Partners: Sitcom Cancelled by CBS

Partners TV show cancelled by CBSIt was only a matter of time. CBS has cancelled Partners, the new sitcom from Will & Grace creators Max Mutchnick and David Kohan.

Revolving around a pair of best friend architects, Partners stars Michael Urie, David Krumholtz, Sophia Bush, Brandon Routh, and Tracy Vilar.

The show debuted to a 2.4 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 6.56 million viewers, substantially lower than the CBS sitcoms that preceeded and followed it. The numbers have gotten worse as the season has progressed and Monday’s episode hit a new low with a 1.8 demo rating and 5.48 million viewers.

While those numbers would have been good enough to keep the show on the air on NBC or FOX, they weren’t high enough for CBS. They’ve opted not to order a full season of episodes and have pulled the show from the schedule effective immediately.

Partners TV show supportSitcom reruns will start airing on Monday. CBS hasn’t said what will replace Partners on a more permanent basis but Rules of Engagement, the utility player that used to air on Mondays, seems a likely candidate.

What do you think? Are you sorry to see Partners cancelled? Why do you think that it didn’t catch on?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Melinda Chown says

    This show is just soooooo funny. You obviously didn’t give it a proper go. It just came on over here. Was put on late at night so it was pure luck I stumbled onto it. Love it. Give it another go. Different timeslot maybe. Do something.

  2. Forest says

    the script is good, but the acting isn’t matching the lines.. I just wish they didn’t cancel it too soon

  3. Betty Sexton says

    Loved this show! Missed seeing Sophia Bush in something and now they’ve cancelled something great. pls bring it back.

  4. Lexi says

    I love this show. They really shouldn’t have pulled it so quickly bc people obviously loved it…they were nominated for a people’s choice award wtf!!

    I read on another site that CBS has actors who are gay in big bang theory and how I met your mother and noted that Michael urie is also gay so they must be gay friendly. I would like to call bullshit on this bc none of the characters are actually gay in the show…they can employ gay actors but apparently to produce a show with gay characters in the spotlight is too much for them.

  5. lynn says

    As much as I liked the concept, there was somthing off with the chemistry. Urise the gay best freind I liked alot but the other three did nothing for me.Especially Superman he was just to DUMB.

  6. serah says

    WHAT THE **** WERE YOU THINKING ABOUT ?????????!!!!!
    ITS A REAL good one, finally I’m looking forward to see a sitcome full of laughter and fun and YOU cancel it guys!
    I can’t believe that all of those people are looking forward for the show and YOU didn’t see it with YOUR stupid statistics, bring it back on!!!!
    believe it or not smart asses that one has a future!

  7. Robert says

    I loved the show. If 13 were made, how can we see the rest? I really wish someone would pick it up. It was funny and CBS didn’t give it a chance.

  8. Hobbes says

    When I realized the show got canceled cause I never got to see episode 7, I was devastated. For once, finally there’s a light, humorous and yet interesting series aired in the TV. When Ugly Betty was abruptly ended with 4 seasons, I felt I can’t really find anything similar to that anymore. But Partners is so different than other sitcoms. The lines are witty, the jokes are specific. It’s something only you can get from Partners and not other sitcoms. This is like one of the best series that portrays a gay character and also in a more positive light.

    I showed my boyfriend and he loves it. He’s not the person who will giggle and laugh when something’s funny. But when watching all six episodes seeing him laughing to his fullest, I knew that this sitcoms is good. So CBS please air it back or else people will start CBB you. :)

  9. Cholissa says

    You would not know a good show if it slapped you in the face. I loved Partners it was funny and entertaining. What the hell is wrong with you people? Bring it back bring it back bring it back bring it back or sell it to another network that is willing to air it. That was dumb on your part. Come on bring it back

  10. Disgusted says

    I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!!!!!! What in the hell are you thinking? It is an adorable show of which there are many anymore because most are ALL THE SAME detective, blood & guts garbage! I’m mean how many times can you see someone killed, raped, kidnapped etc.?

    This is is light & for a change on TV, very funny & ENTERTAINING!!!!!! BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!

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