Past Life: FOX Pulls Cancelled TV Show Again

Past LifePast Life follows a team of past-life detectives who try to discover if a person’s problems and visions stem from traumatic events in a former life. The series stars Kelli Giddish, Nicholas Bishop, Ravi Patel, and Richard Schiff. The series was inspired by the book Reincarnationist by M.J. Rose.

In February, the FOX TV show got off to a disappointing start with a 2.8 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 8.32 million viewers. That represented a loss of about 70% of the American Idol lead-in audience.

When the drama moved to Thursday a couple nights later, it attracted a meager 1.4 rating in the demo and 5.3 million viewers. Episode three ran opposite mostly repeats and viewership dropped even lower.

FOX pulled the show off the air soon after and cancelled the series. Word was that the remaining four episodes would surface after the regular TV season was over.

The unaired installments began airing on Fridays, starting May 28th. Two of the four have aired so far but FOX is pulling the series once again.

The final two episodes of Past Life were scheduled to air on June 11th and June 18th, followed by repeats of House. FOX has dumped Past Life (again) and has shifted House to 8pm.

At 9pm, they’re airing encores of The Good Guys. The new cop series is struggling in the ratings and the network is desperately trying to make it work because they’ve already given it a spot on the fall schedule. New episodes of Good Guys will supposedly air Fridays at 9pm next fall.

For the couple million viewers who’ve been watching Past Life on Friday nights, there are currently no plans to air the remaining episodes. If/when the show make sit to DVD, they’ll likely be included.

What do you think? Are you sorry to hear you won’t be able to see the last episodes of Past Life any time soon?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. kim says

    I thought the few episodes of Past Life I was able to watch were great! Someone FINALLY came up with a FRESH idea and NOT the same old boring “reality” tv that seems to be on EVERY channel. Yet before it was even given a chance it was yanked! For those of us who could care less what 20 year olds do when “forced” to live together in a mansion or who will puke if we have to watch one more “talent” or “survivor” show, this was indeed hopeful, but alas, I guess I will just have to stick to the same old tired subjects of either medical, legal and police shows if I want any “drama”
    Thanks FOX

  2. Joe says

    Just finished watching the first 5 episodes and each one good and got better as the characters were developing. It is FOX’s failure in marketing this show the reason it met it’s demise. It’s certainly worthy for consideration to bring it back in time slot like Sunday evening with sufficient advertising that will build it up to the level it deserved.

  3. Jenny says

    My two daughters and I loved the show and are very disapointed… Just when there was a good thing going..

  4. DAWN says

    I agree with the advertising of the show.. I dont believe I seen it at all..Fox seems to always cancel out shows. I never use to watch Fox at all until they brought out 24. I think most of the shows they air are stupid. Do people really like the show House? I cant believe this show got canceled over some of the other ones. Ill stick to watching CBS..

  5. Vicki says

    Seems unfair – if they’ve got the episodes to show, how can they think playing House reruns is a better choice. Bad decision…

  6. Carrie G. says

    I really like the show and I believe that Fox did a terrible job scheduling it and promoting it. I think it could be resurrected on another network, possibly CBS with GhostWhisperer and Medium. They could move that new show Miami Medical to another night.

  7. Raheim says

    I was really into this show.. I got excited when it was brought back, luckily my DVR picked it up cause I wouldn’t have known it was coming back on. Someone said they did no advertising for it, and you wonder why no body watched it.. It was a great show, excellent concept, and I don’t think its right I don’t get to at least watch the remaining 2 episodes.

  8. Anonymous says

    As stated before, the show was great, Fox just didn’t give it a chance at all. I can’t believe the same old reality shows just keep being made and staying on the air when something that’s actually interesting gets yanked. Boooo!!!

  9. Christopher K says

    Yes, get over it. This show was soo bad, that it was cancelled not once, but twice. Enough said, move on peopel!

  10. Eileen says

    I think it sucks that they cancelled the show. They didn’t even give it a chance to pick up a following. I also think Kate is right about the marketing of the show. FOX didn’t seem to make an effort to promote Past Life at all. I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t remember seeing many commercials for the series.

    Maybe FOX should try selling the series to Syfy. The premise of the show would probably be a good fit for Syfy’s audience. (Yep, I’m guilty … Syfy is my channel of choice.) I only watch the networks when a show really draws me in.

    Here’s hoping FOX sells or moves the show to another arena. :)

  11. Diana says

    I am very disappointed that Past Life was cancelled. I really enjoyed the show and it’s terrible that Fox didn’t really even give this show a chance. It seems whenever I really like something they just decide to yank it. I really wish they would have at least let the last 2 episodes air.

  12. Jeff says

    im very disappointed that they take shows like this and just ditch them i for one was very pleased with the writing and premise of the show and could not wait to get my past life fix. I really would like to see this back on the air.

  13. says

    I love the show and completely agree that FOX did a terrible job of marketing/advertising the show. I never would have even known about the summer episodes unless I checked my TV Guide. Too bad Past Life couldn’t find a way to stay alive by moving to another network.

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