Passions: DirecTV Soap Staying on

PassionsAs fans of Passions are well aware, the soap opera will be leaving NBC next Friday, September 7th. The series will resume on Monday, September 17th on DirecTV’s exclusive Channel 101. Will those without DirecTV be able to follow the exploits of their favorite Harmony residents?

After hosting Passions LIVE! last week, castmember Eric Martsolf said that the satellite TV provider was working on finding a way to make the soap available online. Last night, he was asked a similar question and responded, “Absolutely. It’s going to be on…They will be airing episodes of Passions online.” You can see it for yourself. The question comes near the end of the video.

As we said last week, this doesn’t qualify as an official announcement about online viewing but it’s certainly a good sign for those who can’t subscribe to DirecTV. We’ll keep you posted on any new developments so stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Annie says

    My entire extended family and I are through with NBC and their sponsors until Passions is brought back. I am amazed that a show with such a strong fan base would be canceled to begin with. But to demand that those fans switch to Direct TV to continue watching is no less than extortion!

  2. Anonymous says

    I just want to say this not everyone can afford the extra 20.00 a month. My mom and other elderly people do not have the internet or have computers and they also can not have the dish put on their buildinds. Answer this, “How are they going to watch Passions?”
    I myself can not afford the extra money it will cost. I am so tired of money hungry,greedy companies, and shelfish people. This is suppose to be the land of the brave NOT the land of the GREEDY!

  3. judy says

    The writer of this soap lives in my daughters home town I love this soap. Please find a way to bring it back to us who cant or dont have the means to watch other wise. NBC get with it.

  4. ellen says

    i hate to break it to u, but if u’ve subscribed to superchannel or whatever, u’ve just wasted ur money, cuz directv IS available in canada.well its available in toronto anyway. literally like everyone on my street has it, and im trying to convince my parents to make the switch but… working on it, lets just keep it at that.

  5. Shane Gaddy says

    To everyone who is complaining. We should be thanking direct tv for allowing passions to continue. Without Direct TV there would be no more Passions because NBC was dropping them. So be thankful that it is continuing. If you can’t afford or can’t get it then go to a friend or relative who does have it like I did and record it. Thank You Direct TV for allowing Passions to continue!!

  6. marissa says

    I want my passions back on nbc and not directv that sucks life and i loves passions almost 12 years so please put it back where it belong thanks!

  7. AMANDA says

    hi my name is amanda

    and I have been watchin passion sence day 1 and I am veary upset that it is moved to D.T.V I can not afford it but most of all I wil not know what happends with ETHAN and TERESA so please put PASSIONS back one NBC for all the layol viewer’s that watch’s it and can’t afford the D.T.V. or cable

    thank u

  8. Charlotte Spain says

    I will not follow Passions to Direct TV. It is not fair to expect people to change their TV companies just to follow a soap. I loved to watch Passions but I can give it up and live my own life.

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