajeet wants to pursue her, but Madhuri must discuss the matter with her family.

The next morning, the wedding preparations are in full swing. A smitten Manmeet brings Ashlynn to one of the wedding tents where the ladies are being pampered in preparation for the festivities ahead. After he leaves, Ashlynn shares some girl talk with Asha and Madhuri. Ashlynn explains that she’s been having fun with Manmeet, but now she’s ready to see the countryside – without Manmeet. Apparently, he was only part of her itinerary.

The father of the bride argues with the proprietor of the wedding facility. Given Rajiv’s reckless pre-wedding behavior, Vimi’s father wants to call the wedding off; he insists that the meal and everything else be cancelled. Todd intervenes. He explains to Vimi’s father that the bachelor party was his idea and that the wedding should continue.

A very hungover Gupta stumbles down the beach with Charlie. They encounter a brilliant white horse; it’s the steed that Rajiv is to make his wedding entrance upon. They serenade the horse – which promptly bolts off down the beach.

Rajiv finds a contemplative Vimi on the beach. He apologizes profusely and implores her to continue with their wedding plans. She forgives him, explaining that they’ve both done things they’re not proud of. Rajiv’s mind begins to race: is his Vimi not quite as pure as he thought? She skirts the question. Distraught, Rajiv seeks out Todd. Should he go through with the ceremony? Todd counsels him that he should.

Manmeet excitedly shows Asha and Madhuri a family heirloom necklace he intends to give to Ashlynn. The girls look at each other with concern. Asha disappears, leaving it to Madhuri to break the news to their coworker that Ashlynn may not be quite as in love with him as Manmeet is with her.

A perturbed Asha complains to Todd about her betrothed: he’s not going to show up to the wedding. She wonders if she’s being taken for granted even before she’s married. Todd explains that any man who would take her for granted is a fool. She smiles.

Gupta and Charlie can’t find the bridal horse that they spooked. They pursue the next best option: coaxing an elephant into the job.

Rajiv still has doubts. Todd tries to console him and points out that even though she may not be a virgin, Vimi has many fine qualities. Rajiv comes around. The wedding is on!

Astride the elephant, Rajiv rides down the beach, followed by a dancing procession of friends and family. He and his beloved Vimi complete the various ceremonies; the wedding is traditional, joyous and beautiful. A raucous reception follows. A dejected Manmeet realizes that Ashlynn is not the one, and there’s a hint that perhaps Asha may be feeling the same way about her betrothed — much to Todd’s delight.

First aired: May 12, 2011.


Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Jackie Plaia says

    Well, I am an American, and I love this show! I enjoy people who don’t take themselves too seriously, and at the same time, I get to learn about cultural differences and customs in India. The bobble head show was my favorite. I have made that same gesture ever since to my own husband, and we feel a connection to India that I might not ever have known! Lighten up, folks! The actors are terrific, and it is unlike anything on TV. We think it’s fabulous and it makes us want to visit India!

  2. Aaron says

    This show ROCKS!!!… I bring my experience as an American working in a call center, and seeing how the characters in the show respond, I could play the lead and run the place… Anybody with problems needs to just relax… If people from India take offense, do you seriously think they (NBC) would launch a show right after it’s money maker (The Office) without doing research on how people would feel???

    It’s comedy, and I don’t know about comedy in India, but over here, it’s stupid… and stupid is what generates laughs… Of course I am excluding any customary ideals in India… Having been to Iraq, I know there are reasons the world isn’t one continent, but every Iraqi I ever talked to loved American comedy… Maybe because they had no idea we existed…

    For the Indians… Just relax… For the Americans that are whining about losing jobs overseas, I am with you 100%… But try to buy American all the time… Good luck with that… I hope you don’t have any Wal Mart receipts in your wallets…

  3. says

    It doesn’t matter if you are offended by this show or not…it’s just bad…it’s not funny, and the few laughs it does get are trite. I can’t see this show carry its on weight forward…there are no characters on the show that you can love (or love to hate).

  4. raj says

    Lighten up guys! Show is quite funny. I am an indian and enjoy it as much as I enjoy many other sit coms and other comedy shows.

  5. Justin says

    It was ok. I had problems with some of the jokes. The jokes are only funny becuase the people are hindu which is kind of exploitive. I get the ‘understand cultural differences angle’ so some of the more serious parts will shine once we get used to the cast, but it won’ go that far.

    However they don’t seem to care about the time differences at all. Prime time call center hours in the u.s (lets say 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. EST would be 6:30 p.m – 5:30 a.m. India since it’s 9 and a half. Apparently they don’t consider this when people servicing an Australian call market work the same hours as people servicing a u.s. market. NBC Research Fail.

  6. Ricky Casino says

    I watched with an open mind, the series premiere of Outsourced on NBC. This show does have very sophisticated humor mixed in with a enough superficial Jr. high funny to keep the (mindless) mass population happy.

    I like this show for one primary reason: we need to have this conversation. The world has always been the customer of the products from the US. The US however, has up until recently not been a nation that consumed more than it produced. The rest of the world got smarter, and learned how to make things better and cheaper. We allowed our tariff protections to drop in the name of “free trade” and gave huge tax breaks to companies in the US to build their manufacturing operations on foreign soil. Did we think that outsourcing would be so unbalanced as to hire obviously UNqualified workers in foreign countries to take the place of US workers in such a wide range of tasks? If these people who do call center work in foreign countries were to come to the US and apply for work in one of our call centers, would they be hired? The answer is NO. Why? Because their speech impediments are typically so outrageous they would NEVER be considered serious candidates.

    Bottom line, it is ALL about the MONEY. If you could find a way to pay US workers 1 dollar an hour, with no benefits, some of these jobs would start coming back to the US. This is the eventual goal. A solid 2 tier economy with a 99% mass of poverty stricken US workers, and a golden 1% superclass that owns everything!

    For the record. I am college educated, and I am UNemployed… with many of my opportunities outsourced as well!

    About the TV show Outsourced? How do you write for a show like this? I think they made their point. Is there 100 shows in this storyline? will they serialize it, like Drew Carey? SO far it’s ratings are better than 30 Rock. What say you?

    • says

      Don’t worry, there’s a solution for a two-tier society of the ultra-rich and the masses of the poor. It’s called a guillotine. Used to great effect by the French. Also note current rioting in the streets by French students over raising their pension age by TWO YEARS. Americans in the year 2012 may not be able to afford a gun or a guillotine, but there’s always the good old rake and shovel.

      In regard to Outsourced, note that airport security agents have been selectively targeting East Indian women for theft of cash and valuables while searching their bags. I live in a state (Arizona) where after 9/11 a Sikh convenience store clerk was killed because he was WEARING A TURBAN. True, Americans don’t know much about the world but look who is educating them now about other cultures and making it that much easier to hate.

  7. Nag says

    Get over it pushup….. Watch Comedy central and try to enjoy comedy….. This is just a stupid show. Take it easy…………..there are lot of things that happen in real life to be offended of ……..chill out, have a beer and enjoy the show……….

  8. Pushpa says

    Wow, what a horrible show. Seriously. It was incredibly horrifying to sit through the first half hour, but I really wanted to watch the entire pilot so that I could honestly say that now that I have watched it, it is NOT funny with a ridiculous premise (WHY would the manager leave the US and suddenly move to India without any thoughts to family/friends? No mentions…) and as an Indian-American, extremely offensive. I agree with other comments from people who say that it will just give Americans a skewed perception of India/Indians and ultimately, cause discrimination. YES of course it is also a racial issue (on top of the fact that it is just….BAD!)

  9. EFM says

    Thanks Mandi, I couldn’t have said it better. This show was very funny. I didn’t find it offensive, hear any stereotypes, nor think it poked fun at Indian people. It showed the truth, that the customs in the countries are different. Neither one being right while the other being wrong. It showed that there was a difference and that for an American to make it in India, he had to respect their ways and be a part of the team , and for the Indian people to be successful selling to Americans, they had to respect American ways and try to relate to what Americans want. Way to go NBC. Thanks for turning this movie into a sitcom.

  10. Mandi says

    Actually Mini it is not racially insensitive and offending sitcom to ALL the Indian
    minority community living in the US. You may be offended- but not all of us are offended. I agree with Jack- this is supposed to be a show that is targeting an issue that is happening right now. For so long it has been people from India that everyone poked fun of working here. But now the tables are turned on an American being out numbered and being the minority. He is getting a taste of what a lot of people from other countries that come here feel. I thought it was funny and I hope the show does well. I mean are we seriously going to stop every show that people think is insensitive? There would be nothing on TV anymore, because the only thing that everyone in America has in common is that we are never happy and we always can find something to complain about.

  11. J.D. says

    I, too have been laid off for a year now, and it is hard enough looking for a job every day without having a show about outsourcing thrown in my face. I normally can’t wait for Thursday night lineup, but I will switch over from this show and watch William Shatner’s new show. I think whomever put this show together should lose their job and get a taste of what is really going on in this country right now, and we’ll see if they think it is funny not to be able to go shopping and buy the things you want or pay bills on time or keep your rattletrap car going on a budget, or the other things I don’t have space to name without any job security or health insurance!
    NBC you suck the big one on this show! This is the most insensitive thing I have seen lately!

  12. jacktheripper says

    Lighten up, will you? To make this into a racial issue is ignorant. As for insensitive, if my best friend was murdered by a serial killer, should I be offended by a movie about serial killers? If my house was robbed, should I be offended about the series Scoundrels? I rest my case.

  13. steve says

    I lost MY job a year and half ago . At 55years of age . this is a death sentence.I ran out of unemployment 2weeks ago. I guess that explains why I dont have cable or T.V. I have a great sense of humor, but a comedy about outsourcing? Is this Jack Welchs final F.U. to the American worker? What NBC needs to do is put Olbermann and Shultz on primetime ,these two men are NBCs best assets. Their shows are more informative than your Nightly News,and very entertaining . Iam scraping myself off the ceiling after hearing about your Outsourced show. MSNBC is a great network that I watch on my P.C. but NBC falls short in the news dept. and not funny in the comedy dept. THANK YOU STEVE p.s. I MADE IT THROUGH THIS E MAIL WITHOUT GETTING VILE.

  14. Mini says

    Well, its not funny.
    Outsourced is a racially insensitive and offending sitcom to all the Indian
    minority community living in the US.
    This show should not be aired as this will create discrimination in the work
    place against the minorities.

    Hope folks at NBC and other media recognize this and honor the sentiments and safety
    of the Indian community in the US.


    • C says

      It’s not offensive at all. It shows cultural differences very fairly. It points out Indian and American cultural oddities equally.

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