Person of Interest: Season Three Ratings

Person of Interest season three ratingsThis season, CBS has moved Person of Interest to Tuesday nights. Will the ratings fall off as a result or will they grow because of a stronger lead-in? Let’s wait and see.

On Person of Interest, former CIA officer John Reese (Jim Caviezel) and billionaire Harold Finch (Michael Emerson) continue to work together to prevent violent crimes in the Big Apple. Taraji P. Henson, Kevin Chapman, Sarah Shahi, and Amy Acker round out the cast.

The ratings are typically the best indication of a show’s likelihood of staying on the air. The higher the ratings (particularly the 18-49 demo), the better the chances for survival. This chart will be updated as new ratings data becomes available — usually the next day, around 11:30am EST/8:30am PST. Refresh to see the latest.

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3/13 update: This show has been renewed for the 2014-15 season by CBS.

Final season averages: 2.0 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 11.83 million total viewers.

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For comparisons: The second season of Person of Interest averaged a 2.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 14.41 million total viewers.

Note: These are the final national numbers (unless noted with an “*”). These are different from the fast affiliate numbers which are just estimates of the actual ratings and are reported on by most other outlets. The final nationals are typically released within 24 hours of the programming or, in the case of weekends and holidays, a couple days later.

What do you think? Do you still like the Person of Interest TV series? Do you think it should be cancelled or be renewed for a fourth season?

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  1. Cinnamon says

    My husband and I have loved person of interest since day one and would love for it to stay on the air ,,,,,we will miss it if not

  2. Russell Paget says

    In reading all the comments, the opinions and conclusions can all be summarized by the above ratings and viewership data. The numbers speak for themselves and express, quite clearly, 32.25% fewer viewers in the 18-49 demographic (most desired) watched Person of Interest in season three and overall viewership declined by 17.97%. A lot of people stopped watching the drama for whatver reasons they chose to do so. Sadly, a once extremely popular show did things that caused a significant decline in ratings, popularity and overall buzz. Maybe CBS doesn’t care, and perhaps the writers and producers are pleased with reduced numbers and that’s their prerogative. I happen to be one of the former viewers who stopped watching last year and will never watch again. I despise duplicity. Furthermore, anyone who seriously does not understand Taraji P. Henson was written off the show, so that Sarah Shahi could replace her, needs to get his or her facts straight. Jonah Nolan and Nina Tassler, of CBS, admitted this in a January 2014 interview that can be easily researched and verified. The show was watchable and enjoyable before it went off the “sci-fi” deep end, starring Nolan’s catwoman.

    • Cheryl Jones says

      Ditto. I couldn’t have said it better. Thank you for your validation of my position and that of my family, friends, and so many others. The powers to be stopped listening so we stopped watching. Thank you Russell Paget!

  3. Love POI says

    I don’t know if we are watching the same show. I love Person of Interest and that hasn’t changed at all. I thought that the season finale was a very powerful episode. Now I am concerned about how they can maintain the show’s premise with the new direction they have taken, but I’m sure willing to keep watching. And Taraji left because she wanted to, not because they tossed her out. She said that she told them at the start that she wouldn’t stay past 3 seasons. But I’m not sure my input would be welcomed here, since you all hate the show so much now. But hey, don’t mind being a “voice crying in the wilderness” anyway!

    • Theuresa Maven says

      Do you really believe that Taraji P. did not want to continue on television, then please explain why she is going to be starring on another television show on FOX. While Ms. Henson is currently starring in another hit movie, it seems that she did indeed wish to remain on television. Obviously, she just spouted the CBS party line.

  4. reed says

    When I first started watching “Person of Interest”, it was a fascinating study of a man trying to find his soul, and redeem it. He was aided by an almost omniscient billionaire, that helped him act to help protect people. This concept, with great acting by Jim C., provided a theme. At what point does a man’s actions define who he is, AND, can he redeem himself by taking different actions.

    This was a marvelous anchor for the show, and it could have been amplified over numerous seasons. The supporting cast also were three dimensional, flawed, and striving to be better. Kevin Chapman was the comic relief, and Taraji Henson was the conscience of the show. However, when you kill the “conscience” of the show, Taraji Henson, for no discernible reason whatsoever, you kill the reason for someone to watch the show.

    Then, it veered.

    Amy Acker, wonderful as a demented sociopath, was transformed from a villain into the “conscience” of the show.

    Sarah Shahi, brilliant as a bubbly, fun, and energetic lead in “Barely Legal”, was introduced as an emotionless killer.

    Why take your strengths and eliminate them, and take great actors strengths, and remove them.

    Then, instead of battling bad guys each week, we had a story arc that went off into an entirely new direction…and it didn’t resonate. Instead of the crew being the good guys that do bad things for a good cause, we had really bad guys doing bad things because THEY thought that they were doing it for a good cause.

    In other words, we didn’t have good guys and bad guys. We had anti-heroes, and darker anti-heroes, with very little differentiation between the two.


    It stopped touching our hearts, and made us touch our remotes.

  5. Landry Wainwright says

    Indifference is a ratings killer. Many viewers, who were once on the Person of Interest “bandwagon” and were stong proponents of the continued success of the drama, have been decidedly repulsed by the direction of the plot lines and the overall attitudes of the writers and producers. A show that was once very relevant has become glaringly irrelevant, and will expire with all but ignored, but righteously deserved, whimpers. Fans are not fools, even though egotists Nolan and Plageman consider them so. The public cannot be forced to like or watch a program. The golden goose that was Person of Interest is cooked, but not well done.

  6. John says

    I was totally bummed when they killed off Detective Carter. Still, I liked the show and kept watching. I do find it difficult to watch the reruns; they don’t seem to hold up to a second viewing. The season 3 finale, where each of the team gets downgraded by the machine to “irrelevant”, seems to match most of the previous opinions of the series! I was wondering how, if the series got renewed, the writers would figure out how to make Harold, John, and the others “relevant” once again. I hope they’re successful.

  7. How Not To Produce A Television Drama says

    Person of Interest is a classic example of what can go wrong with a television show. The overly confident writers continue to wander, aimlessly, in a maze of confusion, followed along, closely, by actors suffering in less than memorable roles. A fourth season will offer little reason to invest or reinvest in the drama, and the harsh reality about the entire situation can be summed up thusly. NO ONE CARES. The plodding demise of the production has been far more interesting to observe than the drama itself.

    • Theuresa Maven says

      So I guess that means that Person of Interest isn’t very interesting any more. (I’m so sorry, but I just couldn’t resist.)

  8. kb says

    Jim Caviezel was the reason a friend and I started watching. Now, he hardly has a scene. Joss’ spirited good character is gone and cannot be replaced. What are you thinking?!

  9. Theuresa Maven says

    Dear Viewers Have the Ultimate Power, if viewers like you stop watching and pointing out what the networks are doing, things will only get worse. If the writers of the show did not realize what could happen to viewership after getting rid of Taraji P. And changing the show’s format, CBS certainly should have because almost the exact same situation happened with them twice before: once with the original Beauty and the Beast, where Beauty (aka The Terminator’s Linda Hamilton) — the female star of the show somehow left the program at the end of the third season (all Black people, including Ron O’Neal) were removed from the series, and the program barely limped through a fourth and final season. The second situation took place in more recent history when A. J. Cook and Paget Brewster were dropped from Criminal Minds, and after one season of the viewers not watching, were put back on the show. It seems that whenever CBS wants to make salary cuts they always get rid of the women, still not understanding what NBC found out on the first two years of the show — you need to have to have women and diversity on a program to keep it viable. By the way, sports on CBS aren’t all that great either with all that crap above and below the screen, like in the over 100 years involved in each sport, people watching are unable to figure out what’s going on, but that’s another matter.

    • Theuresa Maven says

      Oops, faux pas … what the producers of original flavor Law and Order found out … women and diversity, etc.

  10. Viewers Have the Ultimate Power says

    Nearly seven months after the cruel demise of Joss Carter, on Person of Interest, bitterness remains. The actions and comments of the writers, and CBS representatives, did little to “smooth over” an incident wrongly expected to have little effect. The changes made to the original premise of the show have caused me to reevaluate my entire relationship with network television. Understanding that “them who has the gold makes the rules” and knowing money is the ultimate driver in actions taken, it seems people who watch television do so at the behest of the magnates. I am but one person, with one remote. But I can tell you I have cancelled my satellite TV service and will not renew with any other providers. The ONLY CBS programming I watch involves sports. There are FEW shows that interest me and I have learned to love reading again. In the fall, there are some new offerings and if they pass the “realistically about life diversity test,” I may consider them. If not, I can live without the rancid ideas of self important Hollywould writers and producers who think they have good ideas about what is entertaining and how life is supposed to be. Jonah Nolan and Greg Plageman reminded me of something very important. I have the ultimate power to decide what I watch on television and what I consider acceptable. Just because they say Person of Interest reflects excellent expression and adequate casting, I do not have to agree. I will never watch anything these two clowns are involved with, and I am still furious with CBS for allowing them to reign. My remote says NO and NEVER again will I be victimized by hubris masquerading under the guise of brilliance.

  11. Theuresa Maven says

    Note to Wynnonna P.: My late next door neighbor had been an opera singer when she was was young, and described how she and her husband would go to the Metropolitan Opera for $2.00 and would sometimes get “little surprises” — a performer who had skills over and above the rest, and Jim Caviezel was one such surprise, however Henson and Emmerson were the actors that everyone turned the series to see. Remember, when the series started only Emmerson, Henson, and Caviezel were the stars, everyone else was an add on. For nearly 20 years, the Academy Award nominated actress (Benjamin Button), was like the female Samuel L. Jackson — a solid actress so cool and accomplished that most movie makers were thrilled that she did them a favor and appeared in their films for five minutes. Ms. Henson still has an active movie career, so her addition to Person of Interest was simply to give them cachet, and to add African American viewers. In case you haven’t noticed, there were only three Black actors who appeared with any regularity on POI, and all of them have been eliminated from the program — the two most prominent were killed off. There are nearly 2.5 million Black people living in the five boroughs, but none on Person of Interest, which takes place in New York City. Hmmm. The Carter/Henson debacle helped to kill the show. Ironically, Taraji P.’s worst acting was when she gave interviews saying that she knew that they were going to kill her off, and that she had not planned to be on the show long.

  12. Cindy says

    I could not agree more with the previous comment that I saw posted here – such a shame that the writers wasted an amazing plot premise on such crap during Season 3. Never before have I seen such an interesting show go so far down hill, so fast. This show used to be wonderful – not anymore. I will not be watching this show next season – not wasting my time. I generally love these types of shows – such a shame that these writers destroyed what used to be a great show.

  13. Nolan and Plageman turned me into a Hater says

    Person of Interest was a show that had it all. Then those “self proclaimed” brilliant minds thought they could play bait and switch with their audience. Well congratulations you did great. Looks like tons of fans already gave the show up and i predict a lot of them will follow soon. Sorry but this season finale was one of the worst pieces of television history i have ever seen. If i hadn’t already decided to quit watching after this mega disappointing Season 3, i definetely would have after watching this crap.

    Greer, Samaritan,Control, Vigilance, Decima, Root and Shaw…oh holy crap i have endured soooo much crap this season and on top of it they fired TPH ! Who in his common sense does something like that? I only hope that Jim Caviezel is smart enough to leave this mess of a show, because he deserves better.

    It’ s such a shame that this show and its characters has turned into a such joke. And the new season looks like it will continue to evolve the mediocrity.

    I really hope that it will get canceled. Nolan and Plageman deserves that!!

    • Nolan and Plageman Turned Me Into a Hater Too Two says

      You speak the truth so eloquently, and according to the ratings, there are millions of disenchanted former fans who stopped watching Person of Interest. Karma….that’s whats coming to the “cocky writer boys.” Karma…. in the form of embarrassingly lower ratings and even less credibility. Isn’t is strange how Nolan and Plageman drink their own Kool Aid, and think it’s wonderful? Even stranger is why CBS and Warner Brothers continue to back this loser. Oh well………..if you have nothing better to offer….

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