Passions: Cancellation Details & Petition to Save NBC Soap

What will happen to Passions on NBC?The peacock network is announcing today that the eight-year-old soap Passions has been cancelled. This comes as a shock to some but the writing has been on the wall for awhile. Still, things may not be as grim as they may seem.

Passions debuted on July 5, 1999 and was created by Jim Reilly, a writer from Days of Our Lives. Reilly is the head writer on the soap and is an executive producer with Lisa de Cazotte. The supernatural sudser takes place in fictional New England town Harmony and replaced the long-running Another World. Now it looks like Passions will be replaced itself.

The soap has been in danger for quite some time. When NBC renewed the series in May 2006, the network renewed it only for one year and required significant budget cuts. As a result, $4-5 million was slashed from the yearly budget and caused several crewmembers and performers to be let go. Now, nearly a year later, NBC has cancelled the soap. Why?

NBC recently announced that they would be expanding the popular Today Show from three to four hours weekdays. The Today Show is a great cash-earner for NBC and has been around for 55 years. The cast, including Matt Lauer, Meredith Vieira, Ann Curry and Al Roker, is scheduled to hold a news conference today at the Television Critics Association (TCA) winter preview tour to announce the news show expansion.

That “super-sized” version of Today will leave NBC affiliates with one less hour in their mid-morning slot. To compensate, NBC is releasing the Passions timeslot to affiliates. As a result, Passions will be pulled — though not for awhile.

The present Passions contract runs out in June but the new expanded Today won’t debut until Fall 2007. To fill the summer months, NBC is expected to negotiate with the Passions cast and show creatives to extend the soap until August. That could be the end.

But, like Tabitha and any good soap fan knows, there are always possible ways to cheat death. How could Passions survive?

NBC is proud of the soap. As recent as last week, the network issued a press release touting the fact that Passions was fourth in the ratings for all soaps in the very desirable female 18-34 demographic. Passions even tied for first place (with Days of Our Lives) for that demographic for the first week in January. As well, NBC owns Passions completely, allowing the network to keep all profits.

Sign the petition!Because of its strong popularity with young women, there are rumblings that NBC may try to keep the series alive elsewhere. Possibilities include producing the soap (perhaps in a shortened version) for Disney’s SoapNet cable station, the struggling MyNetwork TV or even on the Internet.

The soap won’t go off the air for several months so we probably won’t know what the future holds for Passions and the Harmony residents for quite some time.

What do you think? We know there are lots of Passions fans out there. Would you like to see the soap continue? If so, consider signing our petition (leave a comment) so NBC and Passions executive producers Jim Reilly and Lisa de Cazotte will know how you feel. We’ll keep you posted on any new developments. Stay tuned — and in the meantime, let’s save Passions! TV Series Finale home page

Please note, due to the overwhelming response, 4,500 petition comments have been archived (for bandwidth issues).

Canceled and renewed TV show


To NBC Daytime Programs
cc: Jim Reilly and Lisa de Cazotte

We, the undersigned have enjoyed much of your programming, particularly the ongoing Passions series. We have enjoyed the stories and the work of the cast each week and are dismayed about the announced cancellation.

We believe that the ratings have not accurately shown the show’s popularity and potential for future revenue.

We respectfully request that you reconsider your decision to cancel Passions and to find a way to keep it on NBC daytime. If that is not possible, we implore you to find another venue to continue telling the engaging stories of the people of Harmony.

Thank you in advance for your attention and consideration.

The Undersigned fans of Passions

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  1. says

    i also have been watching passions since day 1 and i wish they would be given a new chance by another network with better is possible. they have always been a different kinda soap but they deserve another chance to be on the air.

  2. says

    my name is Nicole.
    I really want nbc to put passions back on the air.
    if broke my heart when they took passions off the air,
    I really want to save passions.
    it was my favorite show in the world
    I really miss watching passions.

  3. says

    I wish Passions be back on for NBC Daytime for Cogeco That I can see it again I have been watching that for a year I was watching Days and As The world Turns and Desperate Housewives because it has Jesse Metcalfe in it thats why I really missed Passions alot and I do still missed it.

  4. Derick says

    I have been watching passions since the very first day even my son and my wife love it so much its unfair to break my wife’s heart in such a way try to feel for others at least this once

  5. Mrs. Smith says

    I’m very upset to learn that Passions may be cancelled I have been watching it since 2000 and loved every minute of the soap. I am 29 years old and have watched all of the soaps at one point or another and hands down Passions was by far my favorite. Please allow Passions to stay on the air I just Directv two days ago and have been searching for my soap.

  6. Raven says

    i have watched passions since the day it aired, i havent missed one episode, i even went out and got Direct TV just so i could continue to watch, it is a sad sad thing that you would cancel passions but leave other stupid soaps like as the world turns and one life to live on, NBC lost a lot of great fans when they made the dicision to cancel it. SO PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!

  7. rachell says

    I’m sorry but I don’t care for the todays show and if you would like my rating please return passions back to it’s original show time slot!!

  8. Joanna says

    I have been watching Passions from day one and I am very disappointed that it has been cancelled. Even after it was cut from NBC and DirectTV had exclusive rights, I was still finding a way to watch almost every episode. It is truly sad and I do wish that the show would return. Please bring it back!!!! Who needs the Today Show anyway?

  9. Josee says

    I can’t believe that Passions has ended. I’ve been watching it since it first came on the air. I even subcribed to Superchannel to continue watching my Harmony neighbours. PLEASE put Passions back on the AIR

  10. Cindy says

    I have been watching passions since I was 9 years old and continue to watch it (well what I can find to watch on the internet) to this day at the age of 18. Passions is my absolute favorite show. I was so upset to find out that Passions would only be availble to Direct TV subscribers and me being young still and my parents not wanting to switch, I was devastated!! So I wasn’t able to watch as much as I used to. And to find out that Direct TV didnt renew their contract and that Passions would be CANCELLED completely tore my heart apart. It felt as bad as having a death in the family. How could this happen!! Through the years of watching Passions I’ve grown a connection with Passion and the characters on their as if they were like family. Always hoping that the truth would come out about what Gwen and Rebecca did so Ethan could really see the real Gwen and get back with Theresa, the one he belongs with….but in order for that to happen the show had to be cancelled? Its so sad. Us fans will never get to see episodes of Ethan and Theresas life together as it should’ve been years ago. Same thing with Luis and Sheridan. Though I wish it would’ve turned out Luis and Sheridan and then Antonio comes back and then him and Fancy get to know each other and fall in love! That would’ve been better!! All of us fans dont want Passions to end here. WE WANT MORE PASSIONS!!! Please save PASSIONS!!! Passions is a great show full of oustanding cast members. This is the sadest thing ever. We all need to work together to save PASSIONS. BRING PASSIONS BACK NBC!!! GIVE IT ANOTHER TRY!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!

    TO all the cast members of Passions, yall are awesome. All of us fans are going to miss you so much. Thank you to the cast members who stuck out these 9 wonderful years. Don’t give up hope. As Theresa Winthrop says….follow your Passion!! My Passion is saving Passions and keeping it alive for MUCH MORE YEARS TO COME…. LETS SAVE THE GREATEST DAYTIME TV SHOW OF ALL TIME!!!!!

    We love you Passions…
    ….this isn’t the end! 😉

  11. Darcy says

    Do not cancel Days. I have been watching this show for about 17 years. It is the best Soap oon T.V. Knock off Stephano and Nicole and that would be even better. This is a great show do not cancel it. Who will become the next, Alien, Demon, Stalker, Who will die and come back 800 times. See what i mean!

  12. RobinK says

    I have watched Passions from the begining. My Mother and daughter also watch it. It’s like a part of our lives is gone and it’s sad. The person/persons who decided to pull the plug should be fired. It appears keeping the customer happy isn’t a consideration anymore.

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