Passions: DirecTV Soap Online — But Not Free

PassionsThough the switch has been coming for months, lots of Passions fans were still in shock when the residents of Harmony left NBC after eight seasons. On September 17th, Passions began its ninth season on DirecTV’s exclusive Channel 101. For a variety of reasons, not all of the fans could follow the soap and went into serious withdrawal. Well, DirecTV has heard the fans and has officially announced that Passions will be available online.

Eric Shanks, executive vice president of DirectTV Entertainment says, “Since we announced the Passions move to DirecTV, we’ve had a significant response from fans requesting that we continue to stream the show online. We know that Passions fans are religious about keeping up with the happenings in Harmony, and are happy to be able to offer them the option of an online subscription if they can’t make the switch to DirecTV. Now fans can catch the daytime drama anywhere, anytime by signing up for the monthly subscription.”

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Unfortunately, as suspected, the subscription won’t be free. Production of the soap is funded by the satellite provider and they need to find a way to pay for it. Starting on Monday, you’ll be able to view new episodes of Passions online at — for the price of $19.95 a month. Every episode will be posted online daily and will be hosted on the site for eight weeks.

Is the price worth it? In October, there will be 19 new episodes of Passions (remember there will only be four episodes a week). That comes out to a cost of $1.05 per episode — about the cost of a song on iTunes. Unfortunately, the cost certainly adds up over time ($239.40 a year) and you won’t be able to download or keep the episodes. For those who can’t afford a subscription, NBC is continuing to post synopses of each episode online. Is your love of all things Harmony worth $19.95 a month? What do you think? Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. heather conking says

    Dear passions
    I am your biggest fan of passions
    I when of you tapes or dvd of passions.
    OF the beinning july5 1999 and the sep 2008 of passions.
    OF you do write back to me. friend
    HEAther conklig

  2. sara says

    that was a very very bad idea of moving passion to direct tv.I understand if you had change the timing it play but moving it is different didnt you think about how much fans you would lose when moving it. and there’s not that much rich ppl in this world to pay to watch shows online. that ridoulous. PUT PASSION BACK ON NBC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Amy says

    The people that are willing to pay should download them and stream then for everyone else that can’t afford it. You have to love america for making something free cost money. Now we know what the american citizen is worth to the television industry and government. We’re nothing but cash cows being taken advantage of.

  4. Eddie says

    NBC i will continue not to watch you, even though i like days but days is nothing compared to passions. I hope the today show suffers badly and NBC will regret their decision. Go CBS and Fox!!

  5. Taneesha says

    I can’t believe that you all are charging people to watch passions online that really doesn’t make any since it’s bad enough that you all charge so much for direct tv in now just to watch one show it cost 20.00 thats a shame in if anybody out there is stupid enough to pay for it you are crazy in I have a passions fan since the first episode but I refuse to pay that much money to watch for that I could just switch to Direct tv.

  6. Anonymous says

    This ain’t cool that they are putting Passions on stupid Direct TV. I don’t think direct tv is good enough for me cable is much much better.

  7. says

    I think that passions should be on nbc because not every body has directtv. and the should show it on nbc again. Passsions is a very good show i like it.

  8. Jack says

    I don’t have cable and only pick up NBC and FOX where I live. I’m a huge Passions fan; it’s just so over the top crazy you can’t help but love it. I make a descent living and have a fair amount of discretionary income to throw away on guilty pleasures. But Direct TV is off its rocker if they think they can get me to shell out $20/month for Passions.

    Look, this whole thing is simply a matter of money. A large portion of Passion fanatics who want to watch are NEVER going to get Direct TV. For many it is way out of their budget and the rest of us are not going to be bullied into subscribing. Unless I’m missing something here, doesn’t Direct TV stand to gain a large chunk of change through advertising dollars by streaming this show and requiring commercials be viewed before each segment? The technology is there to do this, they were doing it quite effectively when Passions was streamed on NBC. Get creative with your advertising, don’t forget we are viewing from a computer and are just a click away from spending.

    I’m praying the geniuses at Direct TV will get their heads out of their collective rump and cash in on an incredibly loyal fan base just waiting to come back and view commercials every day, 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

    p.s. I just watched a few clips on and can’t believe Silvana Arias is no longer Paloma! I loved her she is adorable.

  9. Jonathan Foley says

    Passions is on the SuperChannel on Bell Express VU right now in Canada, channel 329. Right now us Bell customers are enjoying a free preview of the SuperChannel and watching Passions but after this Friday we will have to subscribe to it to continue viewing. I’m definitely subscribing because Passions is one of the few things I enjoy watching on TV.

  10. Wendy St Jean says

    Just want to say that I love passions and have watched since the beginning and miss it alot and the characters but will not pay to watch it as I live in Canada. My daughter was even starting to watch it and keeping up with the characters. NBC should have not let it go.

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