Partners: Cancelled Show Wiped from CBS Website, People’s Choice Awards

Sorry Partners fans. If you were hoping that CBS might get around to releasing the remaining unaired episodes of the cancelled sitcom, you shouldn’t hold your breath. The network has completely deleted Partners from their website.

Just last week, you could find video of full episodes, clips, promos, synopses, biographies, and show photos on the network site. All traces of David Krumholtz, Michael Urie, Sophia Bush, and Brandon Routh have been deleted.

While Partners wasn’t a ratings success for CBS, it wasn’t a huge flop either. Heck, NBC and FOX would love to have more sitcoms with Partners’ numbers.

It’s curious that the network would so quickly wipe out all traces of a show that ran for six weeks but in the past they’ve kept immediate failures (like How to Be a Gentleman and 3) on their website for months.

On Saturday, Partners was deleted from the People’s Choice Award category for Favorite New TV Comedy.

While CBS promoted Partners’ nomination last week and the show is still listed as a nominee, you can’t actually vote for the show on the voting page any longer. The People’s Choice Award airs on CBS on January 9th.

It seems that CBS is trying to forget Partners as quickly as possible. Ah, Hollywood!

What do you think? Why do you think Partners was pulled from the CBS site so quickly? Would you be interested in purchasing the sitcom on DVD? Would you have voted for the show?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. ginia says

    Did they cancelled this show because Urie was very flamboyant and convincing as a gay man? They dont like those kind of gays?

    I mean, i watched revenge (it has a bi character, Nolan, who they now made to date a girl) Modern family, the new normal, and the characters there seem like guys more than gays (with the exception of Him) but Louis is another thing. He’s glaringly gay, selfish and hyperactive, blunt, beauty conscious, knows he has a good face and not shy to flaunt it.

    In the real world, or at least where i live, gays here are often effeminate, fun people who is the center of the crowd, a party goer, or very health conscious, or has flawless skin (i know, one of my gay friends has a skin like a pillow), and only a few of them are like Neil Patrick or Matt Boomer that has a demeanor of a typical guy, with a child, and accepted by their own families.

    Most of my gay friends are actually like Louis, blunt and overbearing at times, shun by either their dad or brothers, so in a manner, i can say that he is closer to reality than anything I’ve seen on tv before.

    It was even place in the people’s choice awards so it couldn’t have been simply for the ratings and popularity?

    I mean, they have acceptable ratings than shows on other networks that i watched before like gossip girl, and that show was skidding to a point of absurdity, and yet Partners didn’t even get a shot to air its whole season?

    And forget about comedy coz its definitely funny. The writing really resembles the writers earlier style in Will and Grace but i dont mind the similarity, in fact i welcome it. I especially like the Derek Jeters episode, it was HILAriOUS.

    And i like it that the main characters Joe and Louis are friends, and it transcended the issues of Louis being gay. I like it that they are like brothers, and they stick with each other through thick and thin.

    It has a good premise, and tv shows today are either filled with gore, human cruelty, petty arguments, jealousy, betrayal and cheating.

    I mean, for me it was good that i get to see something that actually speaks about a relationship that’s base on love and respect.

    I love this show a lot, its fun and lighthearted, and no deaths.

    I dont have to dread that somebody will die in the story later on, so I’m not steeling myself the way I do when I watch other shows, and I cant remember when was the last time I felt like that. Unburden by the plots ******** me over.

    Im just disappointed that they cancelled a show that can still improve, I really dont know what they’re thinking.


  2. Tom says

    I have to admit that the first episode had me saying “eh…Lewis is really really really vain” but as the season rolled on, he started to show some understanding and the writing started to really click. The Jeter episode was hysterical. Hopefully CBS will at least put the whole season that was completed on DVD soon. I wouldn’t expect it to return to another network. Once they cancel a show, the actors look for other work pretty quickly, so unless everyone was still available, it won’t happen.

  3. Teresa says

    Loved this show. Was so disappointed to find out it was cancelled, I was waiting on it to return. Can’t believe it was only given 6 weeks, people were just discovering it. Loved the characteres and their relationships. Was the same with “Rob” not sure what network it aired on, but I really liked this show and it was not given a chance. Hope another network picks it up.

  4. Kobellious says

    I was so upset to learn this show had been cancelled. I thought it was funny and yet relatable. I would definitely buy it on DVD!!!! And another network should pick it up. I think it could be big. It had a great say and the acting was great too.

  5. says

    Shocking! My wife and I thought this show was very good, way betteer than Two Broke Girls and the unwatchable Rues of Engagement! The lead actor Michael Urie, was another Sean Hayes in the making!

  6. Everett Cross says

    I am still perplexed as to why CBS would cancel such a great comedy as Partners. When we first saw this show it took only minutes to discover the well crafted characters and draw us further into their world. It was so well written that it gave us a chance to see our own lives and to be able to laugh at ourselves. Not only was this show cutting edge it was witty and thought provoking. I certainly would buy this on DVD if CBS decides to put it out. If not please release it to another station.

  7. Danny Mason says

    Me and my wife loved the show Partners. We are confused as to why it got cancelled and Rules of Engagement keeps coming and going? It isn’t nearly as good as Partners.

  8. paatxx says

    pls just bring the show back !! it was great i still don’t understand how it could be canceled. i loved it ! if cbs dosen’t want it then show it somewhere else !

  9. maryellen says

    what are you people crazy, that was a great show. You really didn’t give it a chance at all. It was just getting started. The writing on the show was great.. The acting was great. I kept waiting for it to get started again. Thinking it was on some vacation for the holidays. The people I work with we all were waiting for it to started. What a shame big mistake !!!!

  10. Jamie says

    It was one of the best shows they have right up there with big bang, how I met your mother, and 2 and a half men. I think it’s even better then two broke girls. I wish they would finish a series that they start for at least one seasons and then evaluate from there.

  11. denea says

    Finally a good new comedy. Loved the show and shocked it is over. Can’t stand reality tv but I’m sure CBS will add another horrible reality or cop show.

  12. says

    I really enjoyed this show. I love that she had came off of One Tree Hill. I was a die hard fan and enjoyed watching her act. Its a shame that big bang theory made it, which i believe is a waste, but something as light and funny as partners did not. 6 weeks to me doesnt seem like its long enough to give it a chance….

  13. Darthur says

    I loved that show. Would definitely love to buy the first season if they put it ou there. too bad they didn’t give it more time.

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