Pan Am: Questions Will ‘Never Be Answered’ If Cancelled

Pan Am Christina Ricci on cancellation chancesIt’s no secret that Pan Am has been struggling in the ratings. As a result, ABC decided to order only one episode beyond their initial 13 installment order.

Pan Am is currently one of ABC’s lowest-rated shows and currently averages a 1.8 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 5.76 million total viewers. That’s the same as now-cancelled Work It. The most recent episodes have been garnering a 1.2 in the demo, ensuring that the season average will keep dropping.

ABC maintains that the show has not been cancelled and Christina Ricci, the actress who plays Maggie the flight attendant, maintains that a decision won’t be made until May.

In a recent press call, she said, “I don’t really understand the ratings system and how that works or, I choose not to… If I go shopping, the people who work in the stores love the show. When I fly, all the flight attendants love the show. I know friends and family love the show. Most of them didn’t watch it during its time slot. Most of them watched it online or TiVo’d.”

Ricci doesn’t understand why Pan Am’s numbers aren’t better, but said, “I just feel like more and more people towards the end of the season are getting really into it and really saying that every show is better than the last. And that’s good, because you really want a show to have time for development and develop into something really amazing.”

There was hope that the 14th episode would be used to give the ongoing storylines some closure but Ricci says that’s not the case, “If there isn’t a season two, there will be questions that will never, ever, ever be answered.” She concluded, “But, hopefully we will get a season two and no one will know that until May.”

What do you think? Do you think Pan Am producers should have planned to end the show with episode 14 or, leave things unresolved in hopes of a second season?

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  1. Malin says

    I loved, loved, loved the show, and despite the 14 episode, there are menny, menny questions to be anserd!! What will happen to Laura and Ted?? Will Colette find her brother?? And what aboat Dean?? Will Kate become a real agent and will she ever meet Nico again?? And where will the world take Maggie and her new partner??

    Still hoping for a second serie whith the same actors!

  2. Veronica says

    PLEASE bring Pan Am back!! I loved the show…. I love that era and my dad works for the airlines so it was fun having something to relate to. I also did not watch it during it’s time but recorded it to watch the very next day!

  3. Staci says

    April 2013 – Absolutely loved Pan Am. SONY ABC FOX – who cares, bring it back with the same characters

  4. Paul says

    This show is a fresh breath of fresh air when all you see on T.V. these days are stupid reality shows! I really wish they would at least give Season 2 a try. I don’t understand how the ratings work…if people PVR the show, watch it on the internet, etc.. how does that effect the ratings. It was never on a good time slot so imagine if it was on one hour before!

  5. Jim Munoz says

    I can’t believe this show might be cancelled we love the show and know lots of people who love THIS show. I don’t know how the ratings work these days with TiVo and DVR’s being used to time shift and watch at more convenient times. I have to get up early for work and always watch it recorded, but none the less watch it religiously every week. If the Neilsons don’t count those of us who time shift in those households then they’re system is terribly skewed and behind the times. Network TV doesn’t put on many excellent shows like this.

  6. d says

    btw I really like Erin Cumming’s storyline. Please call her back.
    Yahlin Chang should write more episodes… if she wants to.
    AND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t leave Omar behind!!!

  7. d says

    Ok yeah I didn’t where I can go to leave a comment and most likely a silly college girl making an appeal won’t reach the ears of the drama gods, but what the heck.
    I just watched the entire first season in one sitting. Admittedly, this was my third time getting into the show and it had to be French music that finally drew me in, but my god it was so missed! I especially liked the history threads along the way: Collette’s story made me drown in my torrential tears during the third episode and beyond. I really think this is a band of people with whom an American audience can learn to adore and this will be the stuff of dreams: girls 10 years from now will be citing Pan-Am, the airline AND the show at stewardess interviews! Please stick with it for another season: don’t give up on it so quickly!

  8. Paula says

    I love the show & the characters. I looked forward to Sunday nights just to watch.
    It is a great show with a perfect blend of mystery, comedy, & romance.

  9. brian bingham says

    This show most dfinitely needs time to develope a bit further. It is not un-heard of for TV to start out a little slow, but gain momentum and sometimes even turn into absolute classics! Cheers and classic Star Trek being two very well known examples of such.
    The time period explored in Pan Am is quickly becoming recognized as a perid of time marked by world-changing politics, as well as a sophisticated style that simply has not been duplicated since!

    I am a freqient flyer, and it is a fun escape to imagine traveling in the high-style portrayed in Pan Am!

    Please don’t cancel!

    The cast is as convincing as it is compelling. My personal favorite is the young woman who portrays Colette!

    • Gwen says

      …Silly me I’v been waiting, looking, hoping to see PanAm again. In these days with Series & Seasons starting at no understandable slots of time, I foolishly thought, at least there would be a conclusion.
      Does anybody in” The Business ” know that it is diffcult keeping up with time schedules when U keep moving them around?
      It seems like U enjoy shooting yourselves in the foot while making the viewers madd.

  10. Linda & Frank says

    Please don’t cancel, my husband and I really enjoy the show. It’s so realistic. Much better than the stupid reality shows that are on left and right. It has meaning. However I do agree with other viewers that the show should be a little earlier in the evening like 8 or 9 pm. The show has great potential please don’t let it go. We Love it!!!!!!!

  11. ATM says


  12. Anonymous says

    Please do NOT cancel!! Just getting caught up with finale episode. I saved it because I’m so busy with kids on the weekends. I think the time slot is not the best for viewers so DVR’s & other options help. Move it to a different night so ratings will go up!!! The clothes, make-up, set design, etc…are amazing & great representations of that decade! Love the characters too!! I want to find out how it all turns out for everyone!!! Please stay!!!!! Look forward to watching it:)

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