Passions: DirecTV Cancellation Confirmed

PassionsA report from Variety has verified what we reported early yesterday, that DirecTV has decided not to renew Passions for a second year.

DirecTV has ordered 52 additional episodes of the supernatural soap from NBC’s Universal Media Studios. With plans to trim the soap’s schedule from four to three episodes a week beginning in January, the new episodes will be stretched to last until August 2008.

Production of Passions will shut down on December 19th for the holidays but won’t resume until February. Shooting is slated to continue until March 24th and then it will shut down for good. Or will it?

There is a chance however that Passions may find yet another home. Since the show’s production costs have already been greatly reduced, another venue could potentially pick it up. A likely candidate seems to be the Oxygen Media cable channel (which NBC Universal recently acquired) or NBC could continue to produce Passions as an Internet-only program. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

DirecTV opted not to respond to a request for comment.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Tammy Roberts says

    OMG They can’t cancel Passions. That is the only show that I watch and I guess it is because we can all relate to the show. Please put it back on for another season. I can’t beleive that we don’t even get to see Fancy being pregnant and Piloma also, and Sheridan getting married to Antonio. I just think that the show could go on for so much longer if they would give it a chance. If they were going to cancel it they should have just left it on NBC instead of taking it off and then canceling it. Please put it back on.

  2. Daniel Kluegel says

    Me and mom watched it everyday in Direct TV me and mom really want to Passions
    back on and today is the last day of it. So me and mom was going to save Passions
    and Dont’ cancelled the show.

    (This is the comment our son wrote to you about cancelling Passions. He is eighteen yrs. old and has Down Syndrome. He is so very dependant on his daily hour of Passions, as he actually does research every day also on your show. We actually listened to the Direct TV people and changed to their network just to have this happen. As soon as our plan with Dircect TV is up we are moving to another provider. Please keep the show going “somewhere” ! A Passion fan also!)

  3. sak pase says

    i miss passion so much, that the best show of all i wish they could change about leaving on direct tv all soaps alway have drama ,i m so mad right know cause they take away from us all the people the that want take a vote on passion let do it now………….cause haitain like that show so much they want it so bad ,the people in the Bahamas want it to be on cable be it so what get back

  4. jesscia says

    take passions off of directiv and bring it back to nbc or something so us people that dont have staillte of cable can get it directv wonder why its not doing good is cause people dont wanna switch over to them so just bring it back to nbc and the rating would be so much beter then what they are now and where the show is now

  5. says


  6. Lee says

    I cancelled my cable to see Passions.
    I had a guy drill holes in my house to see Passions.
    If Directv cancels Passions, I will cancel Directv!

  7. Lisa Sheikewitz says

    OMG, I am soo very upset that they are thinking of cancelling Passions again. I don’t have Direct TV, so I haven’t seen Passions since it ended on NBC last September and I was looking forward to eventually getting Direct TV so I can watch my Passions. but now this. I can’t stand the possibility of Passions NOT being on the air at all. PLEASE PLEASE save Passions. I don’t care if it is only viewable on the internet. As long as i can be able to watch my Passions, I will be sooo happy. ETHAN AND THERESA FOREVER!!!!

  8. Tina says

    I did move my subscription from Time Warner to Directv because I wanted to continue to see Passions. I went to a lot of trouble to do this and now the show is canceled. I feel cheated.

  9. Ashley says

    I agree with taylor! everyone wants to see ethan and theresa happy, married and for a long time, not just for a week. I miss passions, i didnt switch to direct tv. The characters i will miss the most is Theresa and Ethan…i have watched them since the first episode aired! Please find passions a new home on cable tv!!!

  10. Taylor says

    ok well first of all i used to be absolutley obsessed with passions. The biggest problem with the soap is that what goes on in the script is not what passions fans want to see. All soaps need drama, because after all that is what makes it a soap. However, there are just too many run arounds with passions lately and I have gotten extremely frustrated with it. For example, 99.9% of passions fans want to see Ethan and Theresa married and happy. This has never happened nor will it ever at the rate things are going. Just a bit of advice…if the writers of passions gave passions fans what they wanted to see, maybe just maybe they would not be in these financial binds all the time. Thanks Taylor

  11. robin black says

    i really miss passions so much, but i have cable, i don’t like direct tv nor does it work out for us to get it….. i wish they would of stayed on channel 3, it was my favorite soap ever, and different from the others i feel nbc really messed up not keeping them on air, i love the whole cast and many others here in kentucky were sad … hope one day they come back/ thanks so much robin black

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